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Chapter: 325

Chapter 325: After the winter break

With a clatter, Sharon, Naris, Anzeros and Neia carry the armor I made into the carriage. If you’re going to be away from home, you usually wear it for convenience of transport, but if you’re being carried on the wings of a dragon, you don’t need to worry about that too much. You don’t have to think about being dropped off suddenly and fighting instantly……rather you can have the luxury of saying something like, 「I’d hate to sit on a hard chair with my clothes on and have the paint damaged needlessly」.

"Are we splitting up this time?"


When I approached Dianne, who was supervising the takeoff preparations, she laughed.

"You don’t have to bother to feel cramped. ……I was actually told that one of the blue dragons would be willing to send out someone to help with the transport"

"You should stop……"

"Yes. ……Even if there are two cows, it’s still an emergency for the public. It would be safer not to bother showing any more mobilization"


……Once again, we feel the difference between our own awareness of dragons and the public’s perception of them. We are pretty much the only ones who can ask for a favor, but if a third or fourth dragon shows up, this time Sir Buster will have his head in the sand.

"Tetes, don’t say anything else, okay?"


I also nailed Tetes, who was just nearby waiting for delivery.

"Ahaha, it’s all right! Am I that unreliable?"

"I’ve been fooled and cheated by you at all costs, you know"

"And I’m already your sex slave"


Tetes stands tall and kisses me.

"Both front and back are dedicated cum holes for you, right?"

"……Don’t stir things up so early in the morning"

"You know, just because it’s morning doesn’t mean you need to be shy, okay? If you want, I can stick my butt out back there for a minute"


Tetes whispers to me in a whisper. But Hilda, who was listening nearby, warned her.

"You know, Tetes-chan. It’s fine that you’re into sex with Andy-kun, but don’t be so careless, okay? You have to keep your personal life separate from your professional life"

"Y, Yees"


That’s very sound advice, even for Hilda.

"When you’re on the job, it’s better to avoid the hard work of cleaning up after yourself and to give yourself a blowjob if at all possible"

"I see!"

"No, that’s not the point!"


It was Hilda-san after all.


Although we didn’t invite them to the collar ceremony yesterday, there are still a few groups I have to be responsible for in Polka.

"Azel, Rizel and Miril. I’m going to Renfangas for a while, so I’ll probably be back in……the first of the month or so, but if you want to go back to Celesta in the meantime, tell the Baron or Irina"


It would be difficult for them to casually ask Asti and the other dragons for a favor, since they basically live their lives without contact with the blue dragons. I asked the Baron and Irina to coordinate the matter. To be precise, Fennel, a member of the Silver Clan, will act as an intermediary, but let’s leave that part aside.


"You don’t come home much?"

"Grandfather has treated me well, so I don’t mind waiting"


The three apparently have no intention of giving up on the pregnancy and returning to the desert in the middle of the day. ……I’m not sure if it’s a pregnancy, but the bottom two in particular are so comfortable with the idea that they don’t seem to be aware that they’re making a baby. That’s good for me.

"I don’t want to leave just yet, but do you want me to tell……Barbara?"


I tilt my head a bit at Azel’s words.


Emm? Who was it?

"Look, emm, she came in with the sick group the other day and she lives with Marone and the others"

"……Ah, Keel´s girlfriend"

"Yeah, she’s that weird girl who likes the uncle who’s kind of useless"

"……Please don’t call Keel an uncle"


I’m older than him……. That’s because I’m an uncle compared to Azel and Rizel. ……I’m old enough to be called an uncle by Cute and Tetes.

"M, Master!? Come on, Azel, apologize, Master is hurt!"


Miril is upset, but please don’t apologize, it hurts me more to be apologized to.



In addition, I made a quick visit to the crossbow corps and the familiar stores to say hello.

"Really, you’re flying by a dragon……it doesn’t feel real, even with my own eyes"


Two dragons, one blue and one black, stand side by side on a plain cleared of snow by the Ice Decker. Looking up at them, my mother sighs. A few people are seeing us off, including the Baron, Irina, my mother and Grandpa Dan. Our departure and return are not so unusual anymore, so there is no fuss, but there are townspeople and crossbowmen who are watching the takeoff from the town from afar.

"I’ll tell you first. I’m going to teach that little ogre a few more tricks and then I’m going home. Don’t expect me to be around next time"

"Ah, you’re free to go. That’s what I asked Airi to do"

"Leave it to me"


Airi, dressed in a long robe after a hot bath (a traditional Polka costume, but strangely popular with the dragons), assures me that she will be happy to hear my conversation with Grandpa Dan.

"I’ll bring Jeanne to visit you again when things settle down"

"Huh. I have a lot to teach them, too. I’ll be ready"



……Maybe I’ve got a good teacher, as good as Master Sleedo.

"Dianne-dono. Please take good care of Andy. He is now……"

"I don’t need to be told. ……With Andy as the keystone, this place, this time period, is beginning to move. From the beginning, I intend to make him my husband. He also has two dragons who swear allegiance to him. No one will ever touch him"

"Well, it’s not every day you find someone so well-protected, even among royalty and nobility"


I thought Irina’s wording was excessive……well, normally, royalty and nobility don’t have dragons either. And then there’s Anzeros and the other Ace Knights and Gauntlet Knights. Certainly no escort unit is as reliable as it is.

