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Chapter: 322

hapter 322: My town memories

It’s been a night since my mother’s visit.

"Maia´s lord"


As I left the room, biting my yawns, Maia’s mother Asti spoke to me. ……Because it’s inside the house, it’s ethical to walk around naked, so let’s stop. Anyway.

"What’s going on?"

"Last night, I talked with Juline and the others……we agreed that it would make sense for me to be in charge of the lord’s mother. Therefore, I would like to ask you to introduce me"



In charge, in other words, transportation to and from their respective current places of residence. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s Maia’s mother and it seems to make sense from a dragon perspective that Asti, Maia’s mother, would take care of my mother. ……Well, I guess it could be any of the four of them.

"Who’s in charge of old man Dan?"

"I’ve heard that Airi has been to the Russel Palace in the past, so I’m asking her to do it……"

"……So, none of the others have been there"


That’s rather surprising. In the event that you have the ability to fly across the continent in a few days, the stamina to keep flying for a month if you want to and hundreds of years of time, it would not be strange to fly across the continent once or twice in your spare time. There is nothing that can bind a dragon’s actions except a dragon rider. But.

"Dragons are a race of low desire. And rarely communicate with each other in the Dragon Palace. We do send liaisons to each other at major turning points, such as the revision of the pact or a motion by the entire tribe……"

"The whole tribe motion……you mean Airi during the Fire Dragon War?"

"Yes, she went with Uncle Broll to check it out"


So that’s what happened. Old man Dan and this colony shouldn’t be a few kilometers away from Laila’s palace. It’s not a problem if you can send him there.

"Anyway, can I squeeze your tits a little?"

"Yes, of course. You can do it until you get tired of it"


The white big tits of the unclothed mother dragon are pulled towards me. I’m grateful to have her let me rub it. ……If I rub it until I get really tired, the sun will set, so it’s all right. Boobs are justice. That is the heart of a polka kid.

After having fun rubbing, stroking and sucking Asti’s boobs for a while, she dresses herself and we head for the baron’s residence. As expected, yesterday my mother was also saturated with more than 20 female slaves and it was impossible to introduce more like old man Dan and the four dragons, so I had her keep it at the baron’s residence. ……When I arrived at the Baron’s residence at the guest room where my mother was supposed to have stayed was empty.


"Oh, Marie-san left for her morning bath a while ago"



……No, my mother was tough to spend money, but did she like the hot springs that she can enter for free?

"She felt calm after sleeping overnight. She seemed to be working early in the morning and she laughed for the first time in a while when she woke up so late"

"……My mother was almost kidnapped……if we don’t get her back to contact them today or tomorrow, they might make her a missing persons case"

"Umm. That’s fine. ……But to transport a single individual on the wings of a dragon? That’s really quite a story"


As we were talking about this, a yellowish presence came from the entrance. When I looked at the entrance hall with the Baron, I saw my mother that was steaming with the faces of the Baron’s residence such as Jeanne, Selenium, Apple, Irina and Christie.

"I love the hot springs here. In Folklore, bathhouses are expensive……I’m not too old to be nervous anymore, so I just wipe myself off most of the time"

"The baths here are really good after you’ve been to other places♪"

"And the powerful healing powers……are just incredible"

"Right. Polka is a heavenly city by itself"

"There are some in the silver territory"

"It’s no use bragging about a place that’s not open to other races, Irina"

"Well, that’s right"


My mother seems to be making an effort to get along with Jeanne and Selenium in particular. In the event that you’ve got a grandson or two, you can’t leave them behind as a mother-in-law.


"Oh, Andy. ……What about this girl?"


When I call out, my mother notices me and looks at Asti. ……No, I’m sure Asti looks about the same age as me to my mother. She’s a little too young to think of as Maia’s mother from what she sees. I haven’t really thought about it until now, but in the case of elves, it’s harder to tell the difference between generations, so if it’s been 20 years since I gave female slaves a half-elf child, who would be her daughter-in-law and who would be her grandchild? It may happen that my mother cannot be identified.

