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Chapter: 2320

The Thousand Koan Realm Celestial Captive

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Darkness Descends was a high-level saint’s sword technique created by combining the Path of Sword and the Path of Darkness.

The sword technique was strange, shapeless, and corrosive.

For other Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, this was an unbreakable killing technique. It was very likely that a life-and-death battle could be decided between one or two sword strikes.

Not being able to see the sword was the greatest danger.

However, Zhang Ruochen had the Heart of Truth and released The Spatial Domain, so he could clearly sense the trajectory of Que Fei’s sword.


The skull on top of the Ghost-headed Whip accurately hit the Sword of Darkness in Que Fei’s hand. Layers of dark rays spread out like water ripples.

The Ghost-headed Whip shattered the Sword of Darkness with a crack and went straight for Que Fei’s head.

Que Fei’s head and hands weren’t covered by the Armor of Darkness, which was his biggest weakness.

"Darkness Descends has no effect on him. Right, it must be The Spatial Domain. No matter how my sword changes, it’s always in space. It can’t hide from Zhang Ruochen’s spatial perception.

Que Fei reacted quickly. He leaned back and kicked the Ghost-headed Whip.

At the same time, Que Fei mobilized the Power of Darkness. A Sword of Darkness condensed in his hand again. It was as fast as lightning and stabbed toward Zhang Ruochen’s heart.


Both of them were extremely fast. Their sword technique attainments were superb. In an instant, they exchanged hundreds of sword strikes. It was difficult to separate.

Que Fei not only used the Power of Darkness, but he also used the illusion technique that he was very good at. Thus, even with the help of the Heart of Truth and The Spatial Domain, Zhang Ruochen still fought with great difficulty. He did not dare to relax even alittle.

A battle between top powerhouses could cost one’s life if one made a slight mistake.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei, Pan Ruo, and the others rode The Scroll of Truth and Deceit to catch up. They arrived in the nearby starry sky and watched the intense battle between the two in the distance. They were dazzled by their cultivation and eyesight. They could only see crisscrossing golden and black


Que Fei and Zhang Ruochen were too fast. Pan Ruo and the rest could not get in.

"Their speed is much faster than mine. Only by using a forbidden technique can we compete with them in speed," said Supreme Saint Yuan Fei as he frowned and displayed a solemn face.

Using a forbidden technique required one to pay a price. Either one would lose one’s lifespan or one would be weak for a long period after using it.

In short, unless it was absolutely necessary, no cultivator would use a forbidden technique to forcefully increase his speed.

Mad Whitejade Lion said, "Zhang Ruochen’s speed has become faster. With my cultivation at the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, I can barely see their moves. If I fight them in the same realm, I wonder if I can survive five moves?"

"This is not all of Zhang Ruochen’s speed," said Pan Ruo.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on her.

Pan Ruo said slowly, "Don’t forget that Zhang Ruochen is seriously injured. His speed must be greatly reduced. This is one of the reasons.

"Two, do you feel that Zhang Ruochen has not used the Path of Time? If he uses the Power of Time, his speed will be faster than now."

‘Mad Whitejade Lion was puzzled and asked, "Why doesn’t he use the Power of Time?"

"He must have noticed our presence, so he is holding back in case he is ambushed." Pan Ruo guessed.

The Scroll of Truth and Deceit could indeed hide their aura completely.

‘When flying at full speed, however, it would spread out waves and affect the space to some extent.

As the Master of Space, how could Zhang Ruochen not sense it?

They activated The Scroll of Truth and Deceit at full speed to catch up as soon as possible.

"Their bodies are constantly changing, and the Power of Darkness affects my perception. I can’t lock on to them," said Lord Sinluo, who wanted to use the Dark Arrow, but he couldn’t find the right opportunity to lift the Frostwood Bow for a long time.

"Supreme Saint Yuan Fei, your spiritual power is the strongest," Pan Ruo said. "Send a message to Que Fei, requesting that he separate from Zhang Ruochen. We’ll use the Supreme Artifact to eliminate Zhang Ruochen."

"I think it’s not a bad thing for Que Fei and Zhang Ruochen to continue fighting," said Mistress Fireborn. She put on a smile but she seemed to disagree with Pan Ruo.

"What do you mean?" Mad Whitejade Lion asked curiously.

Mistress Fireborn was very confident in her judgment. She rested her chin on her finger and said, "Zhang Ruochen’s injuries are very serious," she said. "We have seen it for ourselves. Although he has defeated several Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, his injuries

will definitely worsen.

"As long as Que Fei can hold him for a while, when he loses a lot of Saint blood in his body, he will fall without our help."

‘Mad Whitejade Lion said, "What if something unexpected happens? I think Pan Ruo’s strategy is more stable."

Mistress Fireborn glanced at the silent Pan Ruo, she pursed her lips and said with a smile, "Since we have been exposed, we can walk out of The Scroll of Truth and Deceit and surround Zhang Ruochen with our true form to create pressure on him. That way, Que Fei will have a better advantage, and Zhang

Ruochen doesn’t dare to use his full strength."

"Are you trying to grind Zhang Ruochen to death here?" Lord Sinluo sneered.

Lord Sinluo thought that Mistress Fireborn’s strategy was brilliant. He couldn’t let Zhang Ruochen die too easily. Lord Sinluo wanted to let Zhang Ruochen fall into despair step by step. In the end, Zhang Ruochen will struggle painfully on the edge of death.

Pan Ruo said, "Who will be responsible in case of an accident?"

"What accident could there be?" said Mistress Fireborn.

