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Chapter: 2687

Blind optimism

"If hard work is useful, what is a genius to do. Now I finally understand the meaning of this sentence, we will not be able to catch up with the third brother no matter what." Dongfang Xia Mo was dejected, and it seemed that he had not yet come out of the shadow of failure. .

"You can't say that, of course hard work is useful!" Feng Yixiu retorted his righteous words, and immediately smiled and touched his nose, and said lightly: "It's just that I have been working hard all these years, otherwise the result of this battle will be It's really hard to say."

"Third brother, you are still keeping people alive. A genius like you are still working hard, so what's the use of us working hard?" Dongfang Xia said sourly.

"Of course it's useful! If you don't work hard, I'm afraid you won't even be qualified to hug the third brother's thigh..." Han Xiao replied with a smile.

"Okay, okay... It's just a sparring match, the outcome is not so important." Feng Yixiu stopped the two of them from frolicking, and his expression became very serious, and said solemnly: "The important thing is to pass the In this battle, we also have more understanding between each other, and at the same time we can know our own shortcomings, don't forget that our ultimate opponent is the Nine Sins Fox Lord!"

"What Brother Feng said is very true. We are family-like partners. It doesn't matter whether we are stronger or weaker. The only thing to do is to work together to defeat the Nine Sins Fox Lord." Shen Ruyu nodded and said condensedly. road.

"Don't be afraid of the third brother's joke. During the days when you were not here, the three of us could hardly find any rivals in the same realm, whether in China or in the Sun Moon Empire, which gave us some kind of unrealistic illusion. But The first battle just woke us up completely, we are still far away..." Han Xiao smiled bitterly, his fists clenched involuntarily.

"Big Brother Han Xiao, it's good for you to be so enlightened. Failure is the mother of success. Only by knowing your flaws can you make progress." Feng Yixiu patted Han Xiao's shoulder heavily, and he was very satisfied. With this attitude of the other party, he immediately whispered: "Through the fight just now, I have to admit that you have indeed improved a lot over the years, but you still have fatal flaws!"

"If you guessed correctly, you should be talking about soul strength, right?" Han Xiao frowned and muttered.

"That's right, the fatal flaw I'm talking about is your soul strength!" Feng Yixiu didn't shy away, nodded lightly, and continued: "Whether it's the awakened spirit soldier or the strength of your body, your defense is worthy of It's amazing, even I can't break the defense in a short time, but your soul strength is too weak, it won't be a big problem against ordinary enemies, but once you encounter a strong enemy who is good at this, It's going to kill you..."

"It shouldn't be so exaggerated, right? There is no one who is good at the way of the soul. Most of the psychic origin warriors can only control the psychic power to fight the enemy, but cannot cut the soul body. I have only seen it for so long. Third brother, you have such a strange ability." Dongfang Xia frowned and muttered in a low voice.

What Dongfang Xia said was true. The spiritual power of high-level Psychic Origin Warriors is much higher than that of other Origin Warriors, but it can only increase the strength of Psychic Power, and the offensive launched by Psychic Power is essentially similar to a physical attack.

As long as the physical defense is strong enough, no matter how weak Han Xiao's mental strength is, it will not be a big problem. At most, it will be difficult to hit the opponent.

The reason why Feng Yixiu was able to kill Han Xiao in a single blow was only because of the power of Tianshang attached to Tianyuan Hades Sword, that is, the ability to ignore defense and slash the opponent's soul.

This turned all of Han Xiao's defensive methods into phantoms, and he was completely defeated by just one blow of Tianshang Pojun.

However, the power of Tianshang is not without any defense methods. As long as Han Xiao's mental power is strong enough, not to mention that he can completely resist the slashing of Tianshang, at least not to be killed by a single blow.

Among the four, Feng Yixiu, as the source martial artist of the sixth-order mind power system, naturally has the highest spiritual power, followed by Dongfang Xia Mo and Shen Ruyu, and the worst is Han Xiao, who has not paid attention to this.

"You are blindly optimistic..." Feng Yixiu put his hands behind his back, and said with a serious face: "As far as I know, Nine Sins Fox is best at playing with the soul, her method is not ordinary mind power manipulation, even if As a source martial artist of the sixth-order psychic system, I cannot guarantee that I will not be affected, let alone you."

Hearing this, the three of them also looked at each other in dismay, and their expressions became more and more solemn. The real situation was worse than they imagined.

Feng Yixiu easily won the final victory with the power of Tianshang, and it was still under the condition that he kept his hands.

And Nine Sins Fox Zun has a similar unknown means. As an enemy, she will not be merciful, and there is a danger of death if she is not careful.

The reason why Feng Yixiu speaks so heavily is precisely because of this. Even if he tramples on everyone's self-esteem, he must let everyone realize the seriousness of the current situation!

"Third brother, can't we help at all?" Han Xiao said with a serious face.

"That's not the case. As a source martial artist of the sixth-order psychic power system, I can connect with you spiritually. This method can resist the impact of the soul. But the premise is that your spiritual power is not too low, at least you must reach the fifth-order psychic power system source. Martial artist, otherwise the pressure is too great for me, and if there is an accident and the spiritual connection is broken, you will risk death in an instant." Feng Yixiu saw that the expressions of everyone had become overly dignified, the purpose of warning It has already been reached, and the tone has become slightly softer.

"Then I have no problem. Not long ago, I used the origin potion left by my third brother to complete the breakthrough." Dongfang Xia Mo nodded thoughtfully.

Because Dongfang Xia's spiritual power is different from ordinary people, and has always been developing in the direction of control assassins, he took the lead in completing the breakthrough of the fifth-order psychic power system source martial artist.

This allows Dongfang Xia Mo to have a more sensitive perception ability, and his movements will become more sensitive, and it will be a big improvement for both the Heavenly Underworld Saint King Tiger and the Ghost Queen.

"Although I haven't developed towards a Psychic Origin Martial Artist, there is still more than a month before the battle of Dajiangshan. Based on my spiritual power, it should be too late to complete the breakthrough..." Shen Ruyu agreed.

Due to her personal positioning, Shen Ruyu put most of her energy on the breakthrough of the element system, and now she is a fifth-order element system source martial artist.

However, there is no slack in the tempering of mental power. As long as you work hard enough, it is still possible to complete the dual-line breakthrough in a short period of time.


Seeing that the two of them made a sound, Han Xiao lowered his head in disappointment.

He put all his energy on the tempering of the body, and broke through the fifth-order battle system gene lock early, but the price was ignoring the development of spiritual power.

In other words, Han Xiao's mental power foundation is really too poor, but barely reached the average level of the War Spirit Emperor, allowing him to complete the second-order breakthrough of the fifth-order mental power system gene lock in more than a month, which is almost the same. impossible things.

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