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Chapter: 1173


Chapter 1173 Spar  While he was waiting for the confirmation, Theo thought of another way to escape from this hell. However, no matter how hard he tried to escape, the Sword Saint could easily kill him.

'As expected, there's nothing I can do to escape this spar. The only thing I can do right now is to learn more about their strength before taking care of his daughter… Well, I can prepare many excuses to push her away from me. At the very least, I can't do anything if the daughter wants to leave me on her own.'

Theo believed this was the best solution for the time being.

Meanwhile, the Sword Saint's daughter, Nagasawa Rea, looked at Theo for a moment while having her own thoughts. 'Father never treated me like this before… Does this mean he has another intention? Joker is clearly a rising star… Is he trying to keep him in check? Is there something wrong with the Star Group?

'No, wait. The Star Group is going to be extremely powerful in a few years when Joker becomes an even bigger figure. In other words, I'm here to monitor the situation. Still, he should have told me something first… I guess he needs to do it because of the situation.'

Rea thought she had a mission even if her brother lost. Although she wanted to believe in her brother, Joker's strength was not necessarily below him. That was why she was curious about the result of this battle.

After a few minutes, Sojuro and the Sword Saint came back to the dojo. The Sword Saint personally came to Ryoichi and said, "First of all, I want to apologize for making things this complicated in your dojo."

"!!!" Ryoichi immediately waved his hands, never expecting the strongest person in Japan to apologize. "No, no. It's fine. In fact, this is my honor."

"Thanks." The Sword Saint smiled and turned to Joker. "How is it? Are you ready?"

Theo nodded with a calm expression while glancing at Shinoda and the rest.

It seemed the Sword Saint had the same idea as he said, "Ahaha, I'm sorry. You guys need to leave. It's just going to be a spar."

"At least one of us needs to be here to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Even if you're here, can anyone stop me?"


The Sword Saint shut them up in an instant and waved his hands, pushing them out of the building. There was only the Sword Saint, his children, Theo, Jeff, and Ryoichi inside the dojo.

"If I'm not wrong, you can make a barrier, right?" The Sword Saint asked Ryoichi, who nodded his head.

Without even asking, Ryoichi already stepped back and formed a barrier that protected the building from getting destroyed.

Theo signaled Jeff to stand by on the corner while he walked to the middle of the arena. Sojuro also walked to the center with his katana in his right hand.

"Let's have a nice fight." Sojuro bowed politely.

"…" Theo didn't know the custom, so he just nodded his head while taking out his sword.

The Sword Saint smiled and took out a coin. "As soon as this coin touches the ground, you may start. I'll stop anyone from killing each other."

After he tossed the coin into the air, he went back to his daughter's side and said, "Watch their battle carefully."

Rea glanced at him for a split second before her attention was distracted by the clicking sound the coin produced.

In that instant, Sojuro leaped to Theo and slashed his sword downwards.

Theo didn't even move as a sword, the size of his body, appeared in front of him, stopping Sojuro's blade.


"…" Sojuro was surprised but still leaped back to regain some distance due to this unknown blade.

Theo waved his hand forward, controlling the sword to fly to Sojuro. The latter took a deep step to strike the sword, but Theo waved his hand downward.

A Magic Power gathered above Sojuro's head and exploded, causing a powerful shock wave that blasted Sojuro to the ground.

"!!!" Every single person in this building was stunned.

"Perfect Control?!" Rea gasped. The Sword Saint frowned. He had expected Theo to be good, but not this good. It turned out he had underestimated Theo.

'Did he hold back during his fight against Winston? No, it should be his full power. In that case, he has been progressing by leaps and bounds in the past few months. Does he have a teacher?' The Sword Saint pondered.

Meanwhile, Sojuro spun his blade, so it pointed upward. After that, he swung in the opposite direction, striking both the blade and the pressure in rapid succession.

To Theo's surprise, his blade actually shattered and the pressure was split into half. Once again, he was reminded of Sojuro's identity. He was the son of the Sword Saint, a man who could cut even time.

'A blade that can cut everything. Even if it doesn't have an Order or Authority, the technique alone can be considered to be a Divine Technique.' Theo thought and controlled the Magic Power again.

This time, several balls appeared in the air like that of a Magic Bullet. Each ball flew forward, leaving a trail of light.

Sojuro took a deep breath as he waved his sword, striking all the lights in rapid succession. The light balls split, but it turned out the lights were not Magic Bullets.

The tails they left behind came forward, swinging like that of a whip and surrounding Sojuro.

"It's a whip?" Sojuro widened his eyes in shock before he leaped into the air to avoid this.

However, Rea shouted as if understanding the real form of Theo's attack. "No. They're threads!"

The instant she told Sojuro the real form, the whips unraveled, turning into a hundred threads. Each of them contained Theo's Magic Power, which could turn them into a blade.

Sojuro gritted his teeth and spun his body, cutting all the threads that came after him.

This was a normal move, but Theo could find something unexpected from Sojuro.

Skill: Spin (E)

Effect: Spin the body in a clockwise direction.

'Why would someone like Sojuro actually possess such a low rank skill?'

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