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Chapter: 326

Chapter 326: Or One X-Day 1

For now, let’s start with Rennesto. As a base of operations, we have almost no use for Rennesto, or rather, we always go to Catalina, the front line, as soon as we stay there for a while.

"Sharon and Tetes should also go and greet the people around them"


When I tell them before landing, they blush for some reason.


"Nu, unveiling of the female slave……♪"


I simply meant to say, go show your face, but their imagination was overrun with grandiose fantasies.

"It’s different. I mean, take off the collar"




They both look disappointed. Do they want to send me to my death so badly, position-wise?

"Naris. Give them a lesson in common sense"



Naris seemed unwilling to be the one to make a comment, even though I had appointed her to be the one to make the comment because she has the most common sense. ……Yeah. I understand that it seems like too much of a hassle.

"I mean, what are you really going to do? If you are planning to make a female slave and impregnate her with Polka dots or something like that, then you can’t have a secret relationship with her forever, can you?"

"That’s right, but……"

"You’re too thoughtless, you know that?"


Naris had a point.

"What do you say, Andy? If you want, I can go with you to greet Felios and Sir Buster"


Dianne says quietly. ……Well, to be honest, it’s a little bit uncool, but it’s the only way to expose the relationship to Felios, who is likely to come and kill me instantly. Felios is also awesome to the extent that Anzeros and Aurora can’t compete with him a bit.

"I won’t let my brother get his hands on you. Don’t worry"

Sharon assures me, but I am still afraid of scary things. I mean, if Laila came with us, it would be perfect. She’s a dragon and I don’t think Felios will be able to stand up to her easily.

"Laila, can you hear me?"



I call out to Laila, who is following behind us as a flight formation. Laila heard with her hearing as expected and immediately flew in as Chibi Laila, which is an illusion.

"I want you to accompany me to greet Felios……okay?"

『……Dianne alone would not be enough』



It’s rare that she objects at a time like this. It’s not at all unlikely that I’d be in a pinch.

"What’s on your mind?"



Chibi Laila is silent on my shoulder. Somewhat.

『We’ll get to Tetes later, won’t we?』

"Y, Yes"

『I will accompany you』


In a roundabout way, she tells me that she has no second thoughts.

"Tetesu-chan will see blood if he’s not good at it. After all, he is Demon Buster"

"Ahahaha, well, I’m sure Marquis Buster will forgive you, after all, if it’s Laila-san’s call"

"……I don’t know if I should say this, but I think it would be better if you didn’t add too much stress to Grand Knight Buster’s mind"

"Eh. But you can’t break a vow you made to others once, as a knight. Even if it’s something naughty♪"

"Don’t pretend to be a knight in shining armor just for this occasion!"


Ah, I feel heavy. ……But now that I’ve given her the collar.

When we arrived at the Celesta mansion in Rennesto, we were greeted in front of the mansion by 10-man captain Mets.

"Hey, Mets. What’s with the sloppy clothes?"

"I, I don’t like it, 100-man special duty commander. I just happened to be strolling along when I saw you guys suddenly appear, so I came running"


10-man captain Mets dressed more like a regular street thug than a warrior. He wore a leather jacket over a shirt that was slightly cut and showed his belly button rather than his chest and a pair of worn-out pants. He had many accessories such as necklaces, bangles and earrings. ……Walking around a foreign city dressed like this?

"You……are playing around a lot, Mets, aren’t you?"

"I, I’m just a liaison officer in the capital city who gets regular reports and compiles them. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and I’m being prodded by my home country to check out Rennesto……I don’t want to get all dressed up to find out what’s going on in the town of Rennesto"

"……You’re not just singing your heart out at the bar like you always do?"

"My own style of espionage! I’m not playing around!"


He blames him, but I’m sure 100-man commander Becker is the same way, acting in a special way for both hobby and practical purposes.

"Becker, leave it at that. Thank you for your service, 10-man special duty captain Mets"



10-man captain Mets respond to Dianne’s exertions with a Celesta-style salute.

"Anzeros, Aurora and Neia are with me! The rest of you rest today! We leave for Catalina tomorrow morning, so unpacking is minimal! Dismissed!"


At Dianne’s order, all of the special duty members salute in unison and the Gauntlet Knights and Neia, in their own ways, indicate their understanding.

"Andy. I’ll be back as soon as I’m done greeting. I’ll just give Sir Buster a hint about Tetes and I’ll report back to you later""Yes"

Dianne whispered to me and nodded. The two dragons each change into their human bodies, Maia rushes over to me and……Laila looks at Tetes with a blank sideways glance.


"……What is it?"

"What’s wrong?"



Tetes is concerned about……? But I don’t think so. Tetes has already screwed up once. She was almost banned once for that. She’s not going to get any stranger than this. I think so.

"What’s wrong with Tetes?"

"No. ……Nothing"

"Then don’t look at her like that"

"……Don’t you think it’s strange that there is nothing?"


"……Well, everything will be fine later. I think I’ll talk to Sharon first"

"Y, Yes"

"Be careful. Maia and Dianne may be enough of a threat, but you can never be too careful"


Laila’s expression did not soften as she put her clothes on roughly. It was an attitude that gave me a strange feeling.



