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Chapter: 759

Shadowy Hound

Chapter 759 Shadowy Hound  "Go ahead." Ghost made way for The Showman and observed the fellow's strange attire. 

Blinking once, he came to the conclusion that he didn't have enough energy to worry about others, so he simply left the Rank 7 Guild Hall and went down to explore the game a bit more. Who knew, maybe he might achieve what Draco said and finally make a name for himself. 

Inside the office, Draco's Avatar calmly watched The Showman enter. The fellow greeted him in a much noble manner, making the Guildmaster's lips curl. 

He snapped his fingers, making a wave of black light pour into The Showman's body. Immediately, his Broker balancing scale appeared behind him, and a giant eye manifested in the middle. 

The eyes had bloody red veins as an eldritch screech escpaed it, making John Smith, this fellow, clutch his ears and cry out in pain. Even Draco grimaced slightly, then intensified the black light until the shrieking stopped, though the scale still thrashed where it floated. 

Draco then let it go, much to John's relief. Even though the shrieking had stopped, he still felt a weird throbbing in his blood as the scale was being punished. 

"Let this be a lesson. You are a mere part of his bloodline, where do you get off trying to mold his personality to your will?" Draco commented with a sneer. 

"And you, Eden, do you take me for a fool? Am I to believe that a God Serpent such as you was oblivious to what was going on? Have you no dignity?" Draco chastised coldly. 

Eden manifested an image above John's body, looking no different from a common snake. 

"Cough… I don't really like my Inheritor, as he was common and bland. Just look at his name 'John Smith'! I felt the personality shift was much better for him." 

"Rubbish! Have you not agreed to follow the plan Lucifer set out for you fellows? Like it ot not, you are bonded with John Smith for eternity! Such prejudicial thoughts should be cleared from your mind. I have met 7 of the God Serpent Inheritors, and even those not on good terms still made sure to protect and guide their Inheritors in their own way!" Draco roared with a slam of his arm rest. 

"I don't want to hear such blasphemy again! You and John Smith are an item until I change my mind, do you understand?!" Draco chastised coldly. 

Eden lowered its head with an internal sigh. "Yes, Progenitor." 

Draco waved his hand. "If John Smith himself wants to be as flashy as he was, then he can be so, but no one should influence him. Now, go and Class Up before telling me about your situation." 

Draco went back to working on his Scrivener Tradeskill, muttering. "Being around non-Divine Classes makes me feel dirty." 


Misery stood in the Private Room of the Rank 7 Guild Hall's Training Hall. He rubbed his chin as he activated the Class Up feature. 

「System to Player Announcement   

Analyzing player stat allocation… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Analyzing player skills… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Analyzing player physique… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Analyzing player equipment… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Analyzing player techniques… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Analyzing player class paths… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Player analysis complete. New options available. Display?   

Y/N 」   

Misery naturally chose yes. 

「Shadowy Hound – Class   

Rank: Divine   

Success Chance: 100%   

Price: 10,000,000 platinum per attempt」   

「Great Mage – Class   

Rank: Legendary   

Success Chance: 90%   

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」   

「Great Knight – Class   

Rank: Legendary   

Success Chance: 90%   

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」   

「True Knight – Class   

Rank: Epic   

Success Chance: 100%   

Price: 100,000 platinum」   

「Magus – Class   

Rank: Epic   

Success Chance: 100%   

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」   

「Lance-Mage – Class   

Rank: Semi-Epic   

Success Chance: 100%   

Price: 10,000 platinum per attempt」   

"Well, I can't let those little brats beat me too much, can I?" He murmured with a troubled expression. 

He looked through his options and naturally disregarded everything below Divine automatically. Not because of success rate or preference, but because he couldn't let the two brats know that he was either at their level or below them. 

Otherwise, how could he discipline them in the future? 

"Sigh! The things I do for family and love!" 

Misery complained as he selected the Shadowy Hound class, which sounded like a strong mix of his two Ancestors specialties and nicknames. Misery's sight went black as he was swallowed by a metaphorical abyss, then spat out in what appeared to be a white room. 

It was quite large, with a table in the center that possessed 9 majestic seats around it. All 9 seats were occupied. 

Each seat was designed like a soft throne and had a different aspect as well as color to them compared to the others. Though, the one thing they all had in common was a large red dragon in those designs. 

Misery took out his rum and took a swig as he smiled, noticing that the dragon in the inscription was Guinevere herself, the Legendary Dragoness that Merlin had subdued for Arthur. She had been a child between a human woman and one of Lucifer's random Dragon aspects. 

「System to Player Announcement   

Beginning Shadowy Hound Class Up Procedure. Standby.」   

Around the table, in the various colored thrones were people that Misery was familiar with and would never forget. 

On the Red Throne, covered with blood, was Jack the Ripper. 

On the Blue Throne, looking heroic, was Beowulf. 

On the Yellow Throne, sat Cu Chulainn who was grinning wolfishly at his descendant. 

On the Indigo Throne was Morgana, who was playing with evil magic with a bewitching smile. 

On the White Throne sat Sigmund, who glowed in his white armor that radiated holiness. 

On the Green Throne was Robin Hood who seemed to be asleep as he leaned back in his seat with his archer's cap covering his eyes. 

On the Orange Throne was Arthur Pendragon who was smiling genially. 

