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Chapter: 720

Eternal Magus And Aurora Lord

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player stat allocation… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player skills… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player physique… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player equipment… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player techniques… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player class paths… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Player analysis complete. New options available. Display? 

Y/N 」 

Connor Baines - Shadowheart - stood before the dais of the Private Room, thoughtfully parsing through his options. 

「Eternal Magus – Class 

Rank: Divine 

Success Chance: 85% 

Price: 10,000,000 platinum per attempt」 

「King of Eternity – Class 

Rank: Legendary 

Success Chance: 90% 

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」 

「Lord of Eternity – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 95% 

Price: 100,000 platinum」 

「Magus – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 40% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「True Caster– Class 

Rank: Semi-Epic 

Success Chance: 100% 

Price: 10,000 platinum per attempt」 

Since Shadowheart did not have more than one Inheritance like Essence or Draco, it seemed like his options were limited. They were naturally fewer, but their quality was unchangeable. 

'It seems Ouroboros' and my power of eternity has opened a path forward for us. Since Draco said he would sponsor my Class Up, I have no need to worry about finds.' Shadowheart thought to himself. 

As such, he naturally chose the option of attempting the Eternal Magus class, which was the only Divine option available. When he made his choice, he was naturally whisked away into blackness much like those who came before him. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Beginning Eternal Magus Class Up Procedure. Standby.」 

Shadowheart noticed that he had appeared in a world that was bizarre. It was like he was standing amidst ancient Roman ruins, but these ruins were built on a cloud-like layer in the sky, and the time of day was sunset, so there was an ominous red tinge to everything. 

Shadowheart looked around and observed his surroundings warily before making a mistake that most in his situation would, he looked up. 

「Eternal Magus – Divine Class Up Procedure 

Description: Eternity is the domain of the Origin Gods, something that ties their existence to the universe. This connection is managed and enforced by the Ouroboros, a special serpent that bit its own tail in order to form an eternal cycle for the universe. You, a measly mortal, dare to infringe on this power without understanding the immensity of heaven and earth. 

Rewards: Divine Class - Eternal Magus」 

What Shadowheart saw shook him to the core. Right above him, mere meters away, was the eye of a gigantic serpent that was burnished yellow in color, the slitted pupils staring at him intently. 

Imagine raising your head to see something like this so close to you, in a realm that already looks bizarre and creepy. Even if you didn't have a heart attack, you would at least release two lumps of shit in your pants from fear, right? 

However, Shadowheart only trembled internally from the suddenness before calming himself down. He was now more thankful for his harsh life experience more than ever, for they had tempered his mind and will in ways he could never have thought. 

"A mere mortal…" a rumbling voice filled with age and wisdom sounded, shaking Shadowheart's entire body like he had stood next to a giant speaker while someone was blasting tunes. 

「System to Player Announcement 

The objective of the Eternal Magus Class Up Procedure has been set. Player Shadowheart must claim an essence of eternity to clear this task.」 

Seeing the objective, Shadowheart's eyes flashed. He quickly calculated in his heart and could not help but find his lips curling upwards slightly as he found this mission intriguing. 

"Mortal, why do you disturb my eternal charge? Do you know the weight of your sins?" the rumbling voice spoke once more. 

Shadowheart calmly looked into those pupils, no longer worried or fearful of them or the one behind them. After all, he had spent years with an even bigger and more powerful version of the same serpent in his body. 

This one that was a mere digital virtualization could not faze him. 

"I have no sins, for I represent true eternity, not the falsehood you stand by." Shadowheart stated directly, not even trying to act subservient to get what he wanted. 

There was a short spell of silence before the entire realm rumbled greatly, almost sending Shadowheart to the ground. However, he managed to keep stable as a low growl pervaded the realm. 

"Mortal, your words are full of ignorance and arrogance. You stand before the great Ouroboros, wielder, and protector of eternity. How dare you claim I represent a false eternity?" 

Shadowheart raised an eyebrow. "So can you tell me with full confidence that this universe you inhabit is true? That it is complete?" 

Ouroboros paused. "It seems you have noticed something mortal. Yes, this universe is flawed in its existence, but that had nothing to do with me. Whether full universe or not, the eternity I generate is true to its nature." 

"Is that so? I can't help but find myself skeptical. After all, I represent the source of eternity for another universe, this one a true one." Shadowheart revealed calmly. 

"Impossible!" rumbled Ouroboros who shook the entire realm greatly. 

"Is it? How did I qualify to get here then? How did I trigger such a response? Be serious." Shadowheart waved Ouroboros doubts away as if they were flimsy gas. 

Most importantly, he raised a finger and release a single glowing orb of energy that was golden and silver at the same time. It radiated an essence of stability and reliability, like having it would guarantee one could see anyone or anything for as long as they wanted. 

When the slitted pupil of Ouroboros saw this orb, it shook terribly, and the realm experience its worst earthquake so far. It lasted more than 10 minutes, yet strangely did not affect Shadowheart who stood in the same place with a light smile. 

Ouroboros soon calmed down and spoke after much thought. "Explain your circumstances to me, mortal." 

"It is simple. I come from a universe where my origin was split into two because… etc." Shadowheart casually explained as he returned the Essence of Eternity he had produced back into himself. 

Ouroboros listened attentively, only asking slight questions at parts before remaining silent, pondering on what to do about this. 

