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Chapter: 1218

The Shocking Chang in the Blue Sand Wind Domain

"It’s done."

The process was not too risky. Things went basically within Zhang Han’s expectations.

After the transformation of his bones was finished, his internal organs appeared in the void and went through continuous strengthening. Then, his flesh was completely transformed.

His flesh did not disappear. Instead, it hid in the void along with the Thunderbolt Mark, the Yuan Ying, and the Thunder Tower while evolving at all levels.

Zhang Han sensed that the 25 Elemental Sources and the five supernatural powers were disappearing.

What replaced them was the Immortal Body of the Five Elements that was about to take shape.

The process was excruciating. If Zi Yan and Mengmeng had seen this, they would be pained and reduced to tears.

Nevertheless, the final result was what Zhang Han had desired.

The Immortal Body of the Five Elements didn’t bring in any auxiliary supernatural powers. It only brought Zhang Han pure strength. In truth, Zhang Han was quite elated when he saw it taking shape.

He could feel the sharp increase in the strength of his body.

"Thump! Thump…"

His heartbeats were vigorous. His internal organs and meridians had undergone a complete transformation.

Zhang Han felt that if the Thunderbolt Mark and the Great Demon Yuan Ying got into a fight again, he could suppress them just with his physical energy.

This energy was of the coordinating kind.

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After the surprise wore off, Zhang Han carefully felt the changes in his body. The more he learned about the changes, the less time he would need to adapt to the power in the new realm.

Furthermore, it seemed that the barrier blocking him out from the God Transformation Realm had dissolved. The Thunderbolt Mark was shining brightly and was about to transform into the divine sense.

He was going to enter the God Transformation Realm!

Then, not only his strength and Thunderbolt Mark but also his Yuan Ying would be different. His energy would rise to a higher level.

Increasing strength was a good thing, but it took some time.

In the outside world, 26 days had passed.

The transformation of Zhang Han’s bones and body was a bit time-consuming.

"Daddy is still cultivating in seclusion." Mengmeng was sitting in the hammock next to Zi Yan, drinking juice. Her eyes were fixed on the swirling energy below.

They had waited in anxiety for 26 days. Still, Zhang Han hadn’t finished his reclusive cultivation.

Zi Yan smiled and said, "This is normal that a cultivator has reclusive cultivation. At times, the cultivator would feel like being in a dream. A session of reclusive cultivation can last for months or even years."

Zhang Han had mentioned that to Zi Yan. Zi Yan’s knowledge of the Cultivation World had expanded fast.

"Huh?" Mengmeng was startled. "If this session takes years, when Daddy finishes it, I will be a grown-up."

"Well, I don’t think that will happen this time. Your Daddy said that it would take longer to cultivate only after one reached a very high level. Besides, Elder Yue said that he would finish cultivating within days." Zi Yan chortled.

As a matter of fact, having reclusive cultivation was a process to improve one’s comprehension. When one gained enlightenment, one could guide energy to get rid of the shackles on one’s body and make a breakthrough. Also, one could go into reclusive cultivation to cultivate supernatural powers, secret skills, heal injuries, and so on. Such cultivation sessions would take a long time. Some cultivators in the God Transformation Realm could be in reclusive cultivation all year round.

However, Zhang Han’s comprehension was remarkable, so he wouldn’t need that long time to cultivate in seclusion.

Zhang Han had also mentioned this to Zi Yan.

Therefore, Zi Yan thought that Zhang Han was perhaps about to finish his reclusive cultivation.

"Han hasn’t finished his reclusive cultivation, has he?"

Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei came from the side. They leaped onto the small terrace of the wooden house that was five meters above the ground, where there were some hammocks and chairs.

After they sat down and chatted for a while, an aircraft flew over and Zhao Feng jumped down from it.

"How is it going?" Chen Changqing asked.

"I don’t know exactly what’s going on," Zhao Feng said. "But I’ve learned about the general situation. The change in the Blue Sand Wind Domain was discovered 25 days ago. This domain that used to span several Star Areas suddenly started shrinking rapidly. Within a day, its area shrank by half a Star Area. A week later, it shrank to the size of the Sea Dragon Star Area. By the conservative estimates, the area of the Blue Sand Wind Domain has been a hundred times smaller by far."

