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Chapter: 2317

This Sword Strike

Chapter 2317 This Sword Strike

The two-hour escape time was the last chance for Supreme Saint Manjian to survive. Zhang Ruochen knew that if he did not kill Supreme Saint Manjian, he would be in a very disadvantageous position in Infernal Court. However, he could not forget his feelings, so he decided to give him one last chance.

Supreme Saint Manjian obviously understood Zhang Ruochen’s intentions. After drinking the wine in the pot, he walked over and patted Zhang Ruochen’s shoulder. He laughed loudly. "I won’t run, where can I run to? My Sainthood Source has been dugout. My cultivation base is almost ruined. Any Supreme Saint can kill me now. How can I die happily at the hands of my brothers if I get killed by a group of rascals in Infernal Court?"

Zhang Ruochen stared at him and smiled bitterly. "That’s too much! You’re happy now but what about me? Where can I find happiness? How about I give you six hours? Maybe you can escape from me."

Supreme Saint Manjian shook his head, "Do you know why you found me so quickly? Because he left a ghost mark on my body. Even Ghost cultivators can track us. So, no matter how I escape, I’ll die. If you don’t kill me, are you going to force me to commit suicide?" When Supreme Saint Manjian said the word "Suicide", his tone spoke volumes. Zhang Ruochen knew very well that it was not that Supreme Saint Manjian did not want to commit suicide. Rather, he knew that suicide would only make him look more useless and would not help Zhang Ruochen in any way.

If Zhang Ruochen wanted to gain a foothold in Infernal Court, what he needed was Supreme Saint Manjian’s life.

Supreme Saint Manjian stared at Zhang Ruochen for a long time. When he saw that Zhang Ruochen did not make a move, he shouted, "I am quite accomplished in Swordsmanship. Try and see if you could handle my sword strike."

Although the Sainthood Source of Supreme Saint Manjian had been dug out, his blood of a Supreme Saint and Neverwither physique still contained powerful saint power. He formed a sword with his fingers. The sword intent spread out and attracted the star fog in the void space.

Strands of six-colored star fog condensed into thousands of illusory swords. They followed the finger of Supreme Saint Manjian and pierced through the void space toward Zhang Ruochen.

The silhouette of the swords entered 300 meters.

Zhang Ruochen stood still.

They entered 30 meters.

Zhang Ruochen still did not move.

15 meters, 9 meters, 3 meters…

Seeing that the sword silhouette was about to pierce into Zhang Ruochen’s forehead while his eyes were filled with sword silhouettes.

He sighed and slowly closed his eyes. Golden Light appeared on the surface of his body. It turned into a golden sword and flew out.


All the sword silhouettes in the sky were shattered by the Golden Sword.

The golden sword pierced through Supreme Saint Manjian’s body and flew across his back. It only returned to Zhang Ruochen’s body after flying for dozens of miles.

Zhang Ruochen stood in the void space and did not turn around.


Behind him, Supreme Saint Manjian’s body exploded and turned into a cloud of Blood Mist. It fell below Ghost’s home planet.

The blood rain fell from the sky. It was beautiful and brilliant.

The deities, including the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms, must have been paying attention. Zhang Ruochen did not play any tricks. This sword strike killed Supreme Saint Manjian completely, including his Saint Soul and spiritual will.

Playing tricks in front of gods was the stupidest thing to do.

He had to either kill or not kill him.

Zhang Ruochen was an intelligent person. However, a look of pain flashed in his eyes at first. Soon, it was covered by determination and ruthlessness. He regained his ruthlessness once again. He walked a thousand miles with one step. He did not even look back as he walked straight away.

The people of the upper three races — who were hiding in The Scroll of Truth and Deceit

— were stunned when they saw Zhang Ruochen suddenly attack and kill Supreme Saint Manjian so decisively. Mistress Fireborn sucked in a breath of cold air and said, "Who said that Zhang Ruochen is here to save the Supreme Saint of Guanghan? This guy is a cold-blooded ruthless person. He would kill anyone to achieve his goal." "Isn’t that what Infernal Court Needs?" Pan Ruo asked.

Lord Sinluo furrowed his thick black brows and said, "Don’t you think that Zhang Ruochen’s actions are too deliberate?".

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said, "Is it so important that he’s deliberate or not? The gods only wanted a result. What Zhang Ruochen did was to give them a result. He had completely chosen his side and expressed his determination. I have to say, he is indeed ruthless. He is a powerful figure."

Mistress Fireborn smiled coldly. "So what if he is powerful? He will still die today! The truly powerful ones are the ones who will have the last laugh."

The image of Zhang Ruochen killing Supreme Saint Manjian with a single sword strike froze on the projection in the sky. It only disappeared after a long time.

Many cultivators from Kunlun and Guanghan watched this scene in disbelief.

Everyone thought that Zhang Ruochen was going to save Supreme Saint Manjian. However, Supreme Saint Manjian died under his sword in the end.

This was too unexpected!

In Royal Mountain, Blackie started shouting again, "Did you see that? Did you see that? What did I say? This bastard Zhang Ruochen is no longer the same person you once knew. His heart is cold and his hands are ruthless. As the Emperor who Slaughtered the Heavens and Earth hundreds, I am ashamed to be inferior to him. No-no- I must set off immediately. I have to bring him back even if I have to bundle or tie him up."

