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Chapter: 1072

"Zhi’er, what happened last time—"

Bai Zhi interrupted him and smiled: "It’s all over, as far as I’m concerned, your mother is just one of my patients, so I don’t care."

He smiled wryly, yes, as far as she was concerned, his mother was just a patient. Of course, she wouldn’t care.

"Meng Nan, the Lord of Yiping County is a good girl, I wish you happiness until you two grow old together."

Meng Nan nodded his head. The bitterness on his face gradually dissipated, and he regained his former handsome temperament: "Thank you, we will."

Hu Feng butted in and said, "Zhi’er, you don’t know the Lord of Yiping County Master, how do you know she’s a good girl? Maybe she’s a tigress?"

Bai Zhi looked at him and said: "Don’t talk nonsense, although I haven’t met the Lord of Yiping County, my grandfather did, I asked my grandfather."

It turned out to be a person the master had met. His master said so, then it might not be wrong.

He suddenly remembered something and asked with a smile, "Young Master Meng, have you received Zhier’s gift?"

Meng Nan’s originally handsome and indifferent face flushed again in embarrassment: "I got it."

"How is it?"

" It’s good!"

What can he say?

Hu Feng Yan smiled smugly: "Of course, I helped pick it out, how can it be bad?"

It turned out to be the case, as he thought, how could Bai Zhi send him a painting like that? It turned out to be Hu Feng’s masterpiece.

Bai Zhi glanced at Hu Feng again, then looked at Meng Nan and said warmly: "I have prepared another gift for you." After that, she ordered a few words to the maidservant in the hall.

The maidservant went to her courtyard to pick up a booklet. Not long after, it was handed directly to Meng Nan’s hands.

"This is the recipe I wrote. I can no longer cook for you in the future. It contains all your favorite dishes. Follow the steps, and you will find the taste similar."

Meng Nan opened it and looked at it, feeling warm in his heart. This was a priceless treasure, a hundred times more precious than any jewelry and antiques.

Hu Feng was a little unhappy in his heart, but when he thought of Meng Nan’s efforts to stop the tigers to save Bai Zhi, he laughed it off. As long as this guy stopped his coveted heart, they could still be friends.

When he left Dongfang Mansion, Meng Nan felt a lot more relaxed. At least, in the years to come, he could face this precious relationship more calmly, even though it was only his wishful thinking.


The 8th day of April was approaching.

This day was an auspicious day for marriage. The sky was high and the clouds were clear, the blue sky was as clear as the water, the wind in the late spring was slightly warm. The people felt it felt a little lazy to move.

On this day, the capital was very lively. Many people were getting married, but the most eye-catching ones were naturally the Meng family and the Lord of Yiping county.

Meng Nan was tall and handsome. He was wearing a wedding dress while riding a white horse, that was walking slowly in front of the welcoming team.

Seeing this, the young ladies and even the married ladies on the side of the road, their eyes were stuck on Meng Nan. Their saliva almost flowed out even when they were together with their husbands… …

"I heard that Young Master Meng was good in both civil and military, but I didn’t expect him to be so handsome."

"Oh – God, why is it so unfair? Why give him a handsome appearance and also give him a good family background? This is really unfair, God only gives me a husband with a good mind to read, and nothing else. I wonder when I can be able to marry such a husband?"?

"I really envy Princess Yiping. If I can marry such a man, as good as Young Master Meng, no need to mention being a concubine, I would also be willing to be a side concubine."

Princess Yiping, who was in the sedan chair smiled secretly. While those people speak such things, they didn’t lower their voices, weren’t they afraid of being heard by the people next to them? She could hear the clamor of gongs and drums in the front, not to mention the people around them.

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