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Chapter: 1188


Chapter 1188 Marcaman

"There is a huge movement in the third block."

A piece of information came through the Skylink near their ears. A beggar, who was asking for money, suddenly stopped and rose from the ground, walking to another spot as if he was trying to change location to get some money.

However, he moved to a different location simply because he was tasked to do so to observe their targets.

"Joker has brought five Mythical Rank Experts with him. They're moving to the fourth block."

Each beggar knew their area of observation and immediately changed to another place to maintain their post.

However, the situation soon started when another piece of information came in.

"Joker and the five Mythical Rank Experts are going separate ways!"

"One is on 3rd avenue, the other one…"

A bunch of information suddenly came in, causing a bit of disruption to their speed. And it became worse when Theo stepped up his game.

"Joker is gone."

"The same applies to this Australian Expert."

"The… What? How are you here?"

"I'm on my way to my position. HEY! You're intruding on my territory, dude."

"You're the one entering my territory."


From one person to another, there was suddenly a huge conflict that happened in the line of communications. And they somehow lost track of Theo and his teammates.

"I can't find Joker."

"I can't find the Australian Assassin."

"I can't find…"

"Where are they?"

The confusion began to take over as the situation gradually fell into chaos.

As expected, the moment the situation became uncontrollable, there was a deep voice that stopped them.

"Enough! I will use my right as the supervisor to give the command right now!"

"I understand. Please…"

"I understand. Please…"

"I understand. Please…"

"I understand. Please…"

The sudden repeat of the lines didn't come from different people. Instead, it came from one person, but the lines got repeated because there were six people standing in front of each other, surrounding the supervisor.


"Why are you here?"

"I was walking down that way."

Six beggars stared at each other before looking at their supervisor, not understanding what had happened. They were just following their instruction and standard operation procedure. Yet, they ended up in this way.

"This is… not good." The supervisor frowned while looking at the situation. "3rd block, 4th block, respond!"

"In the 3rd block, six of us suddenly met each other."

"Same for the 4th block."

"1st Street?"

"We're in the same situation. What is happening?"

As soon as he realized the severity of the situation, the supervisor was biting his lips as he took out another Skylink and called a certain number. "We've got a problem. The net gets entangled. It seems someone has seen through the net and is trying to confuse us. Require backup from the HQ."

There was no response for one minute, but soon a tired voice echoed through the Skylink. "Graham here. HQ's Head of Emergency Units. Let me confirm the situation. Can you make sure of the situation?"

"According to the reports, there are a total of four blocks that get entangled. We don't know the situation, but I believe this is the case. We—"

Before he finished his words, Theo's voice echoed in his ears and got transmitted to the other side.

"Joker here. I hope that you like my warm welcome. Do you think you can call your leader here?"

All of them turned around and suddenly found Joker and five Mythical Rank Experts standing behind him. Each Mythical Rank Expert was emitting an overwhelming aura as if they were trying to crush them to death with their pressure alone.

Their cold gazes completely froze everyone except the supervisor, who wanted to scream for his life.

"What a warm welcome… Joker. Do you know what you're doing right now?" Graham replied.

"Of course, I know. However, are you sure you can talk to me in this tone? Should I teach the Star Group how to destroy your nets? They are in trouble right now, I think they won't hesitate to threaten you to cooperate."

Theo's words were true. Because of the current situation, the Star Group was trying to get some help to ease the situation. Having the beggars' help would certainly be able to relieve some problems for them. And when that happened, they would be involved in this problem, resulting in the beggars getting dragged into this huge conflict. They wouldn't be able to escape unscathed from this.

"…" After a momentary silence, Graham said, "Wait a minute."

Graham seemed to be informing his boss about the situation while the group of beggars in front of Theo fell to the ground as they were too scared of Theo's group.

Theo only took the Skylink while waiting for the person he wanted to meet to come.

After five minutes, a man's voice finally came out.

"This is Felipe. What a warm welcome you have for me, Joker."

Theo smiled. As someone who had gotten the information from the Star Group, Theo, of course, knew this name, unlike Isaac. Felipe was none other than the Beggar Master that he talked about.

"Well, this is a warm welcome… literally. Have your body warmed up now?"

"Indeed. I am sweating now because of it." Felipe replied with an annoyed expression. "So, what do you want?"

"I don't think it's appropriate to tell you what I want over the Skylink."

"So, you want to meet me, this Felipe?"

"You're not going to invite me?" Even though it was a simple question, it was a threat from Theo. The message was clear. If he couldn't meet him, Theo would throw a fit by destroying the net around this area before giving this information to the others.

After that, the beggars would lose their standing.

The Beggar Master was already annoyed by Theo's threat. However, he considered the meeting seriously since they could deal with the situation with a simple meeting.

Although Theo would ask for something, it was better to solve this peacefully.

After two minutes of consideration, Felipe replied, "Tell the supervisor there to bring you to Marcaman."

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