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Chapter: 1067

Stargazing Tower

After Hu Feng came out of Dongfang Mansion, he rushed out of the capital and rushed to Wangyun Slope on the outskirts. The Stargazing Tower was built on this Wangyun Slope, which can be said to be the tallest building within a radius of hundreds of miles.

Astrophysicists often study astrology in this star-gazing tower, and sometimes send some observation results into the palace every ten days and a half months, or every three and a half months.

The emperor doesn’t believe this very much. He doesn’t pay much attention to the observation results of the physicist, and sometimes he didn’t even look at it.

This was also the reason why physiognomists rarely send observation results to the palace in recent years.

Hu Feng also doesn’t believe in this in the past. He thought it was nonsense, but now, he believed it.

He wanted to ask the physicist what should he do if he wanted to cut off the connection between a person and her previous life?

No matter what he was asked to do, no matter what the cost, he would do anything.

The gate of the Stargazing Tower was tightly closed. He knocked for a long time before a yawning boy came out to open the door.

The young man didn’t recognize Hu Feng. Not to mention, he was a physiognomist. what was more, he had never met him.

"Who is the young master looking for?" The young man didn’t dare to neglect him when he saw Hu Feng’s gorgeous clothes and graceful bearing. His attitude was very polite.

Hu Feng said: "Is the master here?"

The young man shook his head: "Master is not here, is the young master in a hurry?"

Hu Feng frowned: "When will he be back? I have something important to ask him."

The young man looked apologetically: "I’m really sorry, the master has traveled around the world. As for how long it will take to return, I really can’t say."

Hu Feng’s heart froze for a while, "Then how long has he been gone?"

The young man did the math and said: "It’s been more than half a year."

"Did he say where he was going? Did he send you a letter?"

The young man shook his head: "Master never talks to this disciple where he will go when he goes out, nor send letters. If he wants to go, he will leave, and if he wants to come back, he will come back. The last time he went out, he left for two years."

Hu Feng was unwilling: "Can I go in and have a look?" Maybe the physicist left some books or something that can help him.

The young man was pretty generous: "Of course, the master said that as long as anyone wants to come to the stargazing tower, they can enter and exit at will. The books inside can also be browsed at will. And if there is anything to ask, just leave a message and the address on the book, when he returns, he will answer and reply one by one." "

Hu Feng followed behind the young man into the Stargazing Tower. He had heard of this Stargazing Tower many times, but it was the first time he came here.

In his previous memory, the physiognomist had a similar status to the divine stick, but this time, his existence in his mind became higher.

It turns out that the mystery of the world was beyond people’s imagination. The astrological theory that the physicist once compiled was not just imagination.

It was just people were ignorant and only willing to believe what they want to believe.

If they don’t want to believe in it, they won’t believe it no matter what you say.

Today, if Bai Zhi didn’t take out those things, and saw them with his own eyes and heard them with his ears, he won’t believe it even if they kill him!

The Stargazing Tower has three floors in total. The first floor was the living room, while the second floor was the study and library. On the third floor was the star-gazing platform, where the astrologer will watch the stars at night on ordinary days.

After seeing each floor, Hu Feng returned to the library on the second floor. The desk inside was covered with a white cloth.

After lifting the white cloth, there was a brush, ink, paper, inkstone, and an unfinished picture scroll on the table.

The things were placed at random. It looked like the owner has just used it and hadn’t had time to clean up.

The ink in the inkstone had dried up long ago, and the things on the painting were so mysterious that he couldn’t understand them at all.

"What is this painting?" Hu Feng pointed to the painting and asked the young man beside him.

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