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Chapter: 1217


"Ah! Ah!"

What startled Zhang Han was that, at this time, his Great Demon Yuan Ying also released immense demonic Qi.

"Are they getting into a fight?"

Zhang Han was dumbstruck.

The Thunderbolt Mark and the Great Demon Yuan Ying in his body were starting a fight. If he told this to others, no one in the Cultivation World would believe him.

But that was what was happening.


Countless tiny thunderbolts rushed down his meridians.

The Great Demon Yuan Ying acted like an infant. The two horns on its head glowed faintly. It waved its small arms and shouted, "Ah!"

"Bang, bang, bang…"

If Zhang Han’s meridians could be compared to a battlefield, then, the bright thunderbolts and the pitch-black demonic Qi were like armies of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, which collided fiercely.


Zhang Han instantly gasped in surprise.

"It hurts!"

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Zhang Han felt that his meridians were burning.


The Thunderbolt Mark vibrated and generated more powerful tiny thunderbolts.


The Great Demon Yuan Ying was not afraid at all. It held up its arms with a ferocious expression on its face, which stunned Zhang Han.

"Is this really my Yuan Ying?

"It’s fighting against my Thunderbolt Mark.

"Why can’t I control it?"

Zhang Han wanted to calm down the Thunderbolt Mark and the Yuan Ying, but he found that he couldn’t exercise control over them.

"Bang, bang, bang…"

The Great Demon Yuan Ying seemed to be about to unleash its might.

Its eyes were shining with scarlet light as even stronger energy burst out.

It looked like the Yuan Ying also wanted to take down the Thunderbolt Mark.

Without Zhang Han’s order, the Yuan Ying could not make any moves. It could only use its energy to fight the Thunderbolt Mark head-on.

"You’re a badass, aren’t you?"

Zhang Han was a little miffed.

There was tearing pain in his meridians. But it didn’t bother him much.

He was upset because he never thought the Thunderbolt Mark and the Yuan Ying could go out of control.

"Honey? What’s with you?"

Zi Yan was suddenly taken aback. She felt Zhang Han trembling beside her.

"I’m fine."

Zhang Han opened his eyes and grinned.

"It’s about my cultivation. Two brats are running riot in my body. I am going to suppress them. I need to cultivate in seclusion for a few days."

"What?" Zi Yan’s expression grew serious. She quickly turned off the projector, got up, and said, "Go ahead."


In a flash, Zhang Han came into the treehouse they lived in, sat cross-legged on the floor, and slowly closed his eyes.

Zi Yan didn’t know exactly what Zhang Han talked about. It seemed that something was wrong. She sat next to Zhang Han and observed him for a long time, her big eyes blinking with confusion. Seeing Zhang Han’s frown gradually relaxed, she finally felt relieved.

Zi Yan didn’t go back to bed to lie down. Instead, she fetched two cushions, put them beside Zhang Han, and sat down, leaning against the headboard.

But as soon as Zi Yan was seated, Zi Yan sensed that a wave of soft energy lift her up, while Zhang Han’s soul sense talked to her.

"This session of cultivation in seclusion may take a long time."

Then, Zi Yan landed in the hammock.

In the next second—


The tree holding the treehouse where Zhang Han stayed suddenly snapped, and the treehouse fell from a height of five meters.


Zi Yan widened her eyes and gazed at the field without blinking.

She noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with Zhang Han’s cultivation.

Worry was shown in her beautiful eyes.



As she watched closely, the treehouse that had fallen to the ground was continuously being damaged. Gradually, it turned into green powder as if there was a strong wind wreaking havoc on it. The powder was constantly swirling like a whirlwind.

Soon, in the whirlwind, jets of light produced by various supernatural powers flashed.

The Air-shattering Hand of the Fire Element, the Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element, the Heavenly Devil Punch of the Gold Element, the Ghost Soldier of the Fire Element, the Overlapped Mountain of the Wood Element, and many other supernatural powers flickered.

Zi Yan felt that the whirlwind seemed to have turned into a barricade. Behind it, Zhang Han, whose figure was no longer visible, was constantly launching strikes. "He wants to get out!"


When that thought crossed Zi Yan’s mind, her expression tensed. She was a little panicked.

