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Chapter: 2820

unkind request

"Brother Jiutun, I have an unkind request, but I just don't know..." Feng Yixiu stroked his chin lightly and said hesitantly.

"Brother Feng, when did you become such a mother-in-law, don't forget that we are good brothers, no matter what is a matter of one sentence, why do you hesitate!" The King of Wine Swallows said angrily.

"Then brother, let's just say it. At the beginning, I promised the double-faced ghost Buddha and the master of Qingfang, and promised him that he would rejoin Dajiangshan after his work. Brother, you can't refute my thin face." Feng Yixiu smiled slightly. Shen said.

"Since Brother Feng has spoken, there is naturally no problem. Brother Ghost Buddha's outstanding contribution to this battle is obvious to all. It is expected that the brothers in Dajiangshan will not have any opinions." Agreed, and laughed.

Even if the double-faced ghost Buddha made some mistakes before, it is not worth mentioning compared to the merits of the establishment. Not only did he risk his life to rescue Hu Jiu'er, but also let the nine sins of the fox be weakened by half of the soul strength. , laying the foundation for subsequent victories.

For this reason, the double-faced ghost Buddha almost lost his life. To be precise, he has already lost his life. Once the Nine Sins Fox Lord did not imprison the soul, but directly obliterated it, he probably would not have a chance to be resurrected.

Moreover, in terms of strength, the double-faced ghost Buddha is not inferior, and it can be said that he is the most suitable candidate to become the new commander of the Hundred Ghosts.

"Thank you Lord Jiutun for opening the door, even if you go to Knife Mountain in the future, you will never frown when you get off the oil pan!" The double-faced ghost Buddha half-knelt on the ground and said excitedly.

"My uncle doesn't like the Nine Sins Fox Zun's way. We are all brothers, so we don't have to worship all day long, let's get up quickly!" The drunken ghost king waved his hand and said heartily.

"As ordered!"

With a smile on his face, the double-faced ghost Buddha stood up in a jiffy.

There is no harm without comparison. The years when the Nine Sins Fox Lord was in charge of the big country was like walking on thin ice. I was afraid that if I didn’t say a word, I would lose my life, but the dignified wine-devouring ghost king didn’t have such many taboos, and I was not in the mood. Consciously became a lot more cheerful.

"This gentleman has already ordered someone to pick up the flesh of the two of you. It shouldn't be long before you can deliver it. You can wait here for a while." Feng Yixiu said condensedly.

"Don't worry, I can feel that the vitality of the body has not been cut off, and it is too late no matter what." The King of Wine Swallowing nodded and said softly.

"Third brother, Brother Han Xiao and the others are still down there..." Dongfang Xia Mo seemed to be waiting anxiously, so he took the initiative to come up and muttered in a low voice.

Feng Yixiu also understood, just smiled and nodded, and soon after seeing several huge thorns and magic flowers burst out, Han Xiao, Hu Jiu'er, and several Warcraft generals were also able to see the sun again.

"Phew... suffocate me!" The thorns magic flower had just bloomed, and the flames were greedily breathing the fresh air.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty, for the great victory!"

The Blizzard Lion King and the Heavenly Underworld Hall Master and others stood in a row and bowed slightly, with an undisguised smile on the corners of their mouths, and congratulated loudly.

The thorns magic flower has a very strong healing power, and everyone's injuries have been recovered, but only Han Xiao and Hu Jiu'er have not woken up due to their serious injuries.

"Thank you for your hard work, this battle can be won a great victory, and everyone's contribution is indispensable. The words of thanks are too pale, so I won't say more, and I will solemnly reward you at the celebration banquet!" Feng Yixiu Qing He held his hand lightly, and a powerful thought force helped everyone up.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

When everyone saw Feng Yixiu, their eyes were always behind them, and they forcibly restrained the excitement in their hearts and took the initiative to move out of the way.

Feng Yixiu walked to Hu Jiu'er, who had not yet woken up, with heavy steps, carefully hugged her in his arms, and said softly, "Jiu'er, I'm here to pick you up and go home..."

