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Chapter: 760

Chaos God

Chapter 760 Chaos God  「Shadowy Hound - Divine Class     

Skills: Hound of Culann - Rank 1 (Passive), The Shadowy One - Rank 1 (Passive), Knight's Honor (Active), Sorcerer Supreme (Active).     

Starting Stats: Str 70, Dex 70, End 70, Int 70, Spr 70, Cha 70, Lck 70     

Exp gain rate: 10%     

Rank up difficulty: 50%     

Class weapons: Spear and Tome.   

Class skills: All Spear, Magic.」     

「Hound of Culann (Rank 1) – Passive skill     

Effect: The Hound of Culann has blessed you with the legacy of his power. You gain a portion of his martial prowess with the spear, his spear arts, and a part of his divine nature. All physical stats boosted by 50% and lance damage is increased by 3,000%.」     

「The Shadowy One (Rank 1)  – Passive skill     

Effect: The Shadowy One has blessed you with the legacy of her power. You gain a portion of her magical prowess in the arts of sorcery, her spells, and a part of her divine nature. All mental/magical stats boosted by 50% and magical damage is increased by 3,000%.」     

「Knight's Honor – Active skill     

Effect: This active skill allows you to create a geas, an unbreakable oath to limit yourself in one physical stat in order to gain a proportionate amount in another. 

Duration: 10 minutes.   

Cooldown: 1 day.」     

「Sorcerer Supreme  – Active skill     

Effect: With this active skill, you can pay a price of your HP bar permanently in order to increase your magical power proportionately. 

Duration: 10 minutes.   

Cooldown: 1 day.」     

Misery observed his class and was largely pleased with how great its power was. It perfectly fit him and his legacy, and it was damn right for this game to acknowledge that. 

However, Knight's Honor and Sorcerer Supreme really made him shiver. Their utility was too great, and the kind of power they could provide him was exceptional, especially the latter. 

He wasn't going to waste it now, but if what the skill said about being proportionate was true… then didn't that mean that if Misery sacrificed 10,000 points of HP permanently, his magical power would increase by 10,000 points…? 

Just what kind of concept was that? 

Of course, the obvious downside was that even though the skill was temporary, the deduction was not. He would never get those 10,000 HP back. 

Granted, Misery had yet to find out how limitations and penalties worked in Boundless. Yes, he could not get it back, but only because he didn't have something proportionate in quality to his class. 

In other words, if Misery drank a Divine Rank health recovery potion, it would negate the Divine Class's deduction and recover the health. This would not work with a Legendary potion, no matter how close to Divine it was. 

This kind of cheap trick was something Draco had used to dodge the severe costs of some of his abilities, especially with the Eyes of Caelo. 

Misery closed his class screen and left the Private Room, finding Sublime, Kiran, and Shadowheart waiting for him. When he came out, they all sized him up with interest. 

"I'm the first out?" Misery asked with a smile. 

"That is correct, both Elle and the other fellow are still within." Shadowheart answered with a nod. 

"Hmm. Well, let's talk then. You said you were a God Serpent Inheritor?" Misery inquired while popping open a bottle of rum and sitting down opposite Shadowheart. 


Elle Leone was currently at a loss as she gazed at the options before her. 

「Chaos God – Class   

Rank: Divine   

Success Chance: 80%   

Price: 10,000,000 platinum per attempt」   

「Chaos Queen – Class   

Rank: Legendary   

Success Chance: 90%   

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」   

「Elven Queen – Class   

Rank: Legendary   

Success Chance: 40%   

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」   

「Chaos Lord – Class   

Rank: Epic   

Success Chance: 100%   

Price: 100,000 platinum」   

「Elven Lord – Class   

Rank: Epic   

Success Chance: 55%   

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」   

「Chaos Demon – Class   

Rank: Semi-Epic   

Success Chance: 100%   

Price: 10,000 platinum per attempt」   

Chaos seemed to be the running theme for her, with her only Divine option forcing her to become a Chaos God. Elle already had some experience with the powers of Chaos thanks to her bloodline and affinity with Tiamat, so it was not like she was completely averse to it. 

Nevertheless, she had different plans for her own future. 

She hadn't worked her butt off to change her race to an Elf just to become some Chaos being. Elle was not sure it would affect her race. After all, it was called a CLASS Up. Then again, she was literally the first player with a changed race who would undergo such a process, who was to say? 

…was the power worth it? The power to control Chaos? One of two elements/essences in the universe that could warp reality freely? 

Elle sighed. As a gamer, she would likely have to fight off all her alternative selves from the multiverse if she dared to pass up this chance for a sweet class with OP skills. 

She reluctantly chose the Chaos God class without hesitating further, lest further doubts be introduced in her mind and her decision-making spiral into a rabbit hole. 

Elle was soon introduced into the same blackness that everyone experienced as she shifted locations and even dimensions. When she came too, she found she was floating in a void that was strangely lit for some reason. 

「System to Player Announcement   

Beginning Chaos God Class Up Procedure. Standby.」   

In this void was endless dark-grayish energy swirling slowly, like miniature Milky Way galaxies that shone with light occasionally. Elle marveled at the sight, but someone else was horrified. 

"This... is... IMPOSSIBLE! HOW CAN WE BE IN THE CHAOS REALM?! I have tried for many centuries to access it, yet I only got to enter the outskirts at my peak! How can this mere game teleport us smack dab in the center?!" Tiamat screamed with madness and disbelief. 