She called out, "Elder Yue! Elder Yue, come here! Quick!"

This palpitating strange phenomenon made her anxious.


Yue Wuwei and Lisa arrived in no time.

Their expressions altered when they saw this scene.

"What is happening?" Lisa’s pupils froze. She couldn’t understand the situation.

Yue Wuwei furrowed his brows and began to observe.

As Zi Yan’s voice spread—

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Zhang Guangyou and the others also flew out of their treehouses and landed on the side of this field.

"What’s wrong?"

"What’s going on?"

They were also perplexed.

"Zhang Han said he was having a cultivation session. But this session seems different from previous ones," Zi Yan said. As she spoke, she looked at Yue Wuwei, because among those on the scene, he was the only one who might be able to give an explanation.


More than a dozen people arrived in succession from different places of the palace, including Olien the King of Elves, Tricia, Nina, Felina, and Mengmeng.

"What is Daddy doing?"

Mengmeng looked around with her big eyes and realized that the whirlwind ahead was produced by her father.

"This aura is quite powerful." Olien narrowed his eyes with concentration and checked the whirlwind. Then, he inhaled softly and said, "I feel that even with my strength, I can’t get near to the edge of this whirlwind."


"Generally speaking, a cultivation session won’t bring about such a phenomenon. Could it be that Zhang Han has made a breakthrough?"

The group started to discuss this phenomenon. None of them could figure it out.

Many people soon turned to look at Yue Wuwei.

After a while, Yue Wuwei said in a baffled tone, "He is cultivating indeed. Yet, this is perhaps not a breakthrough in terms of realms but supernatural powers. From my observation, he should be cultivating in complete seclusion, so he can’t feel the outside world. With his knowledge and experience, he will be fine. Don’t worry. We should just wait."

After that, Yue Wuwei chuckled and stroked his beard.

Then, he added, "This is a good sign. It indicates that Zhang Han has gained new insights. Maybe after he finishes the reclusive cultivation, his combat ability will be much stronger."

Yue Wuwei’s words put everyone’s mind at ease.

Mengmeng and the other girls no longer wanted to play games. Nina cast a spell on the tree next to the spot where Zhang Han was doing reclusive cultivation, conjuring up two cabins.

After the cabins were ready, Zi Yan sat on the hammock outside the cabin and watched Zhang Han quietly.

Mengmeng and the girls were chatting over snacks.

Olien and the other elves left one after another. Zhang Guangyou and the others had some wine. They were in a pretty good mood.

Everyone knew that Zhang Han would be more powerful after he completed this session of reclusive cultivation.

However, in fact, Zhang Han was not in such a good state. He was even a little distressed.

"Are you two done fighting?"

Zhang Han’s will was thoroughly focused on the inside of his body.

The Thunderbolt Mark and the Great Demon Yuan Ying were still fighting. Neither of them would give in.

His Yuan Ying was even somewhat irritated. It shook its two horns and bellowed wildly.

With its every shout, the demonic Qi intensified sharply, constantly repressing the energy released by the Thunderbolt Mark.

When Zhang Han realized the loss of control had reached this extent, even his hair stood on end.

"Has my body had become a host for the Thunderbolt Mark and the Great Demon Yuan Ying to live in?

"Even though I still feel that I’m connected with the Thunderbolt Mark and the Yuan Ying, I just can’t make them listen to me. It’s as if they are disobedient naughty kids.

"They deserve a good beating!"

Zhang Han tried to exert control again and again, but his effort was in vain, so he felt a little angry.

"Well, you two like fighting, don’t you?

"Then, I’ll let you fight."

Zhang Han took a deep breath and realized something.

"Since I can’t rein you in now, I will use the Immortal Body of the Five Elements to suppress you rascals!"

He had already sensed that his Thunderbolt Mark was like the Yang, while his Yuan Ying was like the Yin. At the moment, they were trying to do away with each other.

In the system of the Yi, there was the Grand Terminus, which produced the Two Elementary Forms: the Yin and the Yang.

Zhang Han had studied the so-called Tao of Yin and Yang before.

Although his body was not constituted by the orthodox Yin and Yang, it worked in a similar way. He needed another powerful force to coordinate the energy in his entire body.