On the Black Throne sat Edward Teach… Blackbeard. He was downing some crude rum while ogling Morgana's fat breasts. 

And on the final Purple Throne sat… Scathach, who was reading lazily, not even glancing at the newcomer. 

「Shadowy Hound – Divine Class Up Procedure   

Description: The power of the greatest Lancer in history, who wielded Gae Bolg, and the greatest Sorceress in history who pursed the ends of magic, Scathach. The power of these two alone could shake worlds and send one to the pinnacle of Legendary power. Combined, it breaks through the limit of mortality and enters the realm of the Divine, a feat only achievable by one perfectly suited for the role. 

Rewards: Divine Class - Shadowy Hound」   

Misery looked at each one of them with a large grin. His heart couldn't help but thump, for this was what he believed in. His beautiful Nana had told him countless times about this legendary council that had presided over the Merlin Lineage for years. 

Most had passed away or left with Merlin during the renaissance era with only Cu Chulainn, Scathach and Jack the Ripper staying behind. The Hound and the Shadow had stayed to take care of their descendants while the Ripper had merely stayed to continue killing. 

Eventually he had ended up caught by a powerful hero of the Morrigan Lineage who had taken his life at the end of the 19th century. Cu Chulainn had been killed not long after in the same manner, leaving only Scathach alive until Misery's era. 

Smiling, he conjured a chair using his magic and sat in it arrogantly. This chair was made of Wood element magic, being quite plain in its design. There were some strange marks through, looking like lighting had struck the chair more than once. 

「System to Player Announcement   

The objective of the Shadowy Hound Class Up Procedure has been set. Player Misery must obtain the acknowledgement of the Yellow Seat and the Purple Seat to clear this task.」   

"So what's up guys?" Smirking, Misery raised his bottle to his greatest ancestors impudently. 

"Bwahhaha! Brat! I like your demeanor!" Blackbeard roared as rum poured down his beard. 

Misery smiled and tossed him a bottle of Rare Rank Rum from his Inventory. Blackbeard easily caught it with surprise, then popped the cork, and took a sniff. The fellow moaned like a little girl as his eyes spun in their sockets. The pirate quickly put the bottle down and the cork back, treating it like it was a holy item, his expression severe like never before. 

"Brat, you have given me something more precious to me than life itself. I will not forget this! You have my approval!" Blackbeard bellowed! 

"You have sufficient control over magical forces. I can detect a bloodline link to the Spear Demon and Sister Scathach, as such, you can call me Aunty Morgana." Morgana said with a light tone. 

Misery knew how touchy and cruel this woman was, so he rose from his seat and bowed. "Greetings, Aunty, I see your beauty surpasses that was described to us. Once I'm back I shall make sure to correct that mistake." 

Morgana chuckled. "You have my approval, dear. If I wasn't limited by this procedure, I would gift you something nice." 

Morgana may be cruel, but to these she was close to, they only saw her as that specific aunt who was super rich and always bought them gifts during the family meet ups. 

Sigmund and Beowulf shared a look and nodded. "We can sense your prowess in knighthood. We can tell your specific power is sealed, but you have done a good job mimicking what you can using magic." 

The two legendary warriors then smiled wryly. "Not to mention that we don't dare to not acknowledge Brother Chulainn's descendant." 

After all, if they did, Cu Chulainn would forcibly request a 'spar' with them, and oh boy, the Hound of Culann was not something to joke about. He wasn't called the greatest lancer for nothing. 

"Hehehe, brat, I sense endless killing intent in you. There is someone or something you wish to kill but have tempered your intent of murder until the right time comes. Such control and power makes me admire you! You have my approval!" Jack the Ripper spoke eerily, with a screechy laughter. 

"You have the bearing of a king and the skill of a knight. You are qualified to win my approval, dear lad." Arthur added with a nod of contentment. 

Robin raised his cap slightly and gazed at Misery with one eye. "You are my kinda dude. You clearly don't care much about material wealth and power. You only want good wine, good sex and brothers to share your joy with. You would have been perfect for my merrymen! I approve of you, kid!" 

Cu Chulainn grinned widely as he slammed the table. "Good! I don't know how, but you have the blood of myself and my fatass teacher. That means at some point I get to grab those cheeks myself! Your existence wins my approval!" 

Scathach boredly snapped her fingers. Immediately a huge thundercloud formed above Cu Chulainn's head that struck down murderous white lightning, intent of dispersing his soul. 

While Cu Chulainn was being killed by Scathach, the Shadow herself raised her head to gaze at Misery. She wrung her lips, feeling strangely close to Misery, which proved the bloodline connection was real. 

Not to mention that the way he used his magic reeked of her own style, so she closed her tome and snapped her finger. A fireball manifested that hurtled towards Misery. 

Misery simply grinned, raised a hand and caught the fireball. He then shook his hand which held the still spinning ball of flame and it dissipated, shocking all those in the room except one. 

"So you do know my mana dispersion technique, though your control could be better. Still, it was passable enough to earn my approval." Scathach said coolly before re-focusing on her tome. 

And that made 9, though Misery only needed two. Unfortunately, there were no benefits for gaining the full approval, but it made Misery proud anyway. 

「System to Player Announcement   

Calculating potential stat allocation… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Drafting potential class skills… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Assessing current player physique… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Inspecting class equipment… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Corroborating possible techniques… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Predicting potential class paths… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

New class analysis complete. Display?   

Y/N 」   

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