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Chapter: 2379

Merciless Zhang Ruochen

Although Kymorpho had re-condensed her body, the aura on her body was much weaker than before.

Only her spiritual power was still full.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath. He burst out with rapid speed. His left arm burned like hot red iron and hit Kymorpho’s chest with his palm strike.

The speed was so fast that his body seemed to have disappeared.

Because of her powerful spiritual power, Kymorpho’s reaction was astonishing. She was far faster than other Thousand-Koan Realm’s Supreme Saints. When Zhang Ruochen had just formed his palm strike, she had already mobilized her spiritual power and summoned wind from ten directions.

This wind was a hundred times more terrifying than squalls. It could be used to change the landscape of a world and change the trajectory of the stars.

The ten wind forces condensed into ten translucent human-shaped Wind emperors.

The human-shaped wind emperors let out a long howl and swung their sabers.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, the six human-shaped wind emperors were shattered by Zhang Ruochen’s palm power and turned into a chaotic wind blade. Countless Saint-level Celestial Captives were chopped into pieces.

The sabers of the human-shaped Wind emperors landed on Zhang Ruochen with the sound of metal colliding with rocks.

However, it was blocked by ten golden wings. Zhang Ruochen could not be hurt at all.


Zhang Ruochen’s palm strike finally hit Kymorpho, shattering her body again.

In an instant, Kymorpho’s body condensed in another place.

She put her hands together and shouted, "Condense!"

The remaining four human-shaped Wind emperors collided and turned into a 33-meter-tall knight. He wore armor, held a spear, and rode a dragon.

Rustle! Rustle!

The wind between heaven and earth gathered toward him.

The sound of the air flowing was like a surging river.

The knight’s aura grew stronger and stronger. His eyes shone with blue light and lightning interweaved in his body. While riding the dragon, he charged toward Zhang Ruochen.


Wherever the knight passed, strong winds raged.

The Saint-level Celestial Captives within 300 meters turned into blood mist and were crushed into particles by the wind. Even the Supreme Saints of Immortal Vampires were all thrown away. Their bodies were covered with deep bloody scars.

Some Supreme Saints were cut in half.

Zhang Ruochen stood in the middle of the street and looked at the approaching knights. His long hair flew up. "I don’t believe that I can’t kill you."

The power of the knight was almost the same as Saint Lord Zuo Mu.

However, Zhang Ruochen was different now. He had broken 50 shackles. If he met Saint Lord Zuo Mu again, he was confident that he could defeat him even without the Supreme Artifact.


36 Dimensional Swords appeared and floated around his body.


The 36 swords combined into one.

They hacked down.

This sword strike cut open the stable dimension in Snowpetra. It tore a long Dimensional Rift and pierced through the knight’s head.

The knight formed by wind was directly split into two.

"How is this possible?" Kymorpho was shocked.


The Sword Qi was extremely sharp. It passed through the knight and crossed hundreds of feet. It cut her body into two halves.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t give Kymorpho the chance to condense her body. He released Profound Spatial Dimension and forcefully separated the two halves of her body. Precepts of Dimension condensed into dimensional chains and wrapped around the two halves of her body.

The two halves of her body struggled desperately and burst out powerful saint power, trying to escape.

"You can’t get out," Zhang Ruochen said.

"What’s the use of trapping my body? I’m strongest at spiritual power,"

Kymorpho’s gloomy voice sounded behind Zhang Ruochen.

Dense Spirits gathered together and condensed into a giant shadow that looked like a soul.

It was the form of Kymorpho.

The body of a Kylin and the wings of a butterfly.

"Soul Devouring," said Kymorpho.

Zhang Ruochen seemed to have expected it. The Saint Aspect of spiritual power, Thundergod Reverend, and Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King rushed out of his back at the same time. They combined and turned into the Immovable Wisdom King that was covered in thunder and lightning.

This Immovable Wisdom King looked exactly like Zhang Ruochen. With endless power, he stomped down.

Kymorpho tried to fight back, but the thunder and lightning from the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King broke her spiritual power thoughts, making her weaker and weaker.

"No… This is impossible. your spiritual power is only at level 65. How can you fight against me?"

Kymorpho was not convinced at all. She roared with grief and indignation.

This was the first time she felt the threat of death on Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting.

With the strength of her spiritual power and her cultivation of Thousand-Koan Realm, she felt that she could look down on all her opponents on Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting. The number one master of Stone Clan could not escape after falling into her spiritual power trap. In the end, she was punched by Lord Hornless until her soul was scattered.

However, in the battle with Zhang Ruochen, she was extremely sullen. Not only did she lose the upper hand, but her body was also shattered several times.

With the suppression of Profound Spatial Dimension, it was not easy for her to escape.

Zhang Ruochen said lightly, "Your spiritual power is indeed much stronger than mine, and you use it perfectly. However, I have the spiritual wills of two ancestors. Not to mention that your spiritual power is only at the 66th level, even if you reach the 67th or 68th level, you won’t be able to break through my spiritual defense.