After Dianne and the others had greeted Sir Buster briefly at the castle, Dianne, Maia, Sharon and I headed to the mansion where Felios and the others lived.

"Sharon. Are you safe?"


Felios greeted her not in his usual armor, but in smart, fine aristocratic clothes, probably loungewear. Behind him, as usual, was Berga. As usual, his face was expressionless, as if he were an elf and it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

"Don’t worry. We met just the other day, didn’t we?"

"No, the danger could be anywhere at any time. Above all, you are in a more dangerous assignment than Gold Arms"


Felios says seriously. Then he glares at me.

"You´re working with lowly humans and dark elves. You are a beautiful woman and I can’t help but wonder what they would do to you in the blink of an eye……""About that……older brother"


Sharon swooped forward.

"I’m in love with 10-man captain Andy Smithson……no, I decided to be a female slave"


"Originally, I was aware of such differences……between humans and elves, royalty and commoners. But we abhor that very thing and we are in this country……older brother?"


Felios was frozen. No, he was frozen and his face was a strange color.

"Hey, Felios……"


Berga gently tapped him on the shoulder and Felios slowly turned around.



He collapsed.

"Older brother!?"



Blood spread on the floor as he fell. It was Felios’ vomit of blood. The elven nobleman vomiting blood with white eyes and a strange complexion. I thought I’ve seen something like that before. ……But it looks like Lucas’ face when one of his balls was crushed by me.

"Wh, What the hell is going on?"

"……I don’t know, but at least if Sharon had asked for help……he might still have been shocked that you said you were going to be a salaried female slave herself"



Dianne and Maia sigh.

"……Sharon. I can’t believe it either, but……how could it be?"


At Berga’s quiet question, Sharon put her hand on her chest and looked serious.

"Smithson-san, he has a genuine degree of dignity, worthy of following two dragons. It is the depth of his capacity that makes even……me, a mere woman, so easily. Not a nobleman of Arcus, not a fierce knight, not a shallow woman with the appearance of an elf, …… but who sees only me and loves me as a woman"

"……I can understand the theory, but it’s not a convincing story. Especially how much Felios doted on you……you, of all people, such a little boy of the human race"

"Berga. ……Race is not a big deal. Where is the pride of a race that would ridicule me just because my breasts are bigger than others and how am I supposed to feel it?"


"Then dwarves? Dark elves? Would you have been satisfied with half-elves or beastmen?"

"Don’t talk that way"

"That’s what I’m talking about. ……The bigger one who happened to love me and deserved to be put together was the human race. That’s all"


……No, that’s the only way to convince Berga, but if you lift me up that high, that’s……something like that, I feel like I’m carrying a lot of extra titles. Berga turns his eyes on me.

"……Are you ready for that much, human? Sharon is……Princess Sharon, the princess of glorious Arcus, the princess of 7,000 years of glory. Are you prepared to take and hold that princess in your miserable body?"

"……Would you be convinced if I told you I have?"

"Don’t ask questions back"


Berga’s eyes grow steely. ……He is trying to crush me with just his spirit. But. The most important thing to remember is that he can’t crush me with that level of spirit, let alone with arm strength. I have known more than one fear, more than one murderous spirit. I was scared before I came here, but as soon as I heard Sharon’s trust in me, they held me back. I’m a cash cow.

"You know. ……No, not exactly"


Maia and Dianne look at me a little curiously as I get strangely flustered. Yes. The tension is a little strange. But I’m not.

"I’m not going to let down a woman who said she likes me, who said she approves of me. I don’t want to do anything that will make her sad. ……Sharon is one of them. That’s all"


A thought that comes out strangely easily. ……This kind of state of mind at a time like this may be the reason why people around me overestimate me. My willpower to the women who loved me. The situation where you can’t run away and you have to be prepared is born out of such a feeling.

"Now, the number of fingers in both hands isn’t enough……that’s because the woman’s credit doesn’t let me escape. I don’t know if it’s what Sharon calls magnanimity or capacity. I will occupy……Sharon as my woman as long as she asks for it"

"……Indeed. Aside from power, is the case reasonable?"


……Apparently, Berga can be fooled, too. But. Wiping the blood from his mouth, Felios stands up dazedly.

"W, What are you being deceived about, Berga……this guy is definitely using some kind of medicine or magic on Sharon as well, of course"


"Hu, hmph……I was too surprised……yes, Sharon, there’s no way Sharon would say such a bloody thing……you filthy little human……!!"


He was still purple-faced and apparently had come to a reasonable conclusion in his own mind. He tried to pull the sword from Berga’s waist and…….



Dianne kicks at the brim and snaps the sword.

"If you taunt Andy-sama any further, I’ll kill you, okay?"


Maia releases cold air. And

"I am no longer a child. Older brother. ……Yes, I am truly……no longer a child……♪"



At Sharon’s meaningful words, Felios looks at Berga with a despairing look on his face. Berga shakes his head and once again Felios collapses.

"Older brother!"

"……Leave him alone. He has to leave his younger sister sooner or later"



No, the blood is spreading like it’s not good if you leave him alone.

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