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Chapter: 2685


The destructive power at the soul level is infinitely equal to the physical pain, and it is even more difficult and worse than the physical injury. After all, Han Xiao is a source martial artist of the fifth-order combat system, but if his chest is penetrated, he can complete self-healing in a short time with his terrifying self-healing ability.

But for this kind of violent trauma on the soul level, Han Xiao has no choice but to spend a long time to complete self-healing.

After Feng Yixiu succeeded, he did not continue to attack Han Xiao, but walked straight towards the already precarious Earth Demon Mountain Shield.

The next target was naturally Shen Ruyu. With Han Xiao seriously injured, the indestructible Earth Demon Mountain Shield was already crumbling and could no longer pose any threat.

However, before Feng Yixiu took two steps, an extremely weak voice sounded behind him, saying:

"Stop, I'm not down yet!"

I saw that Han Xiao stood up tremblingly while supporting the severely injured body. His clenched fists were still shaking violently, and his left arm slammed to the ground, forcibly strengthening the Earth Demon Mountain Shield that was about to fall apart.

Hearing the movement from the rear, Feng Yixiu was not angry but happy, and the corner of his mouth couldn't help showing a smile. The strength of this strength can be made up through training and other means. As the strongest shield of Huaxia in the future, a brave and fearless heart is the most important!

However, when he turned around, Feng Yixiu restrained his smile and said solemnly: "I advise you not to continue to stand up, I still can't completely control this power, it will really kill people..."

"Although you are the captain of the four of us, don't forget that I am the eldest brother. Even in the face of death, I will not allow you to walk in front of me!" Han Xiao clenched his fists and tried his last strength to try again Launch Wan Jun heavy pressure to restrain Feng Yixiu.

But before the fist fell, the thousand-year-old ring between Feng Yixiu's fingers emitted a faint light, and appeared behind Han Xiao in the blink of an eye. .

Han Xiao only felt the darkness in front of him, his brain also became dizzy, and the few strengths finally dissipated, and he slowly collapsed to the ground.

"I won't hit the same move a second time..." Feng Yixiu looked at Han Xiao, who was lying at his feet, and said something to himself, and then he looked at the Earth Demon Mountain Shield in the distance. .

With the fall of Han Xiao, the Earth Demon Mountain Shield used to protect Shen Ruyu finally disintegrated. What Feng Yixiu did not expect was that there were a total of five layers.

After the last Tudun collapsed, Feng Yixiu finally saw Shen Ruyu's figure, only to see that she was raising the glazed jade burning bow in her hand, and the Suzaku Sky Wheel and the Nine Jade Formation Diagram at the back burst out with amazing fire at the same time.

"Clang clang clang..."

Behind the embodiment of the holy fire angel, dense formations began to slowly condense, and now they have condensed nearly eight layers, and only the last layer can be completely condensed and formed.

Even if they were separated by nearly a thousand meters, Feng Yixiu could still feel the terrifying aura wrapped around this arrow, which was not at all comparable to Fen Ji Mie Ya, which could be split infinitely.

"Brother Feng, I'm sorry, I won't let Brother Han Xiao's sacrifice be in vain!" Shen Ruyu's eyes were solemn, her fiery red hair fluttered like a raging flame, and an amazing fire shot into the sky.

At first, Shen Ruyu didn't take this battle seriously, but after seeing that Brother Han Xiao was so serious and seriously injured, she was not too embarrassed to hold back.


Only then did Feng Yixiu understand why Shen Ruyu didn't fire arrows to suppress herself for so long. It turned out to be condensing the ultimate ultimate move for the final victory!

Without the slightest hesitation, Feng Yixiu's thousand-year-old ring on his fingertips radiated light again. He didn't want to use the holy relic, but now faced with this situation, he has no choice.

I have to admit that Feng Yixiu still underestimated the speed of the growth of the three. He thought that he might be able to handle the siege of the three, but he never thought about borrowing external force. But now it seems that it is not so simple, he must go all out to win the final victory.

"Touch of Hell!"

Feng Yixiu was about to teleport out, but the shadow behind him suddenly stretched out countless shadow tentacles, forcibly locking his calf.

Dongfang Xia Mo was also extremely smart. He knew that once he showed up, he would probably be instantly killed by Feng Yixiu, so he had been hiding in the shadow world and restricted Feng Yixiu from using the thousand-year-old holy artifact with his controlled source martial arts.

In fact, Dongfang Xia Mo also knew that these control methods could not control Feng Yixiu for too long, but his purpose was only to hold Feng Yixiu as much as possible to buy enough time for Shen Ruyu.

"This kind of naive means can't trap me!" The white tiger mark on Feng Yixiu's chest burst out suddenly, and a dazzling holy light made the power of the shadow invisible, and he broke free after seeing it for a moment.

As soon as he broke free from the shadows, Feng Yixiu stomped on the ground and rushed out, and the thousand-year-old ring between his fingers once again emitted a strong light.

"Judgment of Light!"

At the end of the summer, Dongfang predicted that Feng Yixiu would choose a straight path to teleport in order to save time, and even set up a trap in advance at the foothold.

As soon as Feng Yixiu landed, he seemed to have come to the ocean of light. The excessively strong light made him feel dizzy, and countless chains of judgment emitting holy light came from all directions, tying him tightly.

"Soul blast!"

I only heard Feng Yixiu let out an angry shout, and the powerful wave of thought power compresses to the limit and explodes, but in an instant, the chain of judgment that binds the whole body is shaken into countless fragments.

Although this control method could not cause any substantial damage to Feng Yixiu, it actually played a role in delaying time.

At the moment when the dazzling dazzling light dissipated, Feng Yixiu saw that Shen Ruyu, who was a hundred meters away, had finally let go of the long-held capture, and said lightly: "Nine-folded Burning Silent Arrow, Extreme Penetration!"

There was hardly any reflection time, and a cluster of firelight penetrated Feng Yixiu's heart, and the high temperature that was enough to burn everything made him start to burn violently.

This is the most profound meaning of the Glazed Jade Burning Jibow. It gathers the power of all the elements in one point, which can be said to be able to penetrate everything and burn everything!

It didn't take a while for Feng Yixiu to turn into a handful of scorched earth. Shen Ruyu was a little relieved when he saw this, but when he saw that the scorched earth showed no signs of the Suzaku Sacred Fire re-condensing, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

"No way! We actually won the captain, shouldn't I be dreaming?" Dongfang Xia Mo also widened his eyes and said excitedly.

"Sister Xia Mo, this is not Brother Feng's real body..." The last move just now consumed almost all of Shen Ruyu's spiritual power, her face became extremely pale, and she sighed helplessly: "After all, we still lose. "

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