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Chapter: 2383

The Changes Underground

Zhang Ruochen returned to his home planet through the teleportation array.

The moment he stepped out of the teleportation array, Zhang Ruochen frowned and looked up at the sky. The sky was dark and filled with all kinds of chaotic power fluctuations.

"Am I too late?" He muttered to himself.

Xue Ningxiao had been standing guard beside the teleportation array. When she saw Zhang Ruochen, she immediately showed joy and said, "Cousin, you came back early. Could it be that the battle on the seventh dark star has ended?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head. He released his spiritual power instantly and covered the entire planet.


There were many inscriptions of illusion formation on the planet, covering every continent.

Zhang Ruochen could see the illusion formation not only because his spiritual power was stronger than Yan Zhexian’s, but because he had The Heart of Truth. He could see through illusions and sense reality without using his eyes and spiritual power.

"All the clansmen have been hidden. It seems that Lady Wind and Lord Xia Yu are smarter than I thought."

Although there was some damage on the continent of their home planet, but no clansmen were injured or killed.

Zhang Ruochen was quite satisfied with this result.

It wasn’t easy to fight with Yan Wushen or Yan Huangtu. It was already amazing to ensure that they wouldn’t suffer any losses.

Lord Xia Yu sensed the dimensional fluctuations and landed beside the teleportation array. She used her spiritual power to probe Zhang Ruochen and asked, "What is my obsession?"

She wanted to confirm whether the person in front of her was really Zhang Ruochen.

"Your brother died because of you," Zhang Ruochen said.

Lord Xia Yu put away her spiritual power and Pleiades Lotus. She let out a sigh of relief and said, "You’re finally back!"

Then, she told Zhang Ruochen about the detailed process of Yan Huangtu and Yan Zhexian coming to Immortal Vampires’ home planet.

Zhang Ruochen was surprised and stared at Lord Xia Yu.

The one Zhang Ruochen favored the most to protect their home planet was actually Lady Wind. After all. Lord Xia Yu’s character was too obvious and could be easily attacked.

He didn’t expect that Lord Xia Yu could overcome her character weakness and make both Yan Huangtu and Yan Zhexian suffer.

Yan Huangtu’s trick of self-injury to win the enemies’ confidence didn’t work, so he had definitely suffered a great loss.

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Where are the clansmen on our planet?"

Lord Xia Yu said, "There are 240 million clansmen on our planet. Lady Wind and I have arranged 24 Supreme Saints. Each Supreme Saint took 10 million clansmen.

"Of course, Lady Wind and I are also within the 24 Supreme Saints."

With a Supreme Saint’s cultivation and higher knowledge, it was easy for one to take in 10 million clansmen.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "You can’t put all eggs in one basket. What you did was right. How did you arrange the 24 Supreme Saints?"

Lord Xia Yu said, "Most of them stayed on our home planet and hid in various secret places. Some turned into stones and slept underground, while others went into the belly of the blood fish and hid in the sea. Some hid in the starry sky through the teleportation array. Unless Yanluo clan finds all these Supreme Saints, they will never be able to kill all Immortal Vampires."

As long as their clansmen were not killed, their points would not be deducted by half.

According to the calculation of killing ten clansmen, one point would be deducted.

Even if Yanluo clan could kill 99% of Immortal Vampires, they would only deduct 24 million points at most, which was within the range of Immortal Vampires could accept.

Zhang Ruochen said, "It’s better to be careful. Powerful cultivators of Path of Destiny can deduce many things. No matter how well they hide, they can still be found."

"Even if other Supreme Saints are found, I will protect the lives of the last 10 million people," Lord Xia Yu said.

Zhang Ruochen believed in Lord Xia Yu’s determination. "Give me a clansman with a stronger cultivation base."

With the advantage Immortal Vampires had now, as long as their clansmen were not wiped out, it would be fine.

Even if only one of them was alive, it’s not considered wiped out.

With Lord Xia Yu and Lady Wind’s arrangements, it was almost impossible for Yanluo clan to wipe out Immortal Vampires.

Zhang Ruochen asked for a clansman just to take precautions.

Lord Xia Yu released an elder from Pleiades Lotus. His cultivation base was about the ninth change in Fish-dragon Realm. He was considered a superior on this planet. He could survive without food or water for at least a few months.

Zhang Ruochen pulled out a strand of hair and blew on it.

The hair turned white instantly, and a small dimension appeared inside.

With his current cultivation as a Supreme Saint, even a strand of hair was a treasure for ordinary cultivators.