"It’s nice to meet you. My name is Asti, Maia’s mother. My daughter has been taking care of you"

"Oh……Maia-chan is, emm……."


It’s hard to remember more than 20 names at once. She’s not sure which one Maia is. I’m not sure if she’ll be able to remember them all now, but I’m sure she’ll be able to remember them all in the future.

"I’m a ice dragon from the blue dragon clan"

"……A, emm……m, my son has done something outrageous"



In my mother’s opinion, Maia is the one I’ve been 「Sexually abusing and subjugating」. The mother showed up. And a dragon. If I had thought about it normally, I would certainly have gotten down on my knees and apologized. However, Asti doesn’t seem to know what is 「Outrageous」. ……There was a tremendous divergence in consciousness. In the light of the dragon’s common sense, she has no blame for what she does, because she has signed a 「Contract of power」 at her own will. Rather, being able to become a prestigious existence as a dragon with a rider must be a tremendous celebration. And.

"I’m not sure what you mean by that, but……your son has been very good to me personally"

"Yes ……?"

"He’s really an insatiable, greedy, wonderful man, isn’t it so, Andy-sama?"



My mother looks at me again, expressionless.

"Immoral……you’re the one who messed with that little girl, and her mother, too……"

"Wait, mom, this is a dragon……"

"Not only Maia and I, but all the females in the clan have been taken care of by Andy-sama"


"That’s why dragons have a little sense of that area from humans!!"

I had a hard time explaining it to my mother again.

"……That’s why I will take care of you as Marie-sama’s wings in the future. When you return to your residence, you can always call on me to take you home"

"Ah……I don’t know what’s going on anymore, what’s going on around you ……?"

"I don’t know sometimes, but it’s not good to lose favor"


She said, looking up at the sky and sighing in the face of the unimaginable presence of a dragon looking after her. I’ve gotten used to it, so I don’t have much of a sense of it, but usually having a dragon do something for you is a hell of a lot better than being favored by the king.

"Your son is a hero who deserves it. There is no doubt about what he has done and his strength"

"……Is that true, Andy?"

"It depends on how you look at it……"


Dianne, Laila, Maia, Aurora, Irina, Christie and Sharon. Breakcore, Lord Bonaparte, Ruth and Linda-san, 100-man commander Grants and Ector and also Neia. Not a few of the people who side with me are powerful enough to go down in history. I happen to be in a position to give my opinion to them and I happen to be at the scene of a historic event.

"I just don’t see how you have that much power……"

"Oh. Strength of will and charm are admirable abilities of a hero. It is not a requirement for a hero to have combat power or wisdom"

"……But I’m still a crossbow soldier and a blacksmith"


I scratch my head. I’m really happy to have you lift it, but I wonder if I can report it to my mother. ……But both the female slaves and the baron looked at me with warm eyes.

"Andy can’t lose sight of himself no matter how much. Thats admirable"

"Sometimes I think he’s a bit sneaky, though"

"It’s just that he does what he can and he doesn’t think about what he can’t do"

"Umm, Apple’s right. ……The lower half of his body is a little too naughty for my taste"

"It’s good to be allowed to be naughty and to be loved. And it’s allowed in Celesta and in our forests. It’s just that the customs of Trot are a bit out of scale with Smithson-sama"

"Well, many of the great nobles have de facto concubines. It’s just that the letter of the law doesn’t allow it"


My mother rubbed her temples.

I don’t know how it got to be this way……Andy really looks like he’s grown up as he did back then"



……I’m actually very happy to hear my mother say that. Yes. I’m Andy Smithson. I’m the son of Peter and Marie Smithson, who my mom knows. I’m the same Andy Smithson that my dad said I looked like and that makes me the happiest. Even though we’ve been apart for more than a decade, even though we’ve been through a lot, it’s always better to be told that I’m still my mother’s son, not that I’m becoming a stranger.

"Well, it’s Apple’s fault, isn’t it♪"

"……Is that so, Selenium-chan?"

