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Chapter: 2821

Nine Sins Armed

However, just when Feng Yixiu placed this legendary demon card in the Second Holy Spirit Collection in the late summer of the East, a strange situation occurred that he did not expect.

Feng Yixiu clearly placed this demon card in the first card slot, but eight identical translucent demon cards appeared in the remaining eight card slots at the same time.

A demon card, no matter the quality, should only occupy one card slot, but this demon card occupies a full nine card slots!

At first, Feng Yixiu thought it was because of his dazzling eyes, so he subconsciously took down the demon card, and saw that the other eight translucent demon cards also dissipated.

"What's the situation..." Feng Yixiu was also confused by this strange situation, so he could not help whispering.

"Brother Feng, Nine Sins Fox Zun has nine lives, and can even ignore the suppression of the power of killing gods. It can't be handled with common sense, and the legendary monster cards it produces will naturally not be ordinary things. The situation is understandable." Shen Ruyu hugged Hu Jiu'er, who was still asleep, and strode over.

"That's what I said, but it's a bit too domineering. A single demon card occupies nine card slots. It doesn't seem like a good deal." Feng Yixiu touched his nose and muttered.

"This is not necessarily..."

Shen Ruyu lightly wrinkled her nose, took out the demon card embedded in the treasure book, and after careful observation, she said in a deep voice: "The ability of the Nine Sins Armament is unknown now, but with the horror it contains Soul fluctuations, presumably can greatly enhance the soul power, which is suitable for ghosts, but I think that as a legendary monster card, the effect should not be as simple as enhancing the soul power."

"The armed effect of the demon card generally comes from the ability of the beast before his death. The strongest ability of the Nine Sins Fox is to curse the nine lives, and the fluctuation of the soul will be greatly enhanced each time he is resurrected. If you guess correctly, this demon The card should also be resurrected nine times..." Feng Yixiu pouted and muttered.

"If that's the case, then it's perfect for Guigui. Of course she can summon a powerful army of ghosts, but she doesn't have much fighting power, and at the same time, she doesn't have any way to save her life. The card just makes up for this defect." Shen Ruyu calmly analyzed.

Feng Yixiu nodded thoughtfully and smiled: "A ghost army that can't be beaten to death, just thinking about it is scary..."

The Nine Sins Armament can provide powerful soul power and survival guarantee, enough to support a massive ghost army to fight. I am afraid that it will no longer be a problem to summon twelve ghost generals at the same time, and it is even possible to summon a stronger existence.

"Hey... It's a pity that I can't see it in a short period of time. This is a legendary demon card. Sister Xia Mo is only in the battle spirit emperor realm and has no qualifications to use it." Shen Ruyu frowned and sighed.

"This is a question that has to be considered." Feng Yixiu stroked his chin and fell into contemplation, then seemed to have thought of something, and muttered to himself: "I don't know if my ability can be downgraded to the demon card... …"

On weekdays, Feng Yixiu is all thinking about how to upgrade a low-level magic card to a high-level magic card, but I have never thought about the strange operation of downgrading a magic card, so I don't know much about whether it can be done. .

If it weren't for this special situation, I'm afraid Feng Yixiu would never consider this issue.

"Brother Feng, what are you mumbling about?" Shen Ruyu asked with a puzzled look.


Before he was fully confident, Feng Yixiu did not easily boast about Haikou, lest he would give others too much hope when he got it.

Although it should work in theory, he has never tried to downgrade the magic card, so he can't guarantee that it can be done.

Moreover, even if it can be done, he still needs to consider other issues. If the demon card cannot be upgraded after being downgraded, it will be a big mistake.

When the two exchanged, Mu Ya, Bai Zhan and others had already returned, and the bodies of the Jiu-Swallowing Ghost King and the Double-faced Ghost King were also brought over, along with the nine-colored Dragon King who had not yet awakened.

The remnants of the drunken ghost king and the double-faced ghost Buddha also successfully returned to their bodies, and the two quickly woke up with the assistance of the Queen of Thorns.

The seriously injured Nine-Colored Dragon King also gradually regained her self-consciousness, but she made an oolong when she woke up, and almost had to take action on the double-faced ghost Buddha and the master of Qingfang. Fortunately, everyone took action in time to solve this misunderstanding.

Although the three of them were obviously still a little weak just after waking up, they were able to move freely, and the breath of life became stronger and stronger.

"Your Majesty, the battlefield in the City of Hundred Ghosts has been cleaned up. These are the collected monster cards and monster crystal cores. Please take a look!"

Mu Ya stepped forward with a Qiankun bag in both hands. Judging from her slightly labored expression, it could be seen that there were many treasures in this Qiankun bag.

In the battle of the City of Hundred Ghosts, most of the leaders of the Hundred Ghosts were killed. Naturally, a lot of monster crystal cores and monster cards were left behind, but Feng Yixiu didn't have time to clean it at that time.

Feng Yixiu nodded with satisfaction, gently raised his hand and took the Qiankun bag, smiled and said, "It's hard work..."

"What did your majesty say, the final commander's strength is low, this battle can't help much, he can only do something within his power." Mu Ya bowed slightly and smiled.

"In this battle, your werewolf army has restrained most of the hundred ghost leaders. If you take credit, you can't be inferior to anyone present, don't belittle yourself!" Feng Yixiu smiled and shook his head, and immediately patted it gently. He patted Mu Ya on the shoulder and said softly.


Mu Ya was stunned for a moment, and then stepped back with a smile on her face.

The Blizzard Lion King glanced at the sky, thought for a moment, and then said: "Your Majesty, it should be getting dark outside, since the war is over, let's leave the ghost island quickly, don't forget that His Royal Highness Chaoge and the others are still waiting outside. What about us?"

Since the death of Nine Sins Fox, the strange formation in Ghost Island has completely dissipated, and the sky is no longer night and day, but keeps pace with the outside world.

Now that it is dusk, and night is about to fall, if there is no ghost island before dark, people outside may mistakenly think that the Shura Legion has been wiped out.

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