"Thank you for your help. I hope to see you again……"


Neia takes off her hat and greets the Baron.

"You are always welcome to visit us again. All of us at Polka will be waiting for you with open arms"

"……Yeah, hopefully"


Neia smiles just a little sadly and puts her hat back on to hide her face. I wonder why she makes that face. If Dianne’s plan succeeds, diplomatic relations will be established and there will be no obstacles in the way of travel. Even the hardship-filled Kalwin will become easier. Eventually, she will be able to come to Polka whenever she wants. ……Doesn’t she trust us?

"Hey Smithson. Skipping work is not good"



With a crunch, I am shouldered from behind by 100-man special duty commander Becker. Basically, there is no work to be done, even if it is called slacking off. Goto and Boyd are still working on the carriage that Laila is carrying, but the other men should just be watching from the side because they don’t want to disturb them.

"……You care for the hero, Smithson?'"

"E, ah, well……she just seems a little, you know, pessimistic"

‘You’re wasting your time on women’s expressions, dude. ……Well, it wouldn’t be so funny if you were still pretending to be a simpleton after all this love and attention from women"



……I wonder if the fact that he pointed that kind of thing out to me means that the special duty commander has some idea.

"Do you know anything about it, 100-man special duty commander"

"Hmm? How the hell should I know? The other side is unidentified and no one on our side knows what’s going on in this mysterious kingdom"


"Yes, how the hell should I know? ……That’s why, Smithson"


"Keep an eye on it. I hate to say it, but those are the eyes of a hero. ……They’re the eyes of a man who dies doing something for someone other than himself and ends up being called a hero"

"Don’t be so ominous"

"Captain Dianne said she wanted to help her. The captain seldom cares about someone who can handle it without help. ……That’s what the captain says to a girl of that strength"

"……100-man special duty commander, you know something after all?"

"Don’t make me repeat it. I don’t know. It’s just a hunch"


With a tap on the shoulder, 100-man commander Becker moves away. I find myself somewhat optimistic, having grown accustomed to the peaceful Polka life and being surrounded by female slaves. ……Will I brace myself?




"Master♪ I’m free, so play with me♪"

"Te, Tetes-chan, hey!"

"Eh, what’s the rush, Naris-chan?"

"Y, You know what, Neia-san is also riding with us!?"

"Well, you don’t have to worry about playing for a while, right?"

"No, not Master"

"Oh, you don’t know, do you, Neia-san? I have become a female slave of 10-man captain Smithson♪"

"Ha, Haa……umm, am I interrupting?"


The current situation, with Tetes being strangely goofy, Neia being intimidated and Naris being flustered, seems to reduce that kind of tension.

"If you want, I can jump into Laila-san’s carriage over there right now"

"Don’t be absurd, we’re flying!"

"No, it’s not impossible to do it……"


We’re taking a reasonable distance to avoid wing collisions, so it’s not tens of meters.

"Tetes, not good. Don’t bother people too much"


Anzeros flips Tetes off. Tetes looks a little unhappy.

"Mou. ……I think it’s okay for Neia-san to see my sex life"

"No, I don’t want her to see me"

"Because, Neia-san, you like 10-man captain Smithson a lot, don’t you?"

"That’s not the point"


Good grief. I mean, it’s a good time to deny that you don’t like it, Neia.

"Tetes-san. Being prepared to be a slave is not the same as being modest, okay?"

"Y, You’re right. It’s one thing to respond to Andy’s desires, but it’s another to force him to show it, even as a female slave……"


Aurora and Almeida join in the preaching.

"There are ways to please Andy that don’t have to be ecchi"


Luna squeezed up next to me and looked up at me. I pet her and she squints at me and rubs her cheek against my shoulder. ……Yeah, I think that kind of thing is nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that Neia is awkward.

"But if you ask me, it’s not a good idea to spend time in a carriage while traveling like this☆"

"I, I know it’s a bit of an orgy……b, but if Smithson-san wants it……ouch"


Chop to Sharon, who was almost bloodied by Hilda’s ride.

"Hilda-san, you know what you’re doing, please don’t encourage the newcomers"



Good grief, this woman.

"……But, you think that’s probably what they’re doing in the carriage over there……"

"……I can’t deny that"


Apple and Dianne nod to each other in a whisper.

"You’re here Neia!"

"……Not to put it this way, but Neia Grans probably thinks she’s one of us from the side, too!"


Neia is freaked out by Dianne’s words.



Hearing this, Naris and Sharon nodded with a sigh.

"It’s a wonder that the dusky 10-man captain Smithson hasn’t gotten his hands on these titties, isn’t it?"

"It’s in this state……"

"A, Ah……eemm"


Neia wanders off.

"……If it’s just breasts, they’ve already been touched……"

"Don’t tell them!"


The atmosphere is getting crazier and crazier. But Naris hit her hand and nodded softly.

"Ah, I remember you being mischievous when you were getting your armor measurements"

"I’ve been twice besides that……"

"As expected, 10-man captain Smithson"

"That’s all you got to comment on!?"


On the contrary, it’s sad. I’ve certainly done it.

"Neia-chan, don’t you think collars are fashionable?"

"Don’t solicit her either, Hilda!"


……Tension, it’s all been cut down.

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