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Chapter: 1093

Chapter 1093: Shrew on the Street

Princess Yiping didn’t expect Meng Nan won’t give her a face. He gave her a face before, but now, he doesn’t even give her a face, nor even look at her.

She couldn’t help but be angry. She rushed in front of Meng Nan, raised her hand, and slapped Meng Nan in the face.

Meng Nan also practiced martial arts, so how could he be slapped in the face? After avoiding it lightly, he sneered: "Is this the teaching of your Nanjiang County Prince’s palace? You keep saying that others are uneducated, why don’t you look at yourself now? What’s your difference from the shrew on the street?"

Princess Yiping slapped the air, lost her balance, and almost fell to the floor. She was very embarrassed. Meng Nan taunted her like this, so she almost went crazy in anger.

"Okay, Meng Nan, you just got married, but you dare to treat me like this? Don’t think I don’t know that you like that Bai Zhi who was abducted. You can’t find her, you are angry in your heart, so you vent your anger on me. Do you think our Nanjiang County Palace is easy to bully?"

"If you’re really capable, go get that Bai Zhi, why are you provoking me? Since I’m married to you now, you can’t think about that woman anymore, otherwise—"

Meng Nan snorted coldly: "Otherwise, what? What are you going to do?" The reputation of the Nanjiang County Prince’s Palace sounds good. After all, they were relatives of the imperial family.

But if people talk about them seriously, they only have a good reputation. They don’t have real power in their hands. The emperor would never want to see them have power. What’s more, if they have power, why would they only have the title of the lord?

After being questioned by him, Princess Yiping lost her voice, otherwise what? She didn’t know what to do, or what would happen next.

She played these tricks in the county palace all the time, but she never played it anywhere else. She never thought that in this world, there would be people who would not give her face or would fight against her.

But now that Meng Nan was fighting against her, she doesn’t know how to fight back.

Back away? No, no, she can’t accept it, she can’t let herself be ashamed.

Meng Nan didn’t want to see her like this, so he turned around and said to Master Meng: "Father, I’ll go to Imperial Doctor Zhang’s house to find out when he will be back."

Master Meng nodded: "Alright, you can go." It seemed that Meng Nan would not go to the Nanjiang County Prince’s Mansion today.

If Princess Yiping had just been polite and didn’t reach out to hit his son, he might have helped her, but now, he doesn’t want to help.

Princess Yiping was so angry, but she couldn’t speak. She could only watch her husband pass by in front of her, and left without looking back.

Could it be that she had to go back to her parents’ home alone today? If this matter spreads out, how can she raise her head in the future?

Thinking of this, she lifted her skirt and chased after Meng Nan. She rushed outside the courtyard, but she didn’t see any trace of Meng Nan.


After Chu Yan came out of the palace, he immediately rode out of the capital and ran wildly in the direction of Xinyang Province.

The waterway between Xinyang Province and the capital was 800 miles away. It takes two and a half days to travel by boat and one and a half days to ride a fast horse.

Chu Yan caught up with Zhou Awu on the way and rushed to Xinyang Province with him.

The Xinyang Prefecture Waterway Bureau had previously received a notice to investigate the merchant ships, looking for a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl.

After Chu Yan arrived at Xinyang Province, he didn’t send someone to inform the prefect but went to the Waterway Bureau to inquire about the situation.

This sudden visit made him see a scene that made him extremely angry. The officers in charge of the inspections didn’t board the ships for inspections but only check how much benefit was given to them by the merchant ships, and most of them were just taking a look.

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