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Chapter: 1089

Chapter 1089: The County Master

"Let them be, they are the sons of his majesty, not the sons of the ministers. The emperor won’t be able to stop them have this idea." Chu Yan was not a person greedy with great power. If he can’t find Bai Zhi, what’s the use of him sitting on the throne? Even if he has the imperial power in his hands, but he can’t even protect the people he wants to protect the most, what’s the point of guarding the throne?

"Yan’er, you are the son of the Chu family and the future emperor of this great Chu. If you want a woman, what kind of woman can’t you get? Why do you keep staring at one person?" Since Bai Zhi was involved in Chu Feng’s affairs, he had a lot of opinions about Bai Zhi. After thinking about it, if she hadn’t been Dongfang Mu’s granddaughter, he would take her life because of that incident.

Now that she was missing, it was the best opportunity to grant Chu Yan another marriage. It doesn’t matter if she has great abilities or not.

"I don’t want anyone except Bai Zhi." His attitude was firm and his eyes were firm. There seems to be no need for further discussion on this matter.

The emperor sighed deeply, how could his son’s character be so unlike him?

If Chu Feng was here, he would definitely— the emperor sighed again and shook his head gently. Chu Feng had been demoted to a commoner and would never be allowed to enter the capital. He doesn’t know how he is now.

"If the imperial father has nothing else to ask, this son will retire first."

The emperor raised his hand and wanted to stop him, but then he thought about it again. If he force him to stop, he would definitely hate him, so just let him go for the time being.

His hand that was raised high was finally put down slowly.


In the Meng Family Mansion

Since the day Meng Nan got married, he hadn’t set foot in the bridal house. Princess Yiping was full of fire. She couldn’t bear it any longer and rushed straight to Madam Meng’s courtyard.

"Mother-in-law, I just got married, but my husband hasn’t returned to the house for several days. When people outside see me, won’t they laugh at me?" Princess Yiping’s attitude was not polite. This was her usual way of speaking.

This was the main reason why the Princess of Nanjiang County didn’t let her go out and attend the banquet. Princess Yiping’s temper was not as elegant as she appeared.

Born as a county owner, she enjoyed all the glory since childhood. She was flattered by people, so she developed a domineering temper.

Even if the person in front of her was her mother-in-law, she didn’t take it too seriously.

Madam Meng looked at the daughter-in-law in front of her in surprise. She still looked the same, but in the way she spoke, the tone of her voice, and the look in her eyes, she seemed to be a different person. Is she the elegant woman she saw at Dafu Temple, the Princess Yiping, who knows the propriety?

"Are you questioning me?" Madam Meng has been a mistress for many years, so she also has a temper. How can a new daughter-in-law act like this in front of her? Immediately, her heart burst into flames, and smoke came out of her mouth.

"This daughter-in-law can’t see her husband, so she naturally wants to ask her mother-in-law. After all, my husband is my mother-in-law’s son. Who else should I ask if I don’t t ask you?"

Is she scolding her son for being uneducated, and complaining that she, the mother-in-law, did not teach her son well?

"If a man doesn’t enter your room, that’s because you’re incompetent. Could it be that you want me, the mother-in-law, to tie him up and throw him to you?" Since the daughter-in-law has torn her face first, what scruples does she have? If she speaks ill, she can also say a lot of ill words.

Princess Yiping immediately blushed and her face became distorted in anger: "You, you all come together to bully me. I want to go back to my mother’s house." Today was the day she was supposed to return home.

Meng Nan didn’t come to her a few days ago, she endured it, but today he still doesn’t show up, how can she endure it?

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