"If you can’t break through my spiritual defense, how could you fight me?"

The Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King contained the Immovable Wisdom King’s spiritual will. After combining it with Zhang Ruochen’s Saint Aspect of spiritual power, it was naturally able to suppress Kymorpho.

Zhang Ruochen knew that Kymorpho would definitely go all out. She might even self-detonate her saint heart and Sainthood Source to kill all the creatures in the Snowpetra.

Thus, he cast a glance at Moyin.

Kymorpho went completely mad. She laughed loudly "Zhang Ruochen, you traitor of Celestial Court. Even if I die today, I’ll destroy your body and soul. I’ll bury all the Supreme Saints of Immortal Vampires with you."

The blood inscription array shattered. Luo Sha took the lead and flew above Zhang Ruochen and Kymorpho. She was extremely nervous, "Careful! Not only is she going to self-detonate her Sainthood Source, but she’s also going to self-detonate her saint heart. Once the saint heart is self-detonated, the destructive power will be even more shocking."

She waved her arm and struck with Dark Divinity Lotus.

Luo Sha then mobilized her 65th level spiritual power to forcefully suppress Kymorpho’s thoughts of self-detonating.

Luo Sha absolutely could not let her succeed.

"I can finally enter Snowpetra and kill my way through. I can collect a large number of points. I can kill a group of Celestial Captives below the Supreme Saint realm with a single slash,"

The formation was shattered. Lord Bladehell was ecstatic as he charged in with his saber.

However, when he saw that Kymorpho was about to self-destruct and the chaotic energy that filled Snowpetra, his expression immediately changed.

"Oh my god! This is… Escape!"

Lord Bladehell wasn’t as stupid as Luo Sha who had run to the center where the destructive energy was most concentrated. He spread his wings and turned around to run as fast as he could.



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Zhang Ruochen is dead. Immortal Vampires are finished. Everything is over! This was the only thought in Lord Bladehell’s mind.

Zhang Ruochen and Luo Sha’s spiritual power were very strong. They were the top cultivators of the same generation, but they still couldn’t stop Kymorpho. Kymorpho’s two half bodies were already burning.

The spiritual power body also released a spiritual power storm, which gave Zhang Ruochen and Luo Sha a splitting headache.

At this critical moment, Moyin activated Violet Gourd and aim the mouth of the gourd in the direction of Kymorpho. She opened her red lips slightly and whispered, "Collect!"

Zhang Ruochen seized this fleeting opportunity. He waved his palm and mobilized the power of Profound Spatial Dimension. He struck the two halves of Kymorpho’s body and spiritual body toward Violet Gourd.

Whoosh —

After keeping Kymorpho into Violet Gourd, Moyin was quite decisive. She threw Violet Gourd with all her strength.

No one knew if Violet Gourd could withstand the destructive energy formed by the self-detonation of a Thousand-Koan Realm’s Supreme Saint. After all, Violet Gourd was not a pure Supreme Artifact. It was a vessel that Zhang Ruochen had randomly refined.

It was unknown whether Moyin was intentional or not. Violet Gourd flew in the direction where Lord Bladehell had escaped.

In the dark void space, Lord Bladehell flew rapidly, he thought to himself, " I have to escape. The further the better. Staying there will only lead to death. I have to protect myself. I still need to support the future of Immortal Vampires."


A loud sound came from behind.

The dimension shook.

Lord Bladehell was shocked. Why was the sound so close? The destructive power of the self-destruction of a Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint was more terrifying than he imagined.

Lord Bladehell even wanted to burn his saint blood and use a forbidden spell to increase his speed.

However, he could not help but turn his head and look. He saw a ray of light energy charging toward him, it was right in front of him.

The light energy was from the mouth of Violet Gourd after Kymorpho self-destructed.

Lord Bladehell was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move. He watched as the light energy which was even stronger than Supreme power charged past him and extended out into the darkness thousands kilometers away.

He was only a few meters away from the light energy.

After a long time, the destructive energy finally calmed down.

Lord Bladehell was petrified for a long time. His mind was blank. After he finally regained his senses, he couldn’t help but gasp. Then, he decisively kept Violet Gourd and flew quickly toward Snowpetra.

Standing in the broken city, Zhang Ruochen let out a long breath.

He would rather fight a Supreme Saint at the peak of Thousand-Koan Realm than a Supreme Saint with the 66th level of spiritual power. The latter was too difficult to deal with. Moreover, once one self-detonated, there was no way to stop it. It was equivalent to dying together with him.

If Kymorpho did not want to die, she would use self-detonating to negotiate with Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen would most likely choose to let her go.

Just now, if Luo Sha had not risked her life to join the battle in time and mobilize her spiritual power to suppress Kymorpho, delaying the most precious moment, it was hard to say whether he could put Kymorpho into Violet Gourd. At least Zhang Ruochen wasn’t absolutely sure.

It was too dangerous!

It was practically risking his life.

