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Chapter: 1088

Chapter 1088: A man in love will have a weakness

Zhou Awu understood and immediately nodded to Chu Yan, asking him to rest assured.

Chu Yan followed the Yulin Army into the palace, while Zhou Awu led their team to Xinyang Province first.

In the Imperial study room

The emperor frowned slightly as he watched Chu Yan who strode in.

Since when did his son become such a short-tempered man?

How can a man from the imperial family use up his true feelings toward a woman?

How can you leave your home and country for a woman?

"Imperial Father!" Chu Yan saluted the emperor, and raised his eyes to meet his father’s slightly cold eyes: "I don’t know why Imperial father is eager to order this son to enter the palace, why?"Please go and support our new domain listn0vel.c0m

The emperor snorted coldly: "Why? You don’t have a clue in your heart?"

Chu Yan’s expression did not change: "I also ask the imperial father to make it clear."

The emperor said: "Okay, I will give you a clear statement today."

After a pause, he waved away the eunuchs and palace maids who were serving on the left and right. In the huge imperial study, only their father and son were left.

The emperor stared at Chu Yan in front of him and asked in a deep voice, "Bai Zhi is missing, right?"

It was okay to hide this kind of thing for a day or two. However, a long time has passed, naturally, it can’t be hidden anymore. After all, the incident happened in the Meng family that day, and there were many people talking. It was not unusual to reach his ears.

"Answering back imperial father, yes." His handsome eyebrows slightly frowned, and his face seemed light, but his eyes were dark.

"In order to find that girl, you didn’t even go to the court, and didn’t return to the palace, so I sent you the memorial for approval, have you read it?"

Chu Yan shook his head: "Answering back imperial father, no."

The emperor became angry when he looked at him like this. He shouted in anger: "Don’t forget, you are Prince Jin, and you are not an ordinary person. Our Chu family’s men must not waste their great cause because of a woman."

Chu Yan’s eyes suddenly turned cold and replied to the emperor coldly: "So, when my mother was killed by the empress dowager, you didn’t do anything even knowing the truth, for the stability of the country and the world. And to protect your mother, you tell a big lie to me, isn’t that right?"

The emperor’s expression changed immediately: "Who said that? Who told you?"

Chu Yan sneered: "Do you think this kind of thing is a big secret? Is there really a secret in this world that will never be known?"

The emperor’s complexion drastically changed, but then took a deep breath and said solemnly: "So? What are you going to do?"

Chu Yan shook his head: "I don’t plan to do anything. The imperial father has his own way of dealing with things, and this son also has his own principles and behavior. Please don’t interfere with me, then this son will not investigate the past."

A nanny was taking care of him since he was born. He doesn’t even know what his mother looked like. In his impression, it seemed that there was never a mother.

Pursuing the truth was simply wanting to know the truth. But as for what to do after knowing the truth? The empress dowager has become like that, she was already a waste, and the man in front of him was his father, and was even the emperor of Chu.

The emperor’s heart was relieved, but he still frowned and asked: "So, you still have to leave? For the sake of that girl from the Dongfang family, you are willing to give up everything? You know the situation in the capital city now. As soon as you leave, your brothers, will they let go of such a good opportunity?"

In any case, Chu Yan was his most satisfied successor to the throne, and he was incomparable to the other sons. If those boys made moves, the stable court situation would be in chaos.

This was the last thing he wanted to see, and he must never let it happen again.

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