Zhang Ruochen put the elder into the dimension inside the hair. Then, he took out Yan Zhexian’s dark green pen and cut the hair. He inserted the hair into the brush of the pen and hid it in the deepest part.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the pen in his hand. Then, he activated Precept of Truth. His fingertips released a bright star-like light, washing every brush of hair and assimilating their aura.

"You said that Yan Zhexian escaped into the underground?" He asked casually.

Lord Xia Yu said, "Yan Zhexian is more powerful than I imagined. The array had already enveloped her, but she used a forbidden technique, Great Yanluo Thousand Heads and Bodies Technique, and manifested a thousand clones.

"The array only destroyed 935 of her clones, her true form tore through the array and escaped.

"I chased after her and heavily injured her a few times, but she escaped every time. In the end, she sneaked into the underground. I didn’t dare to enter rashly. Therefore, I’m currently worried about this matter."

It wasn’t that Lord Xia Yu didn’t dare to chase after her. She was worried that there were still other powerful figures from Yanluo clan hiding outside their home planet. They might use this opportunity to break into the array.

"I’ll deal with her. You just have to guard our home planet," Zhang Ruochen said.

Lord Xia Yu said, "It’s been a long time since Lady Wind went to kill Yan Huangtu. She hasn’t come back yet."

"Yan Huangtu must have been seriously injured by the array. Lady Wind’s strength wasn’t ordinary. Her attainments in Path of Destiny are high and she’s very alert. Unless Yan Huangtu brought more powerful figures, it’s not a problem for her to protect herself." Zhang Ruochen said.

The difference in points between Yanluo clan and Immortal Vampires was huge. The entire clan must be fighting to kill the Celestial Captives. Time was precious. It was already out of Zhang Ruochen’s expectations that Yan Huangtu and Yan Zhexian could come to Immortal Vampires’ home planet at the same time.

More powerful figures.

All of a sudden, Zhang Ruochen thought of the three middle clans.

After the defeat of Ghost’s home planet, the three middle clans had become low-key, strangely low-key.

"If Yan Huangtu can’t mobilize the elites of Yanluo clan, will he mobilize the elites of the three middle clans? However, the three middle clans also want to compete for the ranking of the ten clans. This is a dog in the manger attitude if the middle three clans help Yanluo clan, they won’t do such a thing right?" Zhang Ruochen thought.

Now, apart from Immortal Vampires and Yanluo clan who were far ahead, the other eight clans didn’t have more than 40 million points.

Nether clan’s points were second only to Immortal Vampires and Yanluo clan. They were in third place with 38 million points.

Rakshasa, who was in fourth place, had a very small difference of 35 million points from Nether clan.

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Apart from Ghosts who had fallen behind, the ten clans only had a difference of several million points from the other clans. If they were lucky, they could instantly catch up with dozens of Supreme Saint-level Celestial Captives.

How could the three middle clans keep a low profile at this time?

Even if they didn’t, they should have gone all out to hunt the Celestial Captives instead of dealing with Immortal Vampires. Even if they beat Immortal Vampires, could their points still surpass the previous one?

"Oh no. Lady Wind is in danger," Zhang Ruochen’s expression changed slightly.

Lord Xia Yu said, "Yan Huangtu is heavily injured. It can’t be fake."

"It’s not Yan Huangtu or Yanluo clan’s elites, it’s Pink Skull. The middle three clans would never attack a cultivator of Immortal Vampires at this time. They would put aside their hatred and focus on killing Celestial Captives to collect points. Hoever, Pink Skull would, she would kill Lady Wind," Zhang Ruochen said.

Lord Xia Yu trusted Zhang Ruochen’s judgment and asked, "What should we do now?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head, "This is the battle for Destiny Scioness. Lady Wind must face it herself. Even if I rush over in time and help her pass this trial and save her life, she will lose this precious opportunity to prove herself. In the future, even if Immortal Vampires get first place in the ten clans, she might not be Destiny Scioness.

"Pan Ruo has cultivated the Door of Trueself. She’s the first choice of Fane of Destiny’s gods.

"But if Lady Wind can block this wave of crisis, even if she only escaped from Yanluo clan and Pink Skull, the position of Scioness of Destiny will definitely belong to her."

In Zhang Ruochen’s opinion, it was not rash for Lady Wind to chase after the heavily injured Yan Huangtu. It was the right thing to do.

If the enemy was heavily injured and one did not attack, then when would they attack? Should they wait for Yan Huangtu to recover and return with Yanluo clan’s Supreme Saint army?

Of course, Lord Xia Yu’s actions were not wrong too.

Each of them had their own mission, so their decisions were naturally different.

