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Chapter: 1198


Chapter 1198 Missing

Two months after the reading Madam Fila had, the Fist Saint finally met the Death Reaper for the first time, telling her about the incident.

"So, I want to know your thoughts about this. Do you think there is an existence stronger than the Time God?" the Fist Saint asked.

"I don't think so. The Time God is the strongest person in the world. But still… Even if there's no human stronger than him, we don't know anything about the other side…"

"!!!" The Fist Saint widened his eyes in shock. "So, you mean…"

"Yeah. The monsters… especially those King Class and World Class Monsters. We don't know anything about their Orders and Authorities. There is a possibility that they have a unique Order that can block her eyes.

"I'm pretty sure that you know how versatile an Order can be, right? If you take a look at it, we have an Order called Camera."

"Indeed." The Fist Saint nodded. "That guy who thinks himself the undying cameraman… That shouldn't have existed in the past. In other words, the world recognizes that as a new Order, giving it to him."

"Yeah. There might exist an Order that is beyond our understanding. That's why I'm thinking about the real reason for that incident…"

"I see. What kind of monster would cause that incident, especially with the fact that she was outside the picture before this." The Fist Saint nodded in agreement. "How about that Joker? Everything starts to change after meeting him."

"Don't be ridiculous. He's only a Supreme Rank Expert."

"How about his backing? He can get the help of two King Class Monsters and one World Class Monster. Don't you think this is strange?"

"We don't know if it's Joker or not." The Death Reaper shook her head. "For now, I'm planning to go to America sooner or later. I want to make sure to cripple the Star Group and the Starry Group. I'll use their influence to find out who Joker really is."

"I see. Well, you have my disciple and my assistant to help you. What's the stance of their president? Do you think he will help the Star Group?"

"Well, I can give him many benefits to stop him from interfering. Even though the Star Group is a big company, there are many companies that are ready to swallow them the moment they collapse.

"If I help him control those companies, I'm sure he will agree to abandon the Star Group." The Death Reaper shrugged.

"But the Time God still resides in that country."

"I'm not planning to kill someone. The Time God only moves when we're killing someone but won't do anything if it's just a small conflict like your disciple is doing." The Death Reaper shook her head.

"Well, if you have thought it through, I don't really mind. However, you need to be extra careful because of what happened to Madam Fila."

"I know. Don't underestimate me! I'm the third person in the world. Death is my power! And right now, I can't even see my own death! That's why it's impossible for me to die right now" She snorted.

"Okay if you say so. Still, have you heard about the rumors spreading in the US? My disciple told me about it."

"About Joker appearing in the Asda Banquet or the scandal of the Star Group?"


"Well, Joker appearing in the Asda Banquet will be a perfect time for my student to fight him. This way, she can challenge him formally and reveal his face. As for the Star Group, I'm not very sure… Though, we've gained a huge opportunity for this, allowing us to weaken the Star Group, which has been gaining some leads in this battle."

"So, you're planning to attack them because of that?"

"Yes. I'm planning to weaken the Star Group until they have no choice other than to send Joker to fight my student. In other words, I will be using the second rumor to make the first rumor come true."

"That's a good plan. Unfortunately, I can't help you due to my current condition. I still have a hard time removing the frost energy from my body."

"You can just rest. I'm enough to settle everything." The Death Reaper snorted.

As they continued discussing their plan, Maya was scratching her head while looking at the Skylink, trying to figure out a way to handle this problem.

She was sitting in Bernard's office alone. In fact, the seat was Bernard's seat.

After two months, her talent completely bloomed, making Bernard even speechless.

In the end, Bernard gave the responsibility to Maya and supported her, teaching her about the information network and other stuff that he had been doing. Eventually, he handed the position of the Star Group CEO to her. He doubted anyone would refuse to acknowledge Maya if she could solve this situation.

With that knowledge, Maya took the approach to a whole different level, overwhelming the enemy's side.

However, she didn't know when it started, but the rumors about the Star Group scandal began to spread.

Even with an official statement from the Star Group, the rumor shifted a bit but still attacked them.

It was as if someone deliberately spread the false news to weaken the Star Group and the Starry Group's reputation.

She investigated the rumors, but she was horrified when the beggars turned out to be the culprit. She never thought that the beggars would choose the Death Reaper's side.

They even went all the way to deny any responsibility and continue to attack them with the rumors.

"Why is this happening?" Maya gritted her teeth. "Our stock price has gone down by 20%. Not only that but there are already three Mythical Rank Experts canceling the contract and leaving the companies! It's because of that damned rumor… There are around thirty thousand people working for the beggars. They can spread the rumor quickly and reach a vast area. Fuck!

"Everything has been going downhill ever since the rumor started. What should I do right now?"

When things couldn't get any worse, her mother suddenly slammed the door open while panting. She looked at Maya with a panicked face.

"Mom? What's wrong?"

"Your father… Your father…"

"What happened to him?"

"Your father has disappeared. I don't know where he is right now… Has he been kidnapped?"


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