Zi Yan and Mengmeng also paid attention to Zhao Feng’s words.

The two of them heard about this piece of news a few days ago.

It was said that the frightening Blue Sand Wind Domain separating several Star Areas from the rest was rapidly shrinking.

This was an earth-shattering change.

"Many in the nearby Star Areas are in a state of panic," Zhao Feng added. "Many large forces have sent people to check the situation. They’ve discovered a lot of planets with rich resources, but no one dares to occupy them for fear that unusual changes would befall. It’s just like seeing the sea by the coast suddenly falling rapidly. It’s not a special view at all, because it is the sign of the coming tsunami. Thus, some people have compared this change in the Blue Sand Wind Domain to a tsunami. Many people predict that the Blue Sand Wind Domain may explode soon and make the cosmos even more hostile for living creatures."

"It’s an accurate comparison." Chen Changqing sighed and said, "There must be something wrong when an abnormal phenomenon appears."

"When Elder Yue comes back, he would probably bring back some updates of the news," Zi Yan said.

"Yes. When Master finishes his reclusive cultivation, he will hear about this. He may know about some specific reasons behind this change," Zhao Feng said.

"I had no idea about the Blue Sand Wind Domain until I heard this news. It turns out that it was so large. According to the pictures I saw, it seems that the Blue Sand Wind Domain is as wide as six Sea Dragon Star Areas put together. Who can imagine how long it is?" Chen Changqing said with emotion. "The Cultivation World is too vast."

"Where’s Chen Chuan?" Zhou Fei looked around and asked, "Did he go to play in the Game Capsule again?"

"That’s right." Mengmeng snorted. "Aunty Feifei, pay more attention to him. Lately, Chen Chuan hangs out with Nina all day long and holds hands with her every chance he gets. But I think boys and girls should keep a distance."

"Pfft! Cough, cough, cough."

Chen Changqing almost coughed up the tea he just swallowed, but he held it back and pretended not to hear Mengmeng’s words.

He had told Zhou Fei about this several times, but Zhou Fei didn’t think it was a problem.

The reason was…

"Nina is a great girl. I like her very much. She’s polite, sensible, and good-looking. Just let our son play with her," Zhou Fei said casually.

"That’s no reason to indulge Chen Chuan’s behavior," Mengmeng refuted.

"Mengmeng," Zhou Fei put on a serious face and said, "do you want to have more time to have fun with Nina in the future and never drift apart from this good friend?"

"Yes." Mengmeng was dazed. She didn’t understand what Zhou Fei was getting at.

"Good. Look, Chen Chuan is almost nine years old now. He will grow up in a few years. Now he and Nina are childhood sweethearts. If they become a couple in the future by any chance, Nina will be my daughter-in-law. Since Yan and I are besties, we will still stay with each other in the future. Nina will be part of our big family and live with us. Then, you and Nina can keep exploring the world together," Zhou Fei said nonchalantly.

Hearing this, Zi Yan covered her mouth and chuckled. She really couldn’t hold back her laughter.

She thought of Zhang Han’s act and compared it with Zhou Fei’s.

"Well, those raising daughters and those raising sons think and act too differently."

"You, you, actually have such a hidden agenda!"

Mengmeng was stunned for seconds. After that, she snorted and said, "You’re already looking for a wife for Chen Chuan when he is at such a young age. Aunty Feifei, your way of thinking is outmoded."

"Why is my thinking outmoded?" Zhou Fei curled her lips and said, "We’re not interfering in Chen Chuan’s relationship. We just want to let it take its natural course. That’s all. Besides, didn’t I just say ‘by any chance’? Whether they can be a couple or not still depends on themselves. If Nina fancies someone else, I’ll take action then. Well, Mengmeng, I’m telling you, I planned to let you and Chen Chuan get married at first. But your father has kept a close eye on you. I had no chance to bring you and Chen Chuan together. Otherwise, I would have taken you as my future daughter-in-law."

Mengmeng’s face darkened. "Aunty Feifei, I just found out that you are not a good person."

"I’m not a good person? Did you forget that when you pooped on the bed when you were a baby, I caught it with my bare hands?"

