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Chapter: 1091

Chapter 1091: Diabetes attack

The person sent to look for Imperial Doctor Xu has not come back yet. The old doctor arrived first and they let him see Madam Meng’s condition first. If he dares to talk nonsense, he will not forgive him.

The old doctor nodded: "That’s all, the old man will give the madam a prescription first, and you use it first." After that, he turned around to write the prescription.

Master Meng didn’t stop him and let him write the prescription, but he wanted to see what kind of prescription the doctor would prescribe.

After the old doctor wrote the prescription and handed it over to the servants in the mansion, he was about to leave with the medicine box, but Master Meng said, "Sir, please stay, it’s not too late to have a cup of tea."

The old doctor waved his hand: "No need, I still have the next patient to see, thank you, Master Meng."

Master Meng winked at the servants beside him, and the servants immediately stopped the old doctor’s way: "My master invites you to drink tea, but you don’t know how to appreciate it."

Only then did the old doctor realize that he didn’t want to invite him to drink tea, but to force him to stay!

"Master Meng, what does this mean? This old man has already checked the madam’s illness, why don’t you let me leave?" The old doctor was trembling with anger.

Master Meng said: "Don’t worry, after a while, Imperial Physician Xu will come, and you will know why this official wants to keep you."

The old doctor’s complexion slightly changed and his heart sank suddenly. It turned out that Master Meng didn’t trust his medical skills. Since he didn’t trust him, why did he invite him again? Isn’t this insulting him?

But he didn’t dare to attack, and he was a little panicked. Madam Meng’s illness was very strange. He couldn’t diagnose it, and the prescription he prescribed was just an ordinary warm tonic prescription, which did not affect curing the disease.

Doctors treat diseases like this. For diseases that cannot be diagnosed, they use warm tonic prescriptions to fool people.

Even if the master invites another doctor, they will not destroy each other, so this trick was used everywhere.

But today, Master Meng invited Imperial Doctor Xu, things will be troublesome.

The old doctor was lost in thoughts in worry, while Imperial Doctor Xu rushed over.

Master Meng immediately greeted Imperial Doctor Xu who was standing beside his wife’s bed.

After Imperial Doctor Xu checked it, he immediately said: "It should be a diabetes attack. This old man is not good at it, why not ask Imperial Doctor Zhang? Didn’t the madam’s illness is treated by Imperial Doctor Zhang?"

Master Meng replied: "Imperial Doctor Zhang returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors. He won’t be able to return for 10 to 15 days. Imperial Doctor Xu should give us a prescription."

Imperial Doctor Xu shook his head: "I can’t prescribe a prescription. I’m not good at treating diabetes. Miss Bai only taught Imperial Doctor Zhang how to treat this disease. Although Imperial Doctor Zhang agreed to teach us, he has been too busy recently. Everyone has no time, so this matter is delayed."

Master Meng was anxious, and out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the old doctor standing in the corner, and hurriedly asked people to take the medicine prescribed by the old doctor and show it to Imperial Doctor Xu.

After seeing it, Imperial Doctor Xu immediately shook his head: "Even if I’m not good at treating diabetes, I know that this kind of prescription is the most useless. Many diabetes patients’ condition deteriorate after using this medicine, and they will only last for 10 days at most."

The old doctor was so frightened that he was in a cold sweat and immediately defended: "Imperial Doctor Xu please don’t talk nonsense, the prescription I prescribed is just an ordinary warm tonic prescription. This medicine can’t kill people."

Imperial Doctor Xu looked up and glanced at the old doctor, then snorted coldly: "There are so many quack doctors like you in this world, so there are so many patients who obviously can be saved but died because of people like you."

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