The only thing Zhang Ruochen was worried about was that Lady Wind was too eager to win. Her rationality and judgment would be affected, and she would fall into Yan Huangtu and Pink Skull’s trap without realizing it. Once she was successfully ambushed by Pink Skull, the first attack could kill her or seriously injure her.

It was hard to say if she could survive.

Lord Xia Yu was very worried. "Lady Wind becoming Destiny Scioness represents the interests of the lower three races and Immortal Vampires. Are we really going to ignore it? If she is killed, it will be a heavy blow to Immortal Vampires."

"If you really want to save her, go tell Yan Huangtu that Yan Zhexian is in your hands. That might be useful"

Zhang Ruochen didn’t care about Lady Wind’s life. However, he had invested some capital in her. If she was really killed, wouldn’t he lose everything?

Everything was up to fate.

"How should I tell Yan Huangtu?" Lord Xia Yu asked.

"Figure it out yourself,"

Zhang Ruochen moved his body and arrived at the entrance where Yan Zhexian had sneaked underground.

He could only find her if he followed the traces she left behind.

"I hope you didn’t die at the hands of Bloody Shadowseed," Zhang Ruochen muttered to himself. Then, he went underground.

Only the living Yan Zhexian was more valuable.

Lord Xia Yu thought for a moment. Then, a smile appeared on her beautiful face. "This is the only way!"

She flew to the upper atmosphere of Immortal Vampires. She released her spiritual power and activated the blood-red clouds. The clouds seemed to have turned into rivers. They gathered into three words — Yan Zhexian.

Each word was one-third the size of the planet.

With the Supreme Saint’s eyesight, one could see these three words even if they were millions of miles away.

With these three words, Yan Huangtu should understand the meaning behind them.

If he dared to kill Lady Wind, Yan Zhexian would definitely die.

Zhang Ruochen followed Yan Zhexian’s aura all the way to the center of his home planet.

The further he went, the more shocked Zhang Ruochen became.

Zhang Ruochen had captured a large number of Bloody Shadowseeds underground. However, there were still many left. How could Yan Zhexian, someone who was seriously injured, have the ability to sneak into such a deep place?

Not long after, Zhang Ruochen arrived at the center of the planet. It was a spherical space with a diameter of 500 kilometers.

The space was filled with blood-red waterfalls. Blood Qi filled the air, and endless wave sounds could be heard.

"Yan Zhexian must be very capable to make it all the way here."

Zhang Ruochen found footprints covered in blood on the ground. He looked at the footprints and his eyes narrowed. The bloody footprints led to the stone coffin that was more than 30 meters long, which was at the center of the spherical space.

There was a tree growing on the stone coffin.

The tree was snow-white and crystal-like jade. It looked like a graceful girl. Her hair turned into white branches and pierced into the soil, and there were rocks all over the planet.

Zhang Ruochen had seen it the last time he came.

This time, Zhang Ruochen found that the "Girl" had some subtle changes. The location of the heart had turned blood-red. Many bloodlines spread out from the heart and covered the tree trunk.

What was more shocking was that he heard the beating of the heart like a drum.

Zhang Ruochen knew very well that this "Girl" was the real Bloody Shadowseed. Therefore, he stepped back decisively and planned to leave immediately.

At this moment, he found that a corner of the stone coffin was opened more than 200 miles away.

The coffin was emitting yellow light.

The extremely pure yellow light seemed to be separated from the black yellow.

At the same time, his Five-element Chaotic Neverwither Physique was fluctuating out of his control. The five elements in his body automatically started a cycle over and over again.

Among them, the power of Earth was growing rapidly.

"Is it the legendary Pale Blood Soil in the stone coffin?"

Zhang Ruochen gritted his teeth. In the end, he decided to step on the stone steps and walk toward the stone coffin and the "Girl".

There was no other way. There were seven types of Saintwill in Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill. If he took the ordinary path to cultivate it, it would be impossible to fuse them together. No matter how talented he was, it would be useless. No matter how strong his will was, it wouldn’t work.

There was never a lack of talented and strong-willed cultivators in this world.

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If he wanted to become a legend, not only did he have to be tough, but he also needed the support of legendary-level treasures.

Quasi-Emperor Grade Saintwill Pill and Emperor Grade Saintwill Pill were legendary-level treasures that could cultivate and refine Saintwill. They could help him break through the basis of Grade one Saintwill, but it was still not enough.

Only Pale Blood Soil was strong enough.

As long as he could fuse with the sixth Earth Saintwill, he should be able to touch the edge of Garde one Saintwill or even directly reach Garde one Saintwill. At that time, it would definitely shock all cultivators, including gods.

He had to take this risk.

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