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Chapter: 1191

New Set of Skills

Chapter 1191 New Set of Skills

The preparation took one week to complete. That was due to how many things Theo needed to finish before the trip that would last for three months.

Due to his target this time, his goal was to reach Level 680 to 690 on this trip alone. Hence, with another two short trips, he should be able to become a Mythical Rank Expert, thus fulfilling the promise with Agata.

Of course, fighting against a Mythical Rank Monster was easier said than done, considering Theo's current level only at 615. There was a huge gap in their level.

So, Theo only aimed for Normal Class monsters which shouldn't be that powerful. He would avoid Rare Class and even General Class Monsters since they would be too dangerous to fight.

To defeat a Mythical Rank Monster, Theo made a huge change in his skill set, especially to his Illusion Destruction, Magic Augmentation, and Magic Power Expansion which felt quite lacking in the past few months.

He changed them with another set of skills that could complement his current strength.

The first skill was actually an Enchanter Skill. After realizing how much he could improve from Chris' Enhancement, he thought about getting one as well.

Skill: Muscle Enhancement (A)

Effect: Gifting a person the ability to exert almost 100% of the body's muscular strength, maximizing one's overall physical strength.

In normal conditions, most humans could only exert around 65% of their strength. Even the fighters that had trained for decades could only raise it to 70-80%.

So, Theo wanted to use this skill to bridge the strength gap between him and a Mythical Rank Monster. After all, not only his raw strength but his speed, muscle efficiency, and even dexterity would be enhanced. It was similar to Chris' enhancement but without the rhythm part.

Because the Guardian Sword had changed to Irregular Guardian with its boost of versatility, Theo needed a powerful attack like the God Killing Spear, which could penetrate any shield.

Hence, he grabbed a skill from the Assassin Department.

Skill: Enhanced Concentration Capacity (A)

Effect: The ability to concentrate one's Magic Power far above the maximum level.

It was a pretty simple skill. An assassin normally used this skill to concentrate a huge amount of energy on the tip of their weapon, penetrating all armor and shield and killing their target.

Theo was planning to do the same. And he could even use it on his Irregular Guardian (Sword Form).

As long as he concentrated enough magic power on the tip of the sword, the effect would be similar to the God Killing Spear.

Last but not least, it was his raw firepower. He had seen his weakness in Atlantis. When fighting against the dragon, he realized he needed an ability that could crush or shatter something.

The skill itself was similar to the Magic Augmentation that allowed him to explode a huge amount of Magic Power. And this skill was the improved version.

Skill: Energy Blast (A)

Effect: The user can release energy over a target area of their choosing, causing great damage and delivering a great shock wave of pure force.

These three were the skills he chose to replace Illusion Destruction, Magic Augmentation, and Magic Power Expansion Skills.

Hence, Theo's status became like this.

Name: Theodore Griffith

Status: Supreme

Level: 615

EXP: 7,355,110/ 9,478,452

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Blink (A), Clone (A), Energy Blast (A), Enhanced Concentration Capacity (A), Illusion Manipulation (A), Muscle Enhancement (A), Metamorphosis (A), Supernatural Snake Body (S), Telekinesis (A), Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar(A)

Attributes: Strength 750, Endurance 625, Agility 617, Vitality 615, Magic Power 1040

Free Attribute Points: 0

All his skills had become either A Rank or S Rank. And this was usually the skill set of a Mythical Rank Expert. However, not many of them could possess an S Rank Skill since most of them came from their blessings, which needed to be a God Rank Blessing or S Rank Blessing.

That was why they usually went to create their own Divine Technique to satisfy the need for an S Rank Skill. Though, most of them gave up because they were not qualified to create a Divine Technique.

With this skill set, Theo had confidence in defeating a Mythical Rank Monster.

Of course, he got these three skills from Bernard… though, after a long 30 minutes rant from him.

In the end, Theo only grabbed the Skill Cards and returned without giving him any advice, as though he had given up on this and just took advantage of the favor that Bernard owed to him in order to raise his strength.

Finally, Theo stood in front of the mansion as he was preparing to leave through the beggar's channel.

Before leaving, Theo asked Ergene to confirm something. "So, I want to confirm this first. The difference between a Supreme Rank Expert and a Mythical Rank Expert is in…"

"The fact that the Mythical Rank Expert can manipulate the Magic Power in the environment a little bit," Ergene continued his words. "Thus, allowing them to let out a more powerful ability while not using too much of their Magic Power. Basically, the difference is that a Mythical Rank Expert can release twice the power with half the effort. If they use all the effort, the strength will multiply again. That's why they're pretty invincible to those in the lower ranks."

"I see." Theo nodded in understanding. "Though, it feels similar to Innate Regeneration you get from Breathing."

"You're not wrong. To be honest, Supreme Rank Experts and Mythical Rank Experts are the first to find Five Aspects. The fact you can manipulate the Magic Power around you is similar to Breathing and Control. When you reach Supreme Rank, you can sense and even see Magic Power easily… it will improve your Awareness and Endurance greatly because your senses and skin are more sensitive to it. Technique is basically both… You will have another perspective when you gain their ability." Ergene explained.

"No wonder." Theo nodded.

"Though, your Control is abnormal. Normally, you can reach a higher level easier when you're at Mythical Rank, but I guess it's just your talent."

"Hahaha." Theo chuckled. "Anyway, I've prepared everything. For the first Mythical Rank Monster we found, I'll try to fight it first to show you that my strength is enough for our agreement. If not, you can return, and I'll continue my journey alone."


"Then, let's go."

Ergene nodded as they immediately headed to the designated location that Felipe told them.

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