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Chapter: 1197

Brilliant Idea

Chapter 1197 Brilliant Idea

Ergene saw the bear coming and hurriedly stood up. Before reaching her, Theo appeared from the darkness and used the Irregular Guardian Sword to attack the bear.

Because of his sudden appearance, the bear spun its body and struck the sword with its claw, but this was the opportunity Ergene needed to slash the bear.

The bear widened its eyes as his hand flew into the air right before his eyes.


The bear screamed in pain, and Theo took this opportunity to come closer to the bear. The bear released all the black flame from his body in a desperate attempt, attacking everything in all directions.

Suddenly, the darkness cracked as the light from the outside started coming into this dark place.

The crack spread and eventually shattered like glasses, allowing them to return to the previous environment.

As for Ergene, she realized that she had hit a tree earlier, not a rock. The ground was just an illusion that Theo tweaked using his power.

Just imagining what had truly happened earlier already made her embarrassed. After all, in Theo's eyes, Ergene raised her hands when falling.

It would be like an actor behind the scene but with only the dumb acting part without any equipment or script, making her look like a fool.

"Ugh." Ergene looked down while Theo took this opportunity to come to the bear with his clone.

The Death Avatar appeared and smacked the bear.

Due to Ergene cutting its hand, the bear could only stop both of them with a single hand. Fortunately, it was still fast enough to swipe the Death Avatar's hands in rapid succession.

But that movement allowed Theo to approach the bear from a different direction, allowing him to cut the other hand.

*Roar!* The bear screamed in pain. However, it still had some fighting spirit as it used its head to attack Theo.

The Real Theo turned his sword into a shield and received the attack, getting pushed back along with his clone.

After that, the clone approached the bear with his sword and Irregular Sword, attacking the bear from two different directions.

Without its hands, the bear could only stop the attack with its body, ultimately getting stabbed by the Irregular Guardian Sword.

Theo didn't stop there. The real body turned the shield into a sniper rifle and put his own Irregular Guardian that had been shaped into a bullet inside.

With the addition of Enhanced Concentration Capacity that allowed him to pour a huge amount of Magic Power in a single spot, the bullet that Theo shot pierced through the bear's hard skin and created a hole in the bear's brain, ultimately killing it.

[You killed a Hanzedl Bear.]

"Nice." Theo smiled. "It's working, I guess."

Theo retracted his clone and walked to Ergene, extending his hand to help her up.

However, Ergene could only raise her knees and bury her face on her thighs as if she was too embarrassed to imagine the weird action in Theo's eyes.

"What's wrong, Ergene?"

"I'm too embarrassed."

"…" Theo scratched the back of his head. "Of what?"

"Of course my action! That illusion was too realistic! Even my eyes that can see through the flow of Magic Power couldn't see through your illusion!"

"That is my hidden power." Theo shrugged. "The fact you couldn't see it meant my enemies couldn't too. I just need to raise my Awareness, especially my Sense of Touch, to expand that realm. After all, I need to spread my domain a bit."

He admitted he couldn't expand the domain like the Dark King due to his Covenant Seal being used to make the illusion look real. So, he relied a lot on the barrier from Sense of Touch.

And that barrier could only be used with the user as its center. So, Theo had a very limited range when creating his domain that a single blast from the bear could destroy his illusion.

"Ugh. It's still too much." She started scratching her head as if she was under a lot of stress.

"Oi, what are you doing? This is not a big deal, right?" Theo was confused by the sudden change of character from Ergene.

But her words next stunned him as she said, "But… you can use your power to make it look like we're naked, right? What will happen when you fight naked? Especially in front of many people? What you're doing right now is beyond what an illusion can do…

"If we know that we're naked because of your illusion, we can still fight because the spectators, our bodies, and shame are not real. But your illusion is a different case.

"We can't see through whether it's an illusion or a reality. In other words, we will think we're naked. If you make an illusion of people watching us, don't you know how embarrassed we'll be? Only my late mother has seen my naked body… I can't show it to someone else, yet you… Ugh…" She sulked while explaining a brilliant idea.

Even Theo was speechless when he listened to her words. "Are you a genius?"

Just imagining that he could make people who were in front of many people think they were naked would be a complete embarrassment, allowing him to defeat them. At the same time, the shame would be too much for them to endure when other people saw them covering their private parts even though they were actually not naked. It would be hilarious and evil.

[God of Mischief is thinking about making her his disciple.]

'Shut up. It's impossible to do it unless you have my Order.' Theo snorted.

[God of Mischief wants you to change one of the forms in your Metamorphosis to a perfect female human and experience the bliss of pleasure coming from their bodies. You can use that experience to make a male become a female when you're around. Even Sense Manipulation from your Illusion Manipulation can do the trick.]

'Stop with that mischief of yours. Becoming a female is off limits!'

[You're not fun.]

'And why did you start talking with 'God of Mischief' this, 'God of Mischief that again? Annoying.' Theo gritted his teeth.

[God of Mischief wants you to make this arrogant person who called himself Time God naked when giving a speech in front of many people.]

'He will just stop time. Shut up. I don't want to hear your weird ideas!' Theo clicked his tongue and decided to ignore him completely. He looked at Ergene and said, "Don't worry. I won't do something like that to my people, Ergene. Though, you will surely find something funny with that in the future. Let me practice it more to gain more control over it."

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