"Actually, yes. Just before Andy-san left Polka, Apple pretended to be in Andy’s mouth and had a lot of erotic sex……"

"Hey, Selenium……."

"Wh, What do you mean, Apple-chan?"

"E, Emm……I’ve lost my memory of that time……it’s true, but"

"Andy, what does it mean? ……There was a time when no one knew where you were……"


……So, hiding things only widens the wound. She’ll be fine, right?

"……Mom, don’t get angry and just listen to me. Apple, she said she would do anything for me if I gave her water from the spring, so I asked her to let me touch her boobs……"

"……Th, This child……!!"


I was beaten with all one’s might.



It’s been a few years since my mother has seen Polka and now a number of changes have taken place. The first thing you’ll notice is the different races on the streets and the large crossbow squad quarters on the outskirts of the village.

"I wonder if those people running in line are Andy’s friends"

"Yes. There are two crossbow squads in the Celesta northern army and the captain of either squad is a friend of mine"

"……We have a lot of elves here. Not that there weren’t in Folklore, but I never saw them in Polka"

"That’s Christie’s……cherry blossom clan kids, I think. They are all good people. Elves who are hostile to humans are no longer visible because of Irina’s policies"


Guiding through the town with my mother and me without getting in the water. ……I’m deeply moved when I think that I was the one who was guided a little over a year ago. You can find a lot of things that have changed and some things that have not. As I was walking around, I met 100-man commander Becker at Aunt Lindsay’s drink stand.

"Ou, Smithson. ……Who is this madam?"

"That’s my mother. ……Mom, this is 100-man special duty commander Becker. He’s with us on a mission and he’s a very famous spy for Celesta"

"……A super famous spy?"

"Hey hey, Smithson, don’t introduce me like I’m incompetent. ……Nice to meet you Madam. I’m Sieg Becker, head of the special duty brigade of the Celesta army. It’s an honor to meet you"

"Oh dear……"


My mother laughed at the slightly theatrical self-introduction of 100-man commander Becker.

"Sieg-san, no matter how young Marie looks, you shouldn’t be playing with her. It’s a bad habit"

"Oh, Lindsay-san! I didn’t know you were still working"

"That’s terrible. I’m not old enough to be fifty or sixty in Polka. Isn’t Marie the one who’s gotten a little old living in the city?"


My mother touched her hands with Aunt Lindsay’s and turned her voice upside down. I think she’s fifty in this way. My mother came from another country, so her origins were different from Aunt Lindsay’s, but she and Aunt Lindsay had always been good friends. Or rather, like the tavern owner’s wife, Keel’s mother and the Baroness, the women of Polka are strangely close to each other, as if they are united as bathing friends. The men, too, are overwhelmed by the women and use the tavern as a place to escape, but they also get along well with each other.

"Smithson’s mother. I mean, she doesn’t really look like that. I thought you were younger than me" 100-man commander Becker stroked his chin, impressed.

"I’ve spent almost 20 years in Polka"


It’s like a rejuvenating hot spring, which is said to be a rejuvenating hot spring.

After we left Aunt Lindsay, we went to Jackie-san’s blacksmith shop.

"Welcome……M, Missus!?"



Jackie-san leans his huge body out of the workshop and rolls his eyes.

"I was surprised to see you. I’ll be happy to serve you some tea……h, hey, Benessa! Prepare some tea, the Missus has come!"

"It’s okay, Jackie-kun, Andy and I were just strolling by……you’ve become quite the blacksmith’s hand, by the way"

"Th, That’s right……"


The appearance of Jackie-san, who is praised by my mother, is the same as before. In fact, the scene in the workplace at that time was that my father would joke around with the earnest Jackie-san and teach him how to work, while my mother would admonish him and help him. I think he might have been much more like a son to her than I was, who was still too small.

"Huh. You’re not ready yet"


There was a shadow, also sneaking out from the back. ……It was old man Dan.

"Grandpa Dan, you’re here?"

