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Chapter: 2318

The Twelve Celestial Captives

Chapter 2318 The Twelve Celestial Captives

The Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting was vast and boundless. The six-colored star fog was brilliantly distributed, causing people to daydream endlessly.


An angel elder stood on a 200-meter-long space rock in the thick red star fog. His eyes were flowing with saint light as he looked into the distance.

He was quite old. His face was riddled with wrinkles, and his body was hunched. His back’s feathered wings were frayed. He had clearly suffered greatly in the Infernal Court.

This was the only way back to the Immortal Vampires’ home planet.

From afar, a golden light spot appeared in the starry sky.

It was a person.

That was Zhang Ruochen. His entire body radiated golden light. He took a step into the void. He could jump a long distance with each step he took. He had failed to locate Lord Xia Yu and was about to return to the home planet of the Immortal Vampires.

That angel elder was called Ci Haikong. He turned around and rushed into the red star fog. He said to a Supreme Saint Celestial Captive, who was hiding inside, "That traitor, Zhang Ruochen, is here!"

In the red star fog, a Supreme Saint had used his Saint Blood to carve an array inscription, which could conceal their presence.

A total of 12 Celestial Captives from the Hundred-Shackle Realm gathered in the red star fog, including the angel elder, Ci Haikong There was a lizard-like Devilkin Supreme Saint, a bald man with a beard, and a plant growing in the whirlpool.

When they heard the name Zhang Ruochen, they all felt a strong desire to kill.

The plant growing in the whirlpool released light spots all over its body, turning into a white-haired old woman.

Her eyes were ferocious. She said, "Zhang Ruochen was originally a peerless talent nurtured by the Celestial Court with countless resources, but he took the initiative to join the Infernal Court. Such a traitor must be cut into a thousand pieces."

"Zhang Ruochen may have escaped from the Ghost’s home planet, but his body is covered in blood. He must have been seriously injured. Now is the best time to eliminate him," said Ci Haikong

A skinny Dwarf sat on a crystal-clear rock in the star fog, he said, "In the Saint prison, I heard that Zhang Ruochen killed a large number of Heavenly Realm young geniuses in the Battlefield of Merits of Kunlun. That’s how he got the right to join the Infernal Court.

"I have been imprisoned in the Infernal Court for 600 years. I must kill a valuable cultivator of the Infernal Court and return to the Heavenly Realm to be valued again. Zhang Ruochen is the best candidate."

That Dwarf was called Zhi Shang. He was the only Supreme Saint of the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm present.

What was surprising was that he had a weapon in his hand.

It was a silver ax. The handle was taller than his body. On one side of the ax was a sun pattern, while on the other side was a moon pattern. Regal Inscriptions flowed on the edge of the ax.

This Class Three Regal Artifact tomahawk was the weapon Zhi Shang had stolen after killing a Stone Clan Supreme Saint.

Ci Haikong sneered. "With so many Supreme Saints gathered together, it would be strange if we can’t kill Zhang Ruochen. Now, let’s…"


An explosion sounded.

The space covered by the Saint Blood Array trembled violently under an unknown attack.

"I’m already here. What’s the point of hiding?"

Zhang Ruochen’s voice turned into sound waves that passed through the Saint Blood Array and rang in their ears.

The faces of the 12 Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saints changed.

Zhi Shang suddenly stood up. Saint Light shot out from his body, and the tomahawk in his hand released a blinding silver light. "Oh no! Zhang Ruochen attacked us on his own initiative. How did he know we were hiding here?" said Zhi Shang.

"He must have noticed when I was observing him just now," Ci Haikong said, his eyes serious and guilty. ‘His spiritual power and perception must be terrifying."


Another attack was launched from outside.

The space trembled once more, and a large portion of the Saint Blood Array dimmed.

The temperature around them rose rapidly as if they had turned into a furnace.

The 12 Supreme Saint Celestial Captives in the Hundred-Shackle Realm were bewildered. One of them noticed that there were balls of white Divine Purification Flame that burned through the array inscriptions and floated into the array. "Emperor-level, Divine Purification Flame." Zhang Ruochen called out.

A bald man with a full beard was touched by the Divine Purification Flame. His right arm immediately started to burn and his skin, which was thousands of times tougher than black iron, was burnt red as if it was about to melt.

It was also an Emperor-level flame. The higher the cultivator’s realm was, the more Precepts of Fire were integrated into it. The power of the flame was naturally greater.

Today, Zhang Ruochen’s Divine Purification Flame had the terrifying power of refining a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint to death.

Zhang Ruochen spread out the ten golden wings on his back and hovered above the red star fog. He released an endless stream of Divine Purification Flame, covering the red star fog, which was 300 miles in diameter, and turning it into a white sea of fire.

The stability of the entire starry sky was rising rapidly.

"Zhang Ruochen wants to refine all of us to death here. Break out immediately and fight with him," the elderly woman with white hair said.