Although Hu Jiu'er has not fully awakened, but without the soul suppression of the Nine Sins Hu Zun, her pale face showed a beautiful crimson.

Perhaps hearing Feng Yixiu's words, the hands around his waist tightened unconsciously, and there was a smile of happiness at the corners of his mouth.

"Brother Feng, you still have things to do, so let me come..." Shen Ruyu smiled sweetly, slowly approached, and said softly.

"it is good!"

Feng Yixiu smiled and nodded, and then gently put Hu Jiu'er in Shen Ruyu's arms.

The Flower of Evil campaign seems to have ended completely, but Big Brother Han Xiao has not yet woken up, the situation outside Ghost Island has not yet been determined, and there are still a lot of troubles that he needs to take care of.

"younger sister……"

However, when Feng Yixiu handed Hu Jiu'er out, Hu Jiu'er, who had never spoken, spit out two words like a dream.

In an instant, the corners of Feng Yixiu's mouth twitched uncontrollably. He had just held him for so long, and Hu Jiu'er had never opened his mouth, but he did in Shen Ruyu's arms. Make sense!

"Who are you all for this whole year of life and death! Well, you all have no conscience..." Feng Yixiu shook his head helplessly and muttered softly.

"Yohe... It seems that someone is going to be jealous!" Shen Ruyu glanced at Feng Yixiu, who had a complicated expression, and chuckled.

"Hey... Now it seems that I'm the one who is redundant." Feng Yixiu forced a smile, but it was uglier than crying, and he walked in the direction of Big Brother Han Xiao without much pause.

Han Xiao's state is also extremely weak. He doesn't seem to have any trauma on the outside, but his soul aura is extremely unstable like a candle in the wind.

In this battle, Han Xiao had resisted several rounds of onslaught by the Nine Sins Fox, and he was also severely traumatized by his soul, and I am afraid he will not be able to wake up in a short time.

"Third brother, do you think big brother Han Xiao will be okay?" Dongfang Xia Mo tightly grasped Han Xiao's palm, tears lingering in his eyes.

"Sister Xia Mo, don't worry, Big Brother Han Xiao just needs to rest. Divine Origin Spirit Crystal has the effect of repairing the soul. I can't think of it in three days." Feng Yixiu explained softly.

"That's good..." The haze on Dongfang Xia Mo's face slightly dissipated.

"However, compared to Brother Han Xiao, I am more worried about you. You sacrificed the cards of the nine demon spirits at the same time. You haven't fainted yet, so I'm afraid you're just holding on?" Feng Yixiu asked with a burning gaze. road.

"I... I'm not doing well, what else can happen, you don't have to worry." Dongfang Xia Mo sank his head and muttered.

"Big Brother Han Xiao has me to take care of you. You can rest assured. If you are tired, take a rest. If you insist, it will not do you any good. Don't when Big Brother Han Xiao wakes up, you fall ill again!" Feng Yixiu exhorted bitterly.

"I've said it's all right, and my own body still knows..." Dongfang Xia Mo was always a little worried before seeing Han Xiao wake up.


Before Dongfang Xiamo could finish her words, Feng Yixiu gently landed a hand knife on her shoulder and neck, stunned her without much force, and just lay down beside Han Xiao. , it can be seen how weak the Eastern Summer has become.

" guys are really stubborn!"

Feng Yixiu shook his head helplessly, raised his hand and fetched the legendary demon card that was suspended in mid-air, just glanced at it and put it into the empty second book of demons at the end of the summer in the east. middle.

The Nine Sins Fox is a soul-type beast. Among the three great spirits of Feng Yixiu, there are no soul-type battle spirits, and if they are used forcibly, they cannot exert much power, and the ghost queen in the late summer of the East is a soul-type battle spirit. , it can be said to be a perfect fit.

This time Dongfang Xia also made a major sacrifice. All the nine soul-type demon cards were sacrificed. Feng Yixiu did this to make up for the debt in his heart...

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