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Chapter: 1092

Chapter 1092: Quack Doctor

Imperial Doctor Xu’s words became serious. The old doctor’s face turned pale and he was about to have a seizure in anger, but he heard Imperial Doctor Xu say again: "It doesn’t matter if you are not skilled in medicine, just learn and practice more, and you will be proficient one day. What is worse is that, even if you are not skilled in medicine, you still refuse to admit it. Even if you kill a person, you will never think that it is your fault. When someone points out your mistake, instead of accepting it humbly, you find various reasons to refute it. If it’s not what a quack doctor does, then what is it?" Imperial Doctor Xu threw the prescription to the ground in a fit of rage.

In the past, Imperial Doctor Liang liked to prescribe such recipes to fool people. However, he still can’t get used to it even after for a long time.

Master Meng naturally believed in Imperial Doctor Xu. He turned his head and winked at the servant behind him, and the old doctor was dragged out.

Master Meng said to Imperial Doctor Xu: "Can we only wait for Imperial Doctor Zhang to come back? Is there any other way?"

Imperial Doctor Xu shook his head and sighed: "If Miss Bai is here, you can invite her here, but unfortunately—" Thinking of the missing Bai Zhi, Imperial Doctor Xu was very heartbroken. How could such a good girl encounter such a thing?

Even if she was rescued, her reputation would be completely ruined, and it would be even more difficult to marry Prince Jin as a consort in the future.

At this time, Meng Nan entered from the outside, and when he saw Imperial Doctor Xu, he knew that his mother’s illness must be real.

Master Meng quickly grabbed him: "Nan’er, is there any news about Miss Bai?" Master Meng asked anxiously, and Imperial Doctor Xu, who was beside him, also pricked his ears and looked at him.

Meng Nan shook his head: "There is no news, but Prince Jin has left the capital, so there should be news."

"How can this be? Your mother’s disease, now only Miss Bai and Imperial Doctor Zhang can cure it. Imperial Doctor Zhang is not here, and this happened to Miss Bai. How can this be good?"

Meng Nan frowned and glanced at his father displeasedly. He asked him about Bai Zhi’s situation just because he wanted Bai Zhi to come to see his mother? He didn’t care about Bai Zhi’s life and death.

After hearing what Master Meng said, Imperial Doctor Xu felt very uncomfortable, so he left immediately and didn’t want to stay for a moment.

After seeing her mother, Meng Nan called a few maids next to her to ask questions. She learned that her mother had eaten a lot of snacks in the past two days. She was in a bad mood so she ate too many sweets.

His mother’s disease was special, it can’t be cured with ordinary prescriptions. Except for Bai Zhi, only Imperial Doctor Zhang knows this best.

The father and son were very anxious, but suddenly they heard noises outside. And before the people entered the door, they heard a sharp voice first: "Is your young master back?"

"Young Madam, the young master is inside." The maidservant replied respectfully.

Meng Nan’s face immediately sank and turned his back to the door. He doesn’t want to see that person’s annoying face.

Princess Yiping stepped in the room and saw not only Meng Nan but also her father-in-law.

Princess Yiping paid a greeting to Master Meng, which was considered a courtesy.

Master Meng nodded his head: "Princess Yiping is here, sit down."

Princess Yiping replied: "I didn’t come here to drink tea."

Master Meng raised an eyebrow, looked at Princess Yiping, and then looked at Meng Nan, whose face was dark. Suddenly, he remembered that today was the day for the bride to go back home. He slapped his head and said to Meng Nan: "Hurry up, follow Princess Yiping back to the Nanjiang Palace. What time is it? Are everything ready?"

Seeing her father-in-law like this, Princess Yiping felt a little better, and then said: "Everything is ready, as long as my husband goes back with me."

Meng Nan didn’t even look back, only snorted coldly: "If you want to go back, go back yourself, I won’t go."

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