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Although Mistress Fireborn’s tone was calm, there was a hint of conflict in her eyes, she said again, "To kill Zhang Ruochen, the Master of Time and Space, we need a powerhouse who is speedy like Que Fei to tie him up. If we rescue Que Fei and Zhang Ruochen uses the Power of Time and Space to escape,

we may not be able to keep him."

Pan Ruo shut her mouth and did not say anything more.

Swish Swish

Lord Sinluo, Mistress Fireborn, and Mad Whitejade Lion flew out of The Scroll of Truth and Deceit one after another and appeared in the other three directions of the battle circle between Zhang Ruochen and Que Fei.

Pan Ruo’s cultivation was low, so she stayed in The Scroll of Truth and Deceit with Supreme Saint Yuan Fei.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said, "Your Highness, are you still worried about the Celestial Captive of the Thousand-Koan Realm?"

Pan Ruo nodded her head.

"I think what Mistress Fireborn said makes sense. If a Thousand-Koan Realm Celestial Captive was lurking nearby, he would not have stood by and watched as the 12 Hundred-Shackle Realm Celestial Captives were being slaughtered. He would have made his move long ago," Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said.


Pan Ruo’s eyes widened and she said, "Oh no, Mad Whitejade Lion is in danger."

A thousand miles away.

A purple meteorite silently crashed into Mad Whitejade Lion.

The purple meteorite was more than two thousand meters long, It was irregular and contained a metallic luster. Its hardness was not something an ordinary rock asteroid could compare to.

Mad Whitejade Lion was a Supreme Saint at the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. His senses were extremely strong. Of course, when it sensed the purple meteorite flying towards it, it immediately transformed into its original form, the Sacred Imperial Jade Lion.

His lion form was even bigger than the purple meteorite. The saint light on its body lit up the starry sky.


Mad Whitejade Lion released a loud roar and raised a sharp jade claw to attack the purple meteorite.

Logically speaking, with its cultivation level, not to mention a small meteorite that was more than 2,000 meters in diameter, even a planet that was more than 2,000 kilometers in diameter could be shattered.

However, just as it waved its jade claws, it was shattered into pieces of Sacred Imperial Jade and flew out.




Mad Whitejade Lion was hit three times in a row. Each time, a large part of its body would be shattered.

In the end, more than half of its lion form was shattered, leaving only its head and a small part of its body intact as it flew into a nebula.

After suffering such serious injuries, it was very likely that its Saint Soul and consciousness had already been shattered.

The cultivators who saw this through the projection of the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms were all shocked. They did not know what had happened?

The original form of Mad Whitejade Lion was the Sacred Imperial Jade. How hard was it? Why was it shattered by a small meteorite?

"Who is it?" said Supreme Saint Yuan Fei.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei immediately mobilized all his power to activate The Scroll of Truth and Deceit.


8,000 words flew out of the scroll. Each word contained Supreme Power. Sometimes it was virtual, sometimes it was real. They flew rapidly toward the purple meteorite, trying to suppress it.

A circle of spatial ripples appeared near the purple meteorite and then disappeared.

"Power of Dimension? Could it be Zhang Ruochen’s hidden technique… It can’t be. Zhang Ruochen is fighting with Que Fei. How could he have spare power to ambush Mad Whitejade Lion?"

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei released his spiritual power, covering an area of 10,000 miles in search of the disappeared purple meteorite.

The opponent could easily beat Mad Whitejade Lion into pieces. He was definitely a terrifying existence.

Pan Ruo said, "There are only a handful of Masters of Space, but there are many Supreme Saints who cultivate the Path of Dimension. The one who attacked Mad Whitejade Lion was not Zhang Ruochen, but a Celestial Captive, the Celestial Captive of the Thousand-Koan Realm.

"That meteorite is not an ordinary meteorite, but an Armor of Meteorite."

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei was stunned, he said, "Armor of Meteorite? As far as I know, the Armor of Meteorite was refined by the Fane of Meteorite, one of the 24 Asura fanes, 100,000 years ago. A total of 16 sets were refined. Only seven sets are still preserved.


"Since he is wearing the Armor of Meteorite, he should be a Supreme Saint of the Fane of Meteorite. How could he be a Celestial Captive?"

The Precepts of Destiny appeared in Pan Ruo’s eyes as she searched for traces of the purple meteorite. "It’s simple. The Fane of Meteorite doesn’t have such a powerful cultivator.

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"As far as I know, one of the five Celestial Captives in the Thousand-Koan Realm is a traitor of the Fane of Meteorite. His name is Saint Lord Zuo Mu. His cultivation has reached the mid-stage of the Thousand-Koan Realm.

"That’s why I dare to guess that Saint Lord Zuo Mu killed the Fane of Meteorite’s captain and took away his Armor of Meteorite. He has been hiding nearby.

"Saint Lord Zuo Mu must have seen through Que Fei’s disguise as the Elven Saint King. Our actions have long been seen through by him. However, he has been waiting patiently for us to make a mistake."

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei had mixed feelings, he said, "I should have thought of this earlier. Among the Celestial Captives, not only are there Supreme Saints from the Celestial Court. Furthermore, even if they are Celestial Captives from the Celestial Court, they wouldn’t care about the lives of the other

Celestial Captives on the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting, They only care about their own survival. Mad Whitejade Lion was tricked by Mistress Fireborn… This is bad, the purple meteorite has appeared again!"

As a weak space fluctuation appeared, the purple meteorite appeared again and hovered above Mistress Fireborn..

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