The elderly woman with white hair let out a long sob. Her white hair stood on end and transformed into white jade-like vines. They wriggled and expanded quickly. They passed through the Divine Purification Flame’s layer of flames and collided with Zhang Ruochen, who was hovering above.

Although she was a plant and was afraid of flames, her cultivation was high enough to withstand the refining of the Divine Purification Flame in a short time.

"Anemo Vines," said the elderly woman with white hair.

Zhang Ruochen chanted softly and ignored the white vines. However, the Saint Devourer rushed out of his back and turned into purple vines wrapped in lightning. It spread downward.

"Master, this Anemo Vine belongs to me!" said Moyin.

The entrancing figure of Moyin emerged from Zhang Ruochen’s back. Her legs were long, her waist soft as willow, her chest black lace, and her snow-white skin was barely visible.

Hundreds of Raiden Wisterias flew out from the five snow-green fingers on her right hand.

Two waves of vines, one up and one down, collided with each other.

The lightning and the hurricane collided.


The white Anemo Vine didn’t last long before the lightning turned it into black smoke.

The Saint Devourer had eaten too many elites. With Zhang Ruochen’s Demigod-level physique, it had accumulated a lot of benefits. Now that the Ampliofruit had matured, its battle strength was enough to fight against a powerhouse at the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm.

How could a mere Anemo Vine be its match?

"It’s the Saint Devourer!" said the elderly woman with white hair.

The elderly woman with white hair was injured by the lightning and she let out a muffled voice.

Suddenly, she sensed something and looked up. The Saint Devourer’s hundreds of Raiden Wisterias were like rain as they passed through the layer of flames of the Divine Purification Flame and wrapped around her body.

"Not good," said the elderly woman with white hair.

Before the elderly woman with white hair could dodge, the flower bud at the top of the Raiden Wisteria pierced through her Neverwither physique.

In an instant, thousands of lightning bolts struck her body.

"AH…" the elderly woman with white hair screamed and almost fainted.

The other eleven Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saints instinctively retreated when the Raiden Wisteria entered the layer of flames.

They wanted to rescue the elderly woman with white hair, but the Raiden Wisteria dragged the old woman out of the space where the Saint Blood Array was.

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"After her!" said Ci Haikong.

Ci Haikong’s angel wings spread out and turned into a white light that shot into the sky.


A one-meter-thick Raiden Wisteria whipped out from above the layer of flames like a whip. It hit Ci Haikong’s body, causing him to spit out blood and fall back.

The remaining 10 Supreme Saints of the Hundred-Shackle Realm looked even more unsightly.

Even if Zhang Ruochen was injured, he seemed to be very powerful. Furthermore, he had the Saint Devourer as his helper.

In an instant, he could capture the Anemo Vine of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. The Saint Devourer on Zhang Ruochen’s body was at least at the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm.

Today’s battle might not be as easy as they had imagined.

"The Saint Blood Array can hold on for at most ten breaths. We can’t just sit around and wait for death. Let’s attack together and fight our way out." said Zhi Shang.

Zhi Shang grabbed the silver tomahawk with both hands. He continuously mobilized the Saint Qi in his body and injected it into the ax.

The silver light emitted by the silver tomahawk was even more dazzling. Each light was like a sharp blade that could kill cultivators below the Saint Realm.

"Break it," said Zhi Shang.

The silver ax hacked upward, forming a huge ax shadow that was a hundred miles long. It split the red star fog in half and tore a crack in the layer of the Divine Purification Flame with a crushing force.

The ax shadow seemed to have the power to split heaven and earth. It hacked toward Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen, who was controlling the Divine Purification Flame, only glanced at the ax shadow and closed his eyes.


Tens of thousands of Precepts of Dimension flew out from between his eyebrows, freezing the space in front of him and turning it into a thousand-meter-thick Dimensional Shield.

The ax shadow hacked at the Dimensional Shield and shattered the frozen space layer by layer, sinking more than 500 meters deep.

"Your power is too weak. It’s far from enough to hurt me," Zhang Ruochen said indifferently.

Zhi Shang roared. His two thick arms emitted red light streaks. His power grew stronger. He shattered the thousand-meter-thick Dimensional Shield with a boom.

Just as the ax shadow was about to land on Zhang Ruochen’s head, two Dimensional Rifts flew out of his eyes. They directly cut the ax shadow into three pieces and then disappeared into the void.

With Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation, he could use the Power of Dimension as he wished.

"How can he be so powerful?" said Zhi Shang.

Zhi Shang was in disbelief. Didn’t Zhang Ruochen just break through to the Supreme Saint Realm last year? Even if he could fight across realms, he shouldn’t have reached the level of the Thousand-Koan Realm, right?

The information in Celestial Captive’s hands was lagging behind, but Zhang Ruochen’s progress was too fast. Not only was Zhi Shang injured, but the other Celestial Captives were also stunned.

On the other side, the elderly woman with white hair had transformed into a white Anemo Vine after being dragged out of the layer of flames of the Divine Purification Flame by the Raiden Wisteria.