Han Qiu was dressed in a black robe. Her gaze was like a pair of scissors, she smiled and said, "I think that Zhang Ruochen is even more charming now. As a man who wants to achieve great things, he should kill decisively. As a Celestial Captive, Supreme Saint Manjian must die. If he dies at Zhang Ruochen’s hands, at least he will be less tortured."

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Blackie stared with his owl’s eyes wide and bared his teeth.

Han Xue was stunned for a long time. She stared at Blackie who had walked out of Royal Mountain and chased after him. "I’ll go to Infernal Court with you. I’m more familiar with that place than you are. It just so happens that I’m going to visit the Empress." "What? Empress? Are you serious?"

Blackie didn’t want Han Xue to go with him, but this owl happily went crazy when he heard this news. This little girl finally revealed some useful information. It seemed that the Empress was still alive.

His desire to go to Infernal Court became even more urgent.

The cultivators of Guanghan once regarded Zhang Ruochen as a star of hope. Countless young cultivators worshipped him like an idol. But at this moment, those who hated him wanted to skin and eat his flesh. They regarded him as the most hateful traitor.

A large number of cultivators rushed to Mount Yueshen and knelt before Moon Goddess. They hoped that Moon Goddess could kill Zhang Ruochen and avenge Supreme Saint Manjian.

However, Mount Yueshen was unusually calm.

Moon Goddess didn’t see any petitioners because she was preparing for her Yuanhui Tribulation.

However, the cultivators in Celestial Court were very active. They were afraid that the world didn’t know. The news of Zhang Ruochen killing Supreme Saint Manjian was spread throughout Celestial Court. They mocked Moon Goddess’s spiritual sense for not knowing.

This storm was even more violent than the time Huang Tian betrayed Celestial Court.

The cultivators of Infernal Court didn’t have much emotional fluctuation. They felt that Zhang Ruochen didn’t do anything wrong. It was very normal that he cut all ties with previous cultivators since he had joined Infernal Court.

Zhou Zhen, Shentu Yunkong, and Gaunt, who had been caught by Zhang Ruochen in Infernal Court, were terrified after seeing the image.

Zhang Ruochen could even kill Supreme Saint Manjian as he wished, let alone them?

The three of them looked at each other. They no longer had any desire to resist. They decided to follow Zhang Ruochen obediently from now on.

In Wargod Bloodximius’ Divinity Realm.

Wargod Bloodximius, Lord Ming, and Blood Empress all heaved a sigh of relief. The thing they were most worried about did not happen in the end.

Regardless of whether Zhang Ruochen did it to achieve his goal or if he was forced to do so, as long as he killed Supreme Saint Manjian, he could shut others up for the time being. No one could use his identity to argue anymore. Lord Ming nodded and said, "This sword strike didn’t only take Supreme Saint Manjian’s life, it also means that Zhang Ruochen’s state of mind has undergone an unprecedented change. From now on, nothing can stop him."

Blood Empress was a little worried. "He’s doing something he doesn’t want to do. He’ll probably be in even more trouble after he enters Thousand-Koan Realm and Banshi Isshou Realm."

"Everyone has to go through tribulations. Everyone’s heart has to be thoroughly tempered to be unyielding. As long as he has strong willpower, I believe that no matter how big the trouble is, it won’t be difficult for him."

After saying this, Lord Ming stared at Wargod Bloodximius, "Zhang Ruochen chose his side decisively and drew a clear line with Celestial Court. He passed the first stage! But if… I mean if Zhang Ruochen enters Infernal Court with other motives, how much could Fane of Bloody War and Fane of Destiny tolerate him?"

The entire Divinity Realm fell silent.

Lord Ming’s question was too sensitive and straightforward.

"No matter what his motives are, he is my grandson. No one can touch his life. This is my limit," said Wargod Bloodximius.

Then he added, "Of course, even if Zhang Ruochen isn’t my grandson, Fane of Bloody War and Fane of Destiny won’t kill him for his talent.

"Just like how Zhang Ruochen didn’t kill those cultivators of Celestial Court. He knew they had other intentions, but he didn’t care. It’s enough as long as they are useful.

"There are only two reasons a person can die.

"The first is that he has no value. The second is that he has greater value after he dies. "As long as he has value, he won’t die.

"Many old geezers want to train Zhang Ruochen into a knife to sharpen the hearts and create pressure for the Supreme Saints in Infernal Court.

"Now that the knife has become sharper, I believe they’ll be satisfied.

"Since he has such special value, you don’t have to worry about his life. Let him have some suffering. Could he, a Supreme Saint break the sky? Honestly, it will make me look at him in a new light if he really breaks the sky."

Wargod Bloodximius said every word calmly. However, in his heart, he was looking forward to Zhang Ruochen to show even more brilliant light.

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He could hold on even if Zhang Ruochen made a mess.

It was only when Zhang Ruochen became mediocre that he was disappointed.

"Ghost Master is really calm. This old man must be very angry. Ghosts have lost their ability to compete in Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting. They’ve been eliminated early." Lord Ming laughed.

Blood Empress couldn’t laugh. She looked in the direction of Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting.

Zhang Ruochen was heavily injured, but the road ahead wasn’t easy. There were death traps along the path waiting for him. Blood Empress was worried that Zhang Ruochen was still immersed in the pain of killing Supreme Saint Manjian and did not know that danger was approaching.

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