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Chapter: 1070

The little servant felt wronged. He went out to buy a drink, how did he meet his royal highness Prince Jin and this rogue?

However, the two people who hugged each other could not be separated no matter how they were separated. In the end, they could only bring back the two to Dongfang Mansion together… …

When Hu Feng/Meng Nan woke up in the morning and opened his eyes, he saw a man… … a man he hated… …

The house became lively, and the two asked in unison: "Why are you here?"

After the two of them looked at the room, it was not their room… …

At this moment, the door opened, and a pretty maidservant walked in, holding a tray with two steaming bowls.

"His Royal Highness, Young Master Meng, this is the sober soup ordered by the young lady. You two should drink it soon. The young lady is waiting for the two of you to have breakfast in the dining room."

Young lady? Meng Nan was a little stunned, he still couldn’t tell where he was.

Hu Feng reacted. No wonder this place looked familiar as if he had seen it before.

"Understood, go and tell your young lady, just prepare my breakfast. Young Master Meng is in a hurry, so he won’t eat here."

The maidservant put down the hangover soup in her hands, turned to face Chu Yan, and said with a smile: "The young lady said, she made egg rolls and corn soup that Young Master Meng likes to eat."

Only then did Meng Nan realize that the young lady in the maidservant’s mouth was Bai Zhi!

He jumped out of bed in a hurry and rushed to the table in three steps without even wearing shoes. He didn’t care whether his mouth will be burned. He simply poured out the hangover soup in his mouth: "I am hungry, take me there quickly."

Hu Feng was putting on his shoes. Hearing this, he rolled his eyes and said angrily, "If you want to go, you have to put on your socks and socks first, and also, can you take care of your clothes? Look what you look like now?"

Meng Nan dryly laughed and hurried back to put on his socks and shoes, then called Jin Shiwei to help him comb his hair.

Hu Feng comb his hair by himself, which looked better than what Jin Shiwei did.

He dressed and put on his shoes all by himself. He never takes a servant to guard him when he goes out. He was different from the princes and nobles.

Thinking about it, it may have a lot to do with his life in the military camp for many years.

Do women like more masculine men like Chu Yan?


In the kitchen, Bai Zhi put the last egg roll on the plate, and let the maid bring it to the table.

Dongfang Mu was sitting at the table eating. When he saw the new plate, he stretched out his hand to get it again.

Bai Zhi hurriedly said: "Grandpa, you have already eaten a plate, you can’t eat anymore." Originally, she already made a plate of egg rolls, her grandfather didn’t say that he wanted to eat this. But when he tasted it, he got out of control and ate the whole plate.

She can only make one more plate.

At this time, there were hurried footsteps outside, and Dongfang Mu turned his eyes to look in dissatisfaction.

Meng Nan came into contact with Dongfang Mu’s dissatisfied eyes, saluted with a dry smile, and expressed his apology.

Dongfang Mu snorted: "Young man, drink when you drink, get drunk when you get drunk, but don’t drink until you get crazy!"

Meng Nan was stunned for a moment: "Drunk crazy? What drink until you turn crazy?"

Dongfang Mu turned to look at Hu Feng: "You don’t remember either?"

Hu Feng shook his head. He only remembered drinking with Meng Nan last night. He couldn’t remember anything else.

Hu Feng smiled and said, "I seldom get drunk when I drink, and even if I get drunk, I have never gotten crazy. Master, I was drunk last night?" He asked Dongfang Mu, but his eyes turned to Bai Zhi.

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