After Mengmeng heard that remark from Zhou Fei, her little face froze, and her beautiful big eyes stopped blinking. She was stupefied.


"Well, let’s call it a day. I’m going to beat Chen Chuan up!"

Mengmeng ran away with her tail between her legs.

In this confrontation, Zhou Fei was the winner. She laughed so hard that she rocked back and forth.

As the saying goes, veterans are better than newcomers. The poop story was really embarrassing to Mengmeng. Anyway, she didn’t know if Zhou Fei made it up or not.

At the same time, the highly condensed Blue Sand Windstorm Domain bordered the Sea Dragon Star Area, making the environment life-threatening. Most king vessels couldn’t pass through it. But there were some God Transformation Realm masters who went in with the help of their treasures to investigate.

"What’s going on?"

Yue Wuwei was traveling alone in the Blue Sand Wind Domain by boat.

"Now that I’ve picked up such strong energy fluctuations, there must be a central energy node. Why can’t I sense it?"

Yue Wuwei pondered for a while. The Blue Sand Wind Domain was not large. Yue Wuwei had circled this area twice, but he did not find anything suspicious.

"If only Zhang Han were here."

Yue Wuwei murmured subconsciously. After saying that, he was a little taken aback and snorted coldly.

"Now that I can’t see through this, Zhang Han couldn’t either even if he came here. Anyway, he can’t know more about the Cultivation World than I do.

"I’ll go around this place a few more times. If I still can’t find anything, I’ll head back."

Yue Wuwei was silent for moments. In the Blue Sand Wind Domain, the sand storm was so rampant that one could not even see one’s hand in front of one’s face. Yue Wuwei’s boat was wrapped in an isolated space. It shuttled quickly through the sandstorm.

Yue Wuwei was not the only one who was investigating. In the Blue Sand Wind Domain, there were also some people from other larges sects investigating the situation.

The appearance of such an astonishing strange phenomenon usually represented one of the two things—either great terror or fortune!

Perhaps the Blue Sand Wind Domain would be stronger, or perhaps an opportunity might show up here.

Therefore, this change had attracted a lot of attention.

Forces in the Small Sky Dragon Region, which was not far away from the Blue Sand Star Area, and some in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province behind the Blue Sand Star Area had also dispatched their members over.

At this time, on the side of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, three fleets comprised of king vessels were stationary in the void.

In the main control room of one of the king vessels.

"Even king vessels will be damaged if they enter that area?"

A young man said with a frown, "We can’t stay in the Blue Sand Wind Domain for long. Clearly, the energy there has been highly compressed."

"Holy Son, shall we continue to investigate, or should we look into the case about the Dark Elf Clan?" a subordinate next to him asked.

This fleet was the Gutuo Divine Temple’s.

Gu Kun had been ordered by Lord Kong to investigate the cause of Gu Yi’s death.

This time, as the representative, he had come to look into the strange change in the Blue Sand Wind Domain. The fleets had stayed here for three days. Several king vessels had taken turns to go into the Blue Sand Wind Domain to probe. But they hadn’t found anything special.

Gu Kun thought for a moment, then nodded. "Let’s go to the Sea Dragon Star Area and look for the Dark Elves’ whereabouts."

"How dare the puny Elemental Elf Clan in the Sea Dragon Star Area meddle in the affairs in the Small Sky Dragon Region. I wonder who gave them the nerve."

In the main control room, several subordinates of Gu Kun’s couldn’t help sneering.

"According to the news we got, the population of the Elemental Elf Clan in the Sea Dragon Star Area has dwindled to less than 200,000. They are as weak as ants."

"When we land on the Roland Star, I guess they will be scared out of their wits and their king will also regret inviting the Dark Elf Clan over."

"Didn’t that elf say that Tricia is back? Tricia is Felina’s mother. That means Uncle Gu Yi had picked Tricia up and brought her out safely as Felina required. Humph, I don’t believe that Uncle Gu Yi’s death has nothing to do with them. If that were true, they wouldn’t have escaped so quickly. I’m afraid that there’s something fishy going on with the Elemental Elf Clan."

"We’ll know when we get there. After we launch a massacre, those weak ants will tell you the truth even before you ask them to."

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