The other power was the power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

The loss of control of his body thoroughly brought Zhang Han to the realization that no supernatural powers or secret skills could help him, and he should take the path of complete Figure Refinement.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to suppress the two kinds of powers inside him. If the two powers suddenly began to fight each other when he was in a battle, this could get him killed.

Of course, Zhang Han would not allow this to happen.

He also understood that the discomfort he had felt stemmed from this.

Fortunately, the Thunderbolt Mark had only absorbed the energy overflowing from the Thunder Tower. If he had entered the God Transformation Realm and his soul sense had been ameliorated, the energy erupted from the Thunderbolt Mark would have been even more terrifying. If the Thunderbolt Mark injured his Yuan Ying, he would be seriously injured.

After all, in the Cultivation World, there were some Cultivation Methods that had killed people.

"Air-shattering Hand of the Fire Element, Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element, Air-shattering Hand of the Wood Element…"

Zhang Han began to cast his supernatural powers one after another. Their energy surrounded his body.

As the old strikes faded, he launched more. He repeated this process again and again…

As this went on, the 25 kinds of Elemental Sources gradually became distinct, and each of his supernatural powers thoroughly presented the attributes of Elemental Sources.

"I’m not at my best during this session of reclusive cultivation.

"As matters stand, only by making a breakthrough will I be able to stabilize my powers.

"In that case, let’s… have a big clash."


Twenty-five kinds of Elemental Sources and 25 kinds of supernatural powers collided.


In an instant, Zhang Han’s entire soul vibrated.

Like dominoes, the supernatural powers he had cast began to explode one after another.


Zhang Han heard countless explosions. His whole world became white.


The Thunderbolt Mark seemed to have realized that it could not take down the Great Demon Yuan Ying. It had also noticed Zhang Han’s state. It understood that if this fight went on and did some real damage, they would all be finished.

Therefore, it spontaneously withdrew its energy.

"Ah! Ah!"

However, the Great Demon Yuan Ying didn’t want to let it go. "I’m this close to victory. How can I let you take advantage of the situation and get away?"


A huge amount of demonic Qi surged from Zhang Han’s meridians and attacked his soul sense sea, as if it was going to engulf the Thunderbolt Mark.


Right at this moment, the Thunder Tower suddenly swayed.

A deep sound rang out.

Waves of ancient and profound aura spread throughout Zhang Han’s soul sense sea. This seemed to be the Thunder Tower’s warning.

As an exalted existence, it could not be defied.


The Great Demon Yuan Ying grinned, revealing its protruding canine teeth. It shouted twice before it commanded the demonic Qi to return to its body and fell silent.

Though it couldn’t defeat the Thunder Tower, it still looked unconvinced about that.

Nevertheless, as the light began to swirl around Zhang Han’s body, a strong aura of energy spread all over his body. It was not until this moment that the Great Demon Yuan Ying behaved itself.

The two had stopped fighting.

But Zhang Han’s body seemed to have become a battlefield.

There was still a World War going on inside him.

From head to toe, from inside to outside, every part of his body began to fight.

His left ear which had integrated with the Air-shattering Hand of the Fire Element was in conflict with his left cheek which had integrated with the Ghost Soldier of the Water Element. The two began to battle. Likewise, his right ear, right cheek, neck, arms, chest, back, and internal organs were all fighting.

"Chaos! This is complete chaos!"

Zhang Han had never expected that transforming into the Immortal Body of the Five Elements could be this chaotic.

Logically speaking, this shouldn’t have happened.

"It seems that I’m playing with fire."

Zhang Han felt that his body was integrating the supernatural powers into it, which were constantly breaking up and assembling again.

Every time his supernatural powers clashed, a brand new wave of energy was produced.

But his body seemed to be unable to bear this.

Gradually, his body began to melt.

Like this, Zhang Han’s body faded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Bone Refinement!"

At this moment, Zhang Han was kind of puzzled. He couldn’t feel anything.

It was as if his Yuan Ying, Thunderbolt Mark, and Thunder Tower had hidden in the void.

He could see his own body.

His bones were evolving.

The bones kept changing colors. They changed from white to gold, green, transparent, fiery red, brown, and finally to white again.

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