"Counterpart… You need an essence of eternity to achieve what you came here for. It can be provided by yourself, no? I now see why you are so confident." Ouroboros replied with a sigh. 

Yes, that was the case. When Shadowheart had read the mission statement, he had smiled because he could create the class he needed simply by infusing the Essence of Eternity he possessed into himself. 

As such, him talking to Ouroboros was not because he needed to fulfill the quest per se, but for another reason, which was what Ouroboros wanted to find out. 

Shadowheart smirked. "Must I have an ulterior motive? I want to make sure my counterpart in this game is knowledgeable about my existence and likely form an agreement." 

Networking? Just that? 

Ouroboros was silent for a while before a ball of golden-silver essence was sent from the horizon and crashed into Shadowheart's body, making the fellow gaze at Ouroboros with a look of confusion and resolve. 

"Counterpart, do not waste your eternity essence just yet. Use mine to upgrade your power, and reserve yours for when we match worlds! At that point, every single drop of essence you have would make a difference." 

Ouroboros spoke finally, as if it had made a decision. "Go now, young Shadowheart. I shall remember your name and wait for the day you reach the pinnacle of your strength and grasp the truth of eternity. Once you do, you will understand and come back here." 

Shadowheart didn't get to utter another word as his eyes glazed over in darkness, returning him to the Private Room. Despite having succeeded, Shadowheart had a strange feeling in his heart, wondering if he was being dragged into something greater than he hoped. 

Whatever the case, he decided to let it go for now as he was checking the report from the system. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Calculating potential stat allocation… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Drafting potential class skills… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Assessing current player physique… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Inspecting class equipment… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Corroborating possible techniques… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Predicting potential class paths… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

New class analysis complete. Display? 

Y/N 」 

Shadowheart clicked yes with much anticipation. 

「Eternal Magus - Divine Class 

Skills: Eternal Source (Passive), Omni-Elemental (Passive), Omni-Beam Strike (Active), Ouroboros' Might (Active). 

Starting Stats: Str 50, Dex 50, End 50, Int 90, Spr 90, Cha 70, Lck 90 

Exp gain rate: 10% 

Rank up difficulty: 50% 

Class weapons: All Elemental or Magic. 

Class skills: Any Elemental or Magic.」 

「Eternal Source – Passive skill 

Effect: You possess the source of eternity, granting you the ability of infinite mana, stamina, and all other resource stats except HP. HP regeneration is always active and is boosted by 200%.」 

「Omni-Elemental – Passive skill 

Effect: As a Magus, you have conquered the elemental limitation of mere mortals, able to sue spells of any and all elements at ease and without any penalties to damage or casting. Your defense against elemental magic has increased by 150%.」 

「Omni-Beam Strike – Active skill 

Effect: Rise into the air and fire a beam of all elemental energy that strikes the ground and spreads over an Area Zone, dealing 1000% omni-damage to all enemies within range. 

Cooldown: 1 day」 

「Ouroboros' Might – Active skill 

Effect: Summon the Lord of Eternity, Ouroboros, to infuse yourself and your allies with a temporary Essence of Eternity. This allows them to gain a status effect similar to the passive skill. 

Duration: 10 seconds. 

Cooldown: 1 day」 

Shadow was quite pleased with his new class. Now that he had been relegated back to Rank 1, it was time to grow his class fervently while he waited for the other God Serpents to assemble. 

As such, Shadowheart left his Private Room to go and grind. However, he only took a step out when he saw Essence Stalker also exit a Private Room opposite him, his face contemplative. 

That was because Essence was also analyzing his new class' details. 

「Aurora Lord - Divine Class 

Skills: Aurora Control (Passive), Essence of Creation (Passive), Aurora Blast (Active), Aurora's Blessing (Active). 

Starting Stats: Str 70, Dex 70, End 70, Int 90, Spr 90, Cha 30, Lck 70 

Exp gain rate: 10% 

Rank up difficulty: 50% 

Class weapons: All. 

Class skills: Any Elemental, Energy or Magic.」 

「Aurora Control – Passive skill 

Effect: Aurora Energy is special because unlike Origin Energy which can be broken down and diluted to form newer, simpler energies, it cannot. Aurora is extremely dangerous and caustic, assimilating every form of matter, element, or energy into itself upon contact. As the Aurora Lord, you are immune to this effect and can manipulate Aurora Energy with your will. All Aurora-based attacks are 100% stronger.」 

「Essence of Creation – Passive skill 

Effect: Aurora Energy is one part of the creation process, standing above Creation Energy which can only form Matter, Elements, or Energy, Aurora creates all these including Origin. You can shape Aurora Energy into anything you wish, but be careful! The more Aurora you create and used, the more unstable the universe will become!」 

「Aurora Blast – Active skill 

Effect: Charge your Aurora energy and release it in a cruel forward-facing blast that obliterates everything within 10 kilometers in from of you, turning them into usable Aurora Energy that is absorbed by you to replenish your stock. 

Cooldown: 1 day」 

「Aurora's Blessing – Active skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of altered Aurora Energy, infusing your allies and pets with raw power. All stats are increased by 50% and Rank as well as Level suppression is removed if any. 

Duration: 10 seconds. 

Cooldown: 1 day」 

The two powerhouses raised their heads to look at each other, feeling a distinct threat from the other that could vanquish their lives with ease. 

As such, their natural response was to… party together and challenge dungeons together!

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