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Chapter: 1201


Chapter 1201 Call

"Welcome back." Rea politely greeted Theo when he returned.

"Thanks." Theo nodded with a calm expression. Although Rea coming here was a forced situation, Theo could make this bold plan because of her.

"I've delivered the invitation to Maya and Mark. Is there anything else you want me to do? Maybe you want to convince my father to help you?" Rea asked while examining Theo's reaction.

It was clear that Theo wanted to make a move in this banquet, but she didn't see much development in the past few months. At the same time, the Star Group's condition became worse day by day.

Even after talking with her father, they couldn't find a single plan that Theo could use to turn around the situation.

"It's fine. I'm going to settle down on the last few things." Theo smiled. "And I'm sure I've told you about this… I won't be inviting your father because I know that your father will come."

"Really? My father has been hesitating this whole time."

"Yeah. Since we have the Star Group and the Starry Group here… we will have Patrick and you being our protectors."

"As expected, you're going to make me go into danger, so my father comes out, right?"

"Well, you're free to refuse. However, don't you find it strange for the Star Group and the Starry Group to receive so much backlash after suppressing their enemies?" Theo asked.

"Huh? You have been on the other side this whole time. How do you know Maya managed to suppress the enemies and currently faces a huge attack from all directions?"

"That's because I'm the culprit." Theo chuckled. "Tell your father that, and he'll come."

"Huh? You're the culprit? But you were on the other side…" She frowned, but Theo only waved his hand and walked away, not waiting for her reply.

"…" She was thoroughly confused right now. Why would Theo actually cause the Star Group's downfall?

Rea tried to talk to Theo a bit more, but because the latter refused to answer any of her questions, she ended up retiring to her room early, talking to her father.

Meanwhile, Theo reunited with Felix and the others.

"Isaac! Do you want to come with me to the banquet? It's going to be extremely dangerous though."

"Hell yeah! I really want to smack that unknown woman! She's been cornering you in front of many people. She said you're a coward, a weak guy, and so on in front of the camera. I want to hit her so hard… not that I'm strong enough to do it! But I want to see you beat her!"

"Haha, is the rumor about me that bad?"

"It's worse than you can possibly imagine! Most of your fans have thought the same and left you!"

"I don't care about my fans." Theo shrugged. "Though, it's time to change the rumor I'd spread myself."

"Huh?! You spread the rumor?"

"Yeah. With some help." Theo smiled.

"Why would you even do something like that?"

"It's just an invitation."

"Invitation? To whom?"

"Who else? I only have one person that I want to invite, the Death Reaper." Theo smirked.

"…" Isaac looked at Theo dumbfoundedly as he couldn't comprehend the reason for Theo's action.

"So, that's why it will be dangerous this time. If you want to come, tell me three days prior. I need to do a few things."

"O-okay?!" He nodded, watching Theo leaving.

"Felix. I want you to go to Jeff and tell him that the two of us shall go somewhere together in two days. You're strong, so escort Jeff, alright? Millie! I want you to spread the words in the Skynet that I've confirmed my attendance in that banquet and shall accept a fighting request from someone worthy. Ergene, go to Chris and Ryo. I've told you all the plans, so I expect great things from you."

"Understood! I will do my best." Millie nodded enthusiastically as she also hated those people from flaming Theo.

"Okay." Felix accepted the mission without hesitation.

Ergene smirked while clasping her hands as if she was fired up with this. Theo had truly told her his plans on the other side. She never expected that Theo truly wanted to kill the Death Reaper this time. Although this matter wouldn't go to the public, those who had deep connections would certainly be aware of this matter. No one would underestimate Theo anymore.

"Ergene, you can rest for a week. There's no need to rush after all. I, too, will recuperate my body for two days." Theo smiled.

"I'm raring to go though."

"Rest is important too." Theo shrugged and waved his hands. "Anyway, I want to take a bath and get some sleep. See you later."

Without waiting for their response, Theo retired to his room and tidied up his appearance as he called Agata, who he hadn't met for the last three months.

"You finally called me!" Agata let out a long sigh. She was worried about Theo because he was under all that pressure without being able to reveal his identity.

"I miss you."

"I miss you too, but wait, that's not important. Do you know your current situation right now? Even my parents are raring to go to help you."

"Don't worry. Everything is under control. It's going to end soon." Theo smiled.

"Really? Do you need any help?"

"No, it's fine. Though, you may want to keep watching the news…"

"Watching the news, huh…"

"Yeah. Well, that's not important right now. I just want to tell you that." Theo opened his status again and smiled at it.

Name: Theodore Griffith

Status: Supreme

Level: 691

EXP: 2,190,900/ 14,411,914

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Blink (A), Clone (A), Energy Blast (A), Enhanced Concentration Capacity (A), Illusion Manipulation (A), Muscle Enhancement (A), Metamorphosis (A), Supernatural Snake Body (S), Telekinesis (A), Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar(A)

Attributes: Strength 850, Endurance 665, Agility 657, Vitality 655, Magic Power 1200

Free Attribute Points: 0

"…I have been killing Mythical Rank Monsters. And now, I'm at level 691… I'm going to find the last few members I need in my group." Theo paused for a moment and looked Agata in the eyes. "Just 15 more months to do all that. I believe I can do it. I promise you that I won't be late, even if it's only just a day."

That statement put a smile on Agata's face. There were even tears coming out of the corner of her eyes. Theo had truly pushed himself too hard this time.

"Why are you so stupid when it's like this… Your safety is the most important. I don't care if you're late by a day or even a year! I just want you to be safe." Agata closed her eyes, feeling warmth in her heart.

Theo didn't say anything as he simply stared at her for two more minutes before their time limit ran up, and he needed to end the call.

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