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Chapter: 2814

Soul Burial Army

If it is conservatively estimated, I am afraid that at least one million lives have been tragically died in the hands of the Nine Sins Fox Lord. Her crimes can be described as inexhaustible, it is really outrageous.

"Kill them for this deity!"

With the order of the Nine Sins Fox Lord, the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of soul burial army turned red, as if they had lost their minds, and rushed towards Feng Yixiu and Shen Ruyu like crazy.


For a time, the dense army of evil spirits rushed from all directions like a black tide, completely engulfing Feng Yixiu and Shen Ruyu.

Feng Yixiu and Shen Ruyu joined forces to form a barrier without dead ends, blocking the army of hundreds of thousands of soul burials from the outside.

However, this is only a stopgap measure. The number of Soul Burial Army is too large, and the two of them alone can't resist it for long.

"I never thought that Nine Sins Fox Venerable still has such means, this is really troublesome..." Shen Ruyu frowned, gritted her teeth and desperately resisted the erosion of evil spirits.

Hearing this, Feng Yixiu could only be silent, looking at the densely packed evil spirits outside the psychic barrier, his expression was even more solemn than what he had done before.

These hundreds of thousands of soul burial army, even if they kill until tomorrow, they will not be able to kill, but once it gets dark, the strength of the Nine Sins Fox Lord will skyrocket again, and the great situation that has finally been established will be in vain.

While Feng Yixiu was thinking about countermeasures, the hundreds of thousands of soul burial troops were not idle. They were frantically bombarding the psychic barrier under the control of the Nine Sins Fox Lord.


"It hurts, it hurts too much..."

"Please, just kill me..."

The psychic barrier could not block the transmission of sound. Feng Yixiu and Shen Ruyu could still hear the sounds of ghosts crying and wolf howling coming from all directions.

These controlled evil ghosts could not disobey the orders of the Nine Sins Fox Lord, but they still possessed a certain degree of autonomy. From the words in their mouths, one could tell how desperate they were.

All the souls imprisoned by the Nine Sins Soul Orb can be said to be worse off than death, and they have to suffer the torture of their souls all day long. Death is an extravagant hope for them.


In less than a minute, tiny cracks began to appear in the psychic barrier. There are no weak people in the soul burial army. They are eager to end their lives. Such a soul army that is not afraid of death really makes people feel. Fear.

"Brother Feng, I'm afraid we won't be able to hold on for too long. If there is really nothing we can do, we can only fight back!" The blue veins on Shen Ruyu's neck burst out, gnashing his teeth.

"Could it be that I can only use that trick, but..." Feng Yixiu murmured to himself, seeming to be a little hesitant.

The trick that Feng Yixiu said is worthwhile is "Soul Sealing Style · Naruo". With this sealing technique, he may be able to solve the troubles of the army of buried souls in front of him. .

You must know that the Soul Sealing style requires a lot of soul power, and it can only be used once a day. If it is used easily now, I am afraid it will leave troubles later.

Just as Feng Yixiu was worried, the Nine Sins Fox Lord used the Soul Burial Army at this time to save her life. She had known Emperor Molong for a long time, and when she saw Feng Yixiu performing the extreme ghost swordsmanship, she naturally knew the soul-enchanting style. The terrible thing is that even she can't escape the bottomless abyss.

Taking ten thousand steps back, if Feng Yixiu really succeeded in killing herself, she would turn into nine soul fox fires and run around, as long as a ray of fox fire escaped successfully, she would have a way to resurrect again.

As long as there is no threat from Nailuozhiyuan, Nine Sins Husun ​​will have the capital to make a comeback. At that time, she will definitely make Feng Yixiu, Shen Ruyu and others pay a painful price...

"Hmph... It's too early for you to fight with this deity!" The corner of Jiu Sin Hu Zun's mouth rose slightly, and he murmured softly to himself.


Just when Feng Yixiu was hesitating, a familiar ghost figure descended from the sky, and a powerful fist slammed heavily on the barrier of mind power, and just one punch smashed out a cobweb-like crack.

"Drinking Ghost King!"

Feng Yixiu and Shen Ruyu saw at a glance that the person who came was not someone else. It was the Jiutun boy who was defeated by the Nine Sins Fox Lord not long ago. member.

As the legendary ghost king of the world, the power of the evil spirits that he turned into after his death was also extremely terrifying, but the psychic barrier that was smashed by three or two punches was about to burst.

"There's no other way, it seems that I can only use that trick!" Feng Yixiu saw that the barrier of thought power was about to collapse, and he couldn't control much, and was ready to use the Soul Sealing Sword Technique.


Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded, Dongfang Xia came out from the shadows, and said seriously: "Let me deal with this army of soul burial, you are responsible for dealing with the Nine Sins Fox Lord!"

"Sister Xia Mo, this is an army of hundreds of thousands of soul burials, and among them there are strong people like the King of Wine-Swallowing Ghosts, don't be brave..." Shen Ruyu faintly worried.

"Have you forgotten that I still have the Queen of Ghosts that I haven't used yet, and I just want to see who is stronger between my Ghost Army and the Soul Burial Army!" Dongfang Xia Mo's eyes were dim and firm.

The Queen of Ghosts is the second battle spirit of the Eastern Xia Dynasty. As a special soul-type battle spirit, she can also summon an army of ghosts to assist in the battle.

Since the soul strength of the Nine Sins Fox is too terrifying, the ghost queen in the previous battle could not help much, so she did not waste her mental power to summon the ghost queen to help the battle, but in this special situation now, "Ghost" is naturally the most suitable candidates.

"That's right, but..." Shen Ruyu frowned slightly, still a little uneasy.

"Okay, okay... You don't listen to what the second sister said? Or you don't believe in my strength!" Dongfang Xia Mo said sharply with a look of anger.

"That's not what I meant, it's just..." Shen Ruyu shook her head and seemed to want to explain.

But Dongfang Xia Mo did not give a chance at all. Before he could finish speaking, he stepped up and interrupted him, and said impatiently, "Don't worry, I have a sense of balance in my heart, and I won't joke about my life!"


Shen Ruyu wanted to say something, but Feng Yixiu, who was on the side, patted her on the shoulder and said softly, "There is a specialization in surgery, and Sister Xia Mo is an expert in this field. He said that there is no problem, then No problem, we have more important things to do!"

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