Luo Sha’s long dress fluttered and landed lightly on the ground. She spread out her hand and held Dark Divinity Lotus.

Zhang Ruochen looked at her and said, "I believe what you said the other day!"

That was it.

Luo Sha was very smart. Of course, she knew what he was referring to, but she pretended not to know. She asked, "I’ve said so many things. Which one are you referring to?"

The sounds of battle were endless, and the flames soared into the sky.

Where they were, it was exceptionally quiet. A strange atmosphere had descended upon them.

It had been extremely dangerous just now, but Luo Sha had rushed up to help him without hesitation. There was no need to say anything more. Zhang Ruochen will remember all ties of comradeship.

Perhaps she had lied a lot, but that sentence should be true.

Unfortunately, they were not the same kind of people. Rather than suffering in the future, it was better to stop the spread of feelings now and cut off all possibilities. In Infernal Court, Zhang Ruochen would never allow himself to fall in love. That would be his biggest flaw and obstacle.

Lord Bladehell held Violet Gourd and descended from the sky. He laughed loudly and said, "Supreme Saint Ruochen, I have taken back your gourd. It is indeed a Supreme Artifact. It is not damaged at all."

There was no trace of shame on his face. Instead, he looked like he had done a great service, he continued to laugh and said, "Fortunately, I was quick. Otherwise, it would have flown tens thousands miles away. The void space is too vast. Once it flies too far away, it will be difficult to find it."

Luo Sha stared at Lord Bladehell with a look of extreme disgust and said, "The Supreme Artifact has a vessel spirit. It can fly back to its owner."

Lord Bladehell pretended to be stupid and said in surprise, "Really? Is it so magical? It’s a pity that I don’t have a Supreme Artifact."

Luo Sha said, "Lord Bladehell, don’t you need to collect points? The battle is still not over!"

"Leave the following battle to me,"

Lord Bladehell handed Violet Gourd to Zhang Ruochen with both hands. Then, he burst into the formation of Saint-level cultivators with his blood Qi which was as vast as the river and sea.

In the past, Lord Bladehell would have been overjoyed to get Violet Gourd. He would have taken it for his own. He would never return it to Zhang Ruochen.

Now, he would not dare to do so even if he was given the guts.

Zhang Ruochen knew that Lord Bladehell had abandoned all the Supreme Saints of Immortal Vampires and escaped alone.

Logically, Lord Bladehell should have been punished severely for running away at the last minute.

However, Zhang Ruochen did not expose him.

In the face of life and death, it was not a huge mistake to choose to run away.

That was why it was so precious for Luo Sha to choose to resist difficulties in the face of life and death and fight side by side with him. How could he not be touched?

When Lord Bladehell finally left, Luo Sha thought that Zhang Ruochen would say a few sincere words. For example, thank you for your help, Your Highness. I, Zhang Ruochen would bear firmly in mind.

Or, your highness is very affectionate. Even if I, Zhang Ruochen can’t marry you in this life, you will have an important place in my heart.

Unfortunately, the merciless Zhang Ruochen turned around and left to hunt Celestial Captives with Moyin.

Luo Sha was so angry that her eyes bulged and her cheeks trembled, she stamped her feet and said, "What an ingrate. Do you think that it’s my responsibility to treat you well? I swear that if I ever speak to you, smile at you, think of you in my heart, and care about your life again, I will slap myself."

Luo Sha thought about it and realized that there was no need to mistreat herself because of this bastard. She immediately regretted it and thought to himself, "Even if I do, I should slap him."

Fane of Destiny.

The scene of the battle just now appeared in Fukurokuju’s Gate of Destiny

Wargod Bloodximius walked out of his Divine Plane and said, "Why isn’t the spiritual power of Kymorpho sealed? Whoever is in charge of this matter must be severely punished."

It was too dangerous just now. A large number of Immortal Vampires’ Supreme Saints would have died.

"They didn’t even notice that a Celestial Captive hid her spiritual power. Such a ridiculous thing has never happened before."

"Punishing gods who are careless is only secondary. The key is to reward points. Kymorpho is too powerful. If they kill her, we have to give Immortal Vampires at least five million points."

"Yes, Kymorpho’s points must be higher than Saint Lord Zuo Mu’s."

"Fane of Destiny must give Immortal Vampires an explanation for what happened today. Our young Supreme Saint almost died."

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Immortal Vampires’ gods stepped forward one after another.

To be able to get first place in Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting, Zhang Ruochen and the young Supreme Saints of Immortal Vampires were fighting desperately. Outside the battlefield, the gods of Immortal Vampires naturally did their best to fight for the best situation given to Immortal Vampires.

For five million points, for the first place, and for the pride of Immortal Vampires, Immortal Vampires’ gods had all put aside their past grudges and united.

In any case, they were on the right side, so they weren’t afraid of making a big deal out of it.

On the contrary, it was Fane of Destiny that couldn’t afford to lose their reputation. They needed to control the situation so that the outside world wouldn’t know about it.

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