"It’s not a good idea to have a dwarf in the forge. I’ve heard that he’s related to Jeanne and the landlord"

"I met him at the tavern and asked him to teach me something I’m not good at today"

"Huh. ……It’s a good workshop and this Peter guy threw you out without being able to teach you that"


The old man grumbled and Jackie-san choked up, his expression darkening slightly. He respects my father so much that it must be hard for him to say bad things about him in public. ……And my mom, who was listening to it, said.

"It’s true……I really don’t know what he’s doing. That good-for-nothing"


She smiled nostalgically and muttered in a gentle voice despite her words. The old man nodded his head with his back to my mother.

"If you don’t live long enough, you won’t be able to say what you want to say. I can’t tell what I want to say……I can’t even meet the descendants who are born. Even in my life, it can be rewarding"


"I’m Dan. Dan Cracks. ……Peter Smithson’s great-grandfather. You’re Peter’s ex-wife?"

"Yeah. Peter Smithson’s wife. Marie"

"Huh. ……We can’t live long each other"

"……That’s right"

"Hey, Ogre boy. Let’s continue"

"U, Usu"


Dan and Jackie-san return to the smithy. It was a blunt encounter, but my mother wasn’t a sickening wind and she saw them off.



Just then, Jackie’s wife appeared with a cup of tea. The sight of my mother and I made her half afraid and half wary.

"……You must be Jackie-kun’s wife. It’s been a while"

"I haven’t seen you……that, what can I do for you"

"I just wanted to see your face. Jackie-kun looks fine"



I guess she’s still afraid of being asked to return the house and workshop. For Jackie-san, it’s the family of a beloved master, but for her, it’s not. It’s a little sad, though.



Then, Sara-chan peeked out from behind Jackie-sa´s wife. The wife reflexively tried to push her back, but my mother’s face beamed.

"Oh……! It’s Sara-chan, isn’t it? You’ve grown up so much!

"You remember?"

"She´s Jackie-kun´s daughter. How could I not remember"


When my mother said this, Jackie-san shouted from the forge in agreement.

"Of course! What do you think the Missus is!"


"The missus and master, they made me a blacksmith! Don’t you know what that means? They made me, a guy like me, a……iron worker! They’re not just a store keeper, they taught me how to make the real thing, they taught me how to put my soul into it!"



The wife becomes small. It’s not just the shopkeeper who taught him how to make real food.

"Jackie-kun is like an irreplaceable family to me and that person. Of course Andy is important, but family is important to everyone. ……Sara-chan is not a person to forget"


Then she turned to Sara and dropped to her knees.


"Nice to meet you. Sara-chan. ……I met you when you were a baby. I’m Marie, Andy’s mother"

"N, Nice to meet you"

"Good girl"


She stroked Sara’s hair affectionately.

"I want you to take good care of your mother and father and this house. ……It’s the home where my loved ones were born and raised"



I’m sure my mother knew Jackie-san’s wife’s caution inwardly. Since a legitimate successor was alive, she was worried that she would be told to return it. But my mother made it clear, in a roundabout way, that there was no need to do so.

"Come on, Andy. Let’s go. You’re going to show me your new home, aren’t you?"

"Yeah. Sorry to bother you. Jackie-san"

"No problem. I hope you’ll come back"


I was happy to see Jackie-san’s usual attitude.

Then I showed her my new house.

"Oh, it’s big……two stories?"

"Emm……you know, there’s a lot of us"

"Ri, Right……are you really going to feed all of them?"

"For now"


In the vicinity, another detached house is under construction, arranged by Dianne and Irina. In Polka, which has been slowly depopulated but has renovated and inherited vacant houses scattered around, such a lively new construction rush will be fresh for my mother.

"If mom feels like it, I’ll arrange for you to live here. Now it’s full, including customers……"


When I opened the front door, I found a naked Michela, Airi and Laila relaxing in the dining room and Juline standing in the kitchen. No one was wearing any clothes. A simple erotic paradise situation.

"……Andy? You want me to live here……?"

"This is why the dragon people have a slightly different sense of shame and values!"

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