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Chapter: 1189


Chapter 1189 Agreed!

"This is the place…" The supervisor pointed at an old abandoned building.

"There are three Mythical Rank Experts inside. I don't know how many Supreme Rank Experts though." Felix informed him while looking around.

"Should we go in?" Ergene asked.

"Of course." Theo entered the building without hesitation, finding a large hall with a table and a pair of chairs in the middle with a middle-aged man sitting on one of them. There were also many Supreme Rank Experts and three Mythical Rank Experts guarding the man.

The man had a sword mark running from his left eyebrow to his left cheek, blinding his left eye. So, he only looked at Theo with his right eye.

As soon as Theo entered, the situation became tense as Felipe spoke, "Welcome, Mr. Joker. Your welcome truly warmed us up."

"I have no choice since I need to contact you." Theo shrugged.

"It seems that you're in a bind. If you want to ask for my help, you should commission through the normal way. As a person from the Star Group, you should know about the procedure. Or if you don't, just go to the Star Group to tell you the procedure," Felipe stated with a cold tone.

"That is if the Star Group isn't facing a problem." Theo walked to the middle of the hall to get a closer look at Felipe.

Felipe extended his hand as if asking him to sit while saying, "Like I said, this is not asking for help. You're simply blackmailing me."

"This is the only way." Theo shrugged. "For me to do what I think is best."

"The best? Is challenging my Beggar Association included?"

"Offending the Beggar Association? No way. It's simply cooperation between us."

"So, you're thinking you have a good proposal that can turn this situation into a cooperation instead of a blackmail?" Felipe narrowed his eyes while clenching his fists.

"Yes. The association loves information, right?" Theo smirked.

"We do love information since we sell information to live. But that's not the organization's main priority." Felipe shook his head.

"Fame and power." Theo smiled.

"It seems you understand us a bit."

"Of course. What if I told you I have a way to make your association stronger?" Theo smiled, offering his proposal.

"Do you think it's that easy to make the association stronger? Or probably, you're going to offer these five to me." Felipe smirked.

"Of course not. Have you ever heard this idiom, Mr. Felipe? Our power comes from the perception of our power."

"…" Felipe fell silent as his expression became serious, understanding what Theo meant. After a while, he asked, "And how can you create that?"

"I have my way. In this envelope." Theo took out a white envelope and showed it to him. "Though, I can't give it to you yet."

"Hoho, it seems that you put too much trust in us. Have you forgotten that you have the resources to blackmail us? I'm sure that a person as smart as you know that the way to destroy our net is something that is sought by many. They'll offer anything to get that secret."

"I know. However, I simply don't want to create a conflict with the association." Theo shook his head helplessly.

"And I have been saying that…" Felipe slammed the table while gritting his teeth. "You have the stuff to blackmail us. No matter how you try to smoothen your words, it's clear that you're threatening us. Joker!"

"Of course. I'm planning to compensate you for this chaos."

"With what? As long as you and the five people who are involved in this incident know the secret, you will be able to blackmail us at any time!" Felipe roared, showing his anger.

Felix's hand was already at his blade as his finger had flicked the cross-guard, allowing him to draw the sword at any moment.

Theo raised his hand, asking him to stop it. Then, he said, "My compensation is that… I and the five people behind me promise you to not say anything."

"Verbal Promise? Even a contract can't do anything about this promise. Do you think a verbal promise is enough? I'm afraid I'm going to have you die here." Felipe glared at Theo menacingly.

Felix and the others immediately sheathed their weapons. At the same time, the three Mythical Rank Experts and numerous Supreme Rank Experts from their sides did the same. The clash was one 'shout' away.

The moment Felipe ordered them to attack them, the big war would happen.

"So, the compensation is not enough." Theo, on the contrary, smiled at this pressure as if the situation wasn't as bad as he imagined.

"Of course, it's not enough. Your lives are the minimum compensation!"

"Really? I think this is…" Theo threw a piece of paper at him. "…enough for the compensation."

Felipe grabbed the paper and saw a small word that only he could read. He suddenly fell silent for a while.

'Paper?' Felix narrowed his eyes.

'What kind of paper is that? He hasn't told me to draw anything.' Jeff muttered inwardly, curious about the paper.

'An agreement? But the paper is too small for that.' Ergene was perplexed, not being able to understand what a piece of paper could do.

'However, one thing is clear.' Ryo gradually moved toward Theo, making sure he protected him even without a shield since they rushed here.

'That paper can decide the agreement. Whether he accepts or not will depend on the content of that paper.' Chris also wondered how Theo tricked Felipe this time. After all, he was the only one among the group that got tricked by Theo.

When the tension rose to the peak, Felipe suddenly laughed out loud.


His voice was so loud, as if he released all the laughter he had been storing this whole time.

Everyone was bewildered by this sudden burst of laughter. They didn't know why Felipe suddenly became crazy.

But he suddenly dropped a bomb as he said with a serious tone. "Okay. I accept the agreement."


All of them dropped their jaws to the ground as if not believing what they just heard.


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