This example might be harsh, but in Tiamat's eyes, it was like an obese person fitting into a small Google car. Previously, she could only get her leg in at best, but now the whole person was in the car comfortably. 

Of course, she would go mad because the sight was impossible to accept. 

「Chaos God – Divine Class Up Procedure   

Description: The Chaos Realm is opposed to the realm of Order. It holds the ability to warp the folds of reality itself, standing as the peak sub-realm within the Abyss of which its best and brightest monsters and laws exist. Aside from the Abyssal Prime, only top-tier Chaos Beings can access the depths of this realm. Once baptized by the Chaos Energy, one's rank will climb accordingly… or else. 

Rewards: Divine Class - Chaos God.」   

Elle looked around her after reading this and understood some of what was going on. It seemed she was in a place that was mirrored from reality by the AI, which Tiamat had never been able to access? 

Well, that explained a lot. This was a virtual world, so of course, she could enter the center. If it was reality, she would have even less a chance than Tiamat at her peak, especially since she only had 50% of the Dragon God's Essence within her, the rest being in Draco. 

(Author's Note: This is also true for all other God Serpents except the Black Dragon.) 

What exactly was she supposed to do here? Elle wondered to herself. Soon, as if her mind was read - it likely was given the circumstances - an answer came. 

「System to Player Announcement     

The objective of the Chaos God Class Up Procedure has been set. Player Elle Leone must withstand the absorption of enough Chaos Energy to ascend to the Chaos God Rank to clear this task.」   


Elle only had a sliver of time for that one thought as torrents of Chaos Energy suddenly seeped into her body from all directions, preventing her form from being seen. Elle herself only felt like someone was pouring acid into her veins, and the kind of pain that came with such a sensation was easy to mention, but not easy to describe. 

In other words, the big ouch. 

Luckily, Elle had Tiamat in her who could reduce the blow and filter the Chaos Energy. Tiamat was excited when she realized that this virtual Chaos Energy - while not being able to be sent out to the real body in the pod - was still increasing Elle's base control over Chaos both in-game and outside. 

Tiamat couldn't fathom this kind of feedback effect, and for the first time, the Dragon Goddess of Chaos began to fear this digital world. She now understood a part of why the Progenitor 'wasted' his time in here. 

It only lasted about 3 minutes, but for Elle, it was no less than 3 lifetimes. When she expended the excess Chaos Energy and was freed, she was too tired and weak to notice how thrilled Tiamat was. 

It was only natural for the Dragon Goddess to be thrilled. If we were likening it to bloodline activation of the various Inheritances, this bout of Chaos Energy had increased Elle's activation from 5% to almost 85%. 

In other words, the amount of Chaos power Elle could harness, control, and had affinity for in reality and in the game had increased exponentially. Once she came to and would begin to use her power, nobody would dare call her anything but the Chaos God. 

「System to Player Announcement   

Calculating potential stat allocation… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Drafting potential class skills… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Assessing current player physique… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Inspecting class equipment… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Corroborating possible techniques… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

Predicting potential class paths… 」   

「System to Player Announcement   

New class analysis complete. Display?   

Y/N 」   

Elle tiredly chose yes. She felt that it had better be worth the pain, or she would… she would…!! 


「Chaos God - Divine Class     

Skills: Chaos Domain (Passive), Chaos Control (Passive), Random Warp (Active), Targeted Warp (Active).     

Starting Stats: Str 50, Dex 50, End 50, Int 90, Spr 90, Cha 10, Lck 150     

Exp gain rate: 10%     

Rank up difficulty: 50%     

Class weapons: Any.   

Class skills: Chaos.」     

「Chaos Domain – Passive skill     

Effect: The Chaos God represents the highest echelon of powers within the Chaos Realm, so much so that the Will of the Chaos Realm has permanently bestowed you a part of its fold as your domain. This domain follows you at all times and in all places, allowing you to harness the infinite Chaos Energy within the Chaos Realm to warp reality as you choose.」     

「Chaos Control – Passive skill     

Effect: The Chaos God is a being of pure Chaos and Chaotic power. You can freely manipulate Chaos Energy much in the same way an Ifrit would fire or an Undine water. The 'Random' nature of Chaos Energy is eliminated when in your control, allowing you to warp reality with the intentions of your choosing. 

Note 1: The stronger the target of the warp, the more energy consumed. 

Note 2: The stronger the target of the warp, the more difficult it is for the warp to succeed. 」     

「Random Warp – Active skill     

Effect: Send out a wave of Chaos power that randomly warps a target into something else for a short time. This is unblockable. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 10 minutes.」     

「Targeted Warp  – Active skill     

Effect: Send out a wave of Chaos power that warps a target into something of your choosing for a short time. This works based on the difference in power between the caster and target. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 10 minutes.」 

Elle was speechless. Suddenly, her tiredness and lethargy seemed to disappear, as waves of pure excitement filled her. So many ideas rushed through her head on how to use and abuse her power, but she had to calm herself down forcibly. 

With a deep breath, Elle smiled and left the Private Room. She was in such a good mood that when she saw Shadowheart and Misery chatting while Kiran and Sublime were off in some corner doing something or the other, she actually walked up to Shadowheart and gave him a peck on the cheek. 

Shadowheart was stunned by this, and the fellow couldn't help but blush slightly. 

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