It didn’t take long for Moyin to use hundreds of Raiden Wisteria to absorb all the Anemo Vines.

"Master, my wounds have healed!" Now I’ll have a good time with them." Moyin said with a soft and pleasant voice and showed a charming smile.

When Xu had used a flash of light to self-destruct, Moyin had also suffered some serious injuries.

Now that her injuries had healed, her battle prowess had risen to a whole new level.


Moyin controlled hundreds of Raiden Wisterias, enveloping an area of 150 kilometers. All the Celestial Captives who wanted to rush out of the Divine Purification Flame were sent flying back. None of them could escape.


All the Celestial Captives who were trapped in the Divine Purification Flame were regretful.

Why had they gathered together before?

They had trapped themselves in a cocoon.

Even if they tried to flee separately now, it would be extremely difficult.

The layer of flames of the Divine Purification Flame shrank rapidly. It squeezed the Celestial Captives’ space and allowed the flames to condense even more. Que Fei, who had transformed into an Elven Saint King, revealed himself in a white fog about 500 miles away from Zhang Ruochen, he said in surprise, "Zhang Ruochen is really ruthless. He has no mercy for the Supreme Saints of the Celestial Court. He wants to burn them all to death."

At this moment, no cultivator dared to say that Zhang Ruochen had any connection with the Celestial Court.

It was unknown whether the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms was deliberately targeting Zhang Ruochen. They quickly projected the images here to all parts of the Infernal Court and the Battlefield of Merits, causing another uproar.

More cultivators wanted to attack Zhang Ruochen,


The area covered by the Divine Purification Flame was reduced to about 50 meters in diameter. The 11 Supreme Saints of the Hundred-Shackle Realm tried their best to break out. Even if Moyin’s cultivation was strong, she couldn’t completely defend against them.

Zhi Shang was the first to rush out. He flew in an arc and appeared 50 kilometers away.

Then, he roared and raised his silver tomahawk with both hands. He hacked at the hundreds of Raiden Wisteria controlled by Moyin. Only by cutting off these vines could Celestial Captive, who was trapped in the Divine Purification Flame, escape. At that time, with the combined power of the 11 Supreme Saints of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, they could fight against Zhang Ruochen and the Saint Devourer.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Zhi Shang from the corner of his eyes. He controlled the Divine Purification Flame with one hand and grabbed the Ghost-headed Whip that he had taken from Popobawa Ghost Emperor with the other.


The Ghost-headed Whip flew out like a dark dragon and wrapped around the tomahawk in Zhi Shang’s hand.

At the top of the whip, a palace-sized skull poked out. Its eyes were burning with bone fire, and two sharp fangs poked out of its mouth. It bit Zhi Shang.

Zhi Shang held the ax in one hand and the skull’s teeth in the other, struggling to hold on.

Although Zhi Shang was a Supreme Saint at the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, he had been imprisoned in the Saint Prison for 600 years. He had lost a lot of blood and Qi. After entering the Battle of Celestial-Huntingfield, his spiritual power had been sealed, so his battle strength was greatly reduced.

Even Popobawa Ghost Emperor, ranked 54th on the list of the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, was more powerful than him.

Que Fei floated above the white star fog. A disdainful smile appeared on his handsome face, "These Celestial Captives are really useless. More than a dozen of them are in the Hundred-Shackle Realm, but Zhang Ruochen managed to capture them all in one go. Tsk, tsk. Looks like I’ll have to help them."

His two fingers combined and formed a sword gesture. He drew a circle in front of him.

At the center of the circle, a large amount of heaven and earth Saint Qi gathered together to form a meter-long black sword.

Que Fei strikes out a palm and hits the center of the circle. The black sword flew out like a shuttle of light and hit the skull on the top of the Ghost-headed Whip in an instant, sending the skull flying. Zhi Shang took advantage of the situation to escape. His arm spun like a windmill and swung, throwing the silver tomahawk in his hand out.

The silver tomahawk spun and flew, cutting off a large part of the Raiden Wisteria.

"Damn it! Who’s helping them?" Moyin took two steps back. Her charming eyes turned cold. She released her spiritual power to look for the person who had just attacked.

Zhang Ruochen knew exactly what to do. He was much more at ease. He stomped down after activating 10 million Divine Marks on his left leg with a deep breath.

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Since he couldn’t kill them directly, he had to end the battle another way.

"Yanshen’s Leg."

Zhang Ruochen’s leg burned with flames. As he stomped down, a huge Yanshen’s Leg appeared. The soles of his feet covered a radius of 100 miles.


Yanshen’s Leg split the cloud of Divine Purification Flame. The vigorous destructive power landed on the 10 Celestial Captives and sent them flying in all directions. Three of the Hundred-Shackle Realm Celestial Captives with lower cultivation could not withstand the power of Yanshen’s Leg. Their Neverwither physiques were shattered, and their spirits were destroyed. They died on the spot.

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