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Chapter: 1094

Zhou Awu was so angry that he wanted to kill someone, so he stepped forward and asked: "Aren’t you afraid that your magistrates will convict you of accepting bribes so openly?"

The yamen official who was stuffing money into his arms looked at Zhou Awu and saw that he was wearing an ordinary rough cloth for bunts. Someone dressed like him must be a ship’s sailor and complaining about his master’s injustice.

The yamen official sneered: "Convict me? Who will convict me? Is it the prefect? ​​Are you naive or faking to be naive? Do you think the money we collect is not known by the prefect? ​​Do you think this money goes to our pocket?"

Chu Yan suppressed his anger and said solemnly: "You better remember what you said."

Only then did the yamen official see Chu Yan standing behind Zhou Awu. With that luxurious and extraordinary bearing, the yamen official’s heart shudder. He secretly asked what was the origin of this person? Why does it look like he’ll be in big trouble?

Chu Yan asked: "Have you seen any merchant ships come from Capital in the past 2 days?"

The yamen official had put away the arrogance he used to treat Zhou Awu earlier. He said: "Why do you ask these for?" These things can’t be told casually. Although he put away his arrogance, it didn’t mean that he would wag his tail casually at people.

Chu Yan gave Zhou Awu a wink. Zhou Awu immediately took out the token from his arms and held it in front of the yamen official.

Even if the yamen official has no high education, he knows what the purple token represents.

Only the member of the imperial family was qualified to have the purple token. What was more, the token was engraved with the Chinese character Jin.

The purple token was engraved with the character Jin, naturally, representing His Royal Highness Prince Jin.

The yamen official’s legs softened and he knelt on his knees in front of Zhou Awu and Chu Yan.

"This little one should be damned. This little one doesn’t have eyes. Your Highness, please don’t mind this little one’s deeds, please forgive this little one."

Chu Yan snorted coldly: "I’ll spare you, but this is your only chance to pay for your sin and make merit. Say, are there any merchant ships from the capital that passed here in the past few days?"

The yamen official immediately nodded his head like garlic: "There are some merchant ships that came from the capital."

"Have you seen anything suspicious?" Chu Yan asked.

The yamen official busily shook his head, "No, there is no one suspicious." Just kidding, even if there is, can he say it? If he mentions it, don’t his head fly off his head?

"Have you checked all these merchant ships?" Chu Yan asked.

The yamen official opened his mouth and was about to answer when Chu Yan immediately said: "You’d better think clearly before answering. If you let this prince know that you lied, I will pull out your tongue and cut it."

The yamen official thought to himself that people had seen him collecting money. They would never believe his nonsense and investigate things further. It was better, to tell the truth, he could save his little life when everything was checked.

"Answering back his highness, this little one is obsessed with money, some ships have been checked, and some have not been checked."

"Have you seen this girl?" He took out a small painting from his arms. The woman in the painting was Bai Zhi.

She was beautiful and refined. And when she smiles, two dimples appeared on the corner of her lips, which looked very sweet.

The yamen official shook his head: "I haven’t seen her before." He hasn’t seen her before. If he has seen such a beautiful girl, he will have an impression.

He remembered that he had searched a lot of boats in the past few days, but very few boats from the capital had been searched. Only two boats have been searched in total. They were all ordinary fishing boats. Most of the merchant ships full of goods were not short of money. They will naturally prefer some gifts, so he didn’t even step on their boat. Where will he see such a beautiful girl?

Zhou Awu said: "Show it to others and ask them if someone has seen it."

The yamen quickly got up even though his stomach and calf were still trembling.

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