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Chapter: 327

Chapter 327: Or One X-Day 2

Felios was taken to a nearby clinic, where he was diagnosed with a two-month recovery. Slowly closing the front door of the clinic, Berga sighs.

"The mental damage won’t heal in a couple of months……"

"My brother, you are exaggerating"

"……Sharon. Take a little of what Felios felt when he left Arcus for you because you didn’t want to marry"

"It was for the sake of making love to the good Lord sooner or later"

"……Well, Felios would have reacted the same way even if he wasn’t human and sooner or later……and even then, a woman of your stature is a female slave"


Berga’s quip was quite fair. Well, that’s what I usually say. And then Dianne interrupted.

"About that. ……Andy’s 『Female slave』 is meant to be a countermeasure to Trot’s legislation against multiple marriages. In light of the laws of the rest of the world, it’s about as close as you can get to calling someone a concubine"



Berga, expressionless. Sharon says, ah a little and covers her mouth lightly.

"So……I guess you could have just 『Started seeing each other』 to report to Felios"

"Th, That……may be so"


Felios, the damage was allegedly spiked by the impact effect.

"Muu……but, even so Arcus´s princess and a Black Arm willingly surrendered herself to a commoner of the human race. That alone is enough to make anyone who hears it swoon"

"Let the narrow-minded fall as far as they will. Smithson-san is a commoner, but what he has done so far is so good that some countries might take him for a nobleman. The northern forest clan council did not conspire against us"

"N, No, I don’t think it’s that good, okay?"


Cowering from the overestimation, Dianne pats me on the back.

"Get used to it. I know I helped you a lot, but you’re the one who got the credit for the result. There is no good in being modest at a time like this"

"……Is that so"

"Remember. That’s what credit is for. It does not matter how many men a commander has killed in a campaign, he will be praised for bringing victory even if he has not killed a single soldier with his own hands. You may not be a general or anything, but if everyone recognizes the credit as yours, it’s not fiction, it’s real credit"


"You defeated Lucas, subdued a Holy Beast, saved the Great Hero of Trot and were of great assistance to Renfangas in the Great Invasion. You have brought the elves in and out of the forest and saved many bodies from desperate injury and disease. No matter how you minimize it, it is worth what Sharon says it is worth"


What Dianne said was still a little hard to admit that I myself was responsible for a lot of it. But, well, if it makes sense to Berga. No, if it would convince me that it’s a reason for girls to love me, including people other than Berga, then I’d be okay with that.

"……Indeed. After all, there are some parts that are difficult to understand……as long as that clan meeting, including Princess Aurora and Irina-sama, has tolerated your selfishness, it’s not that Sharon is misguided. Maybe"

Mwah, sighed Berga.

"I wonder what we’re doing with Felios. ……He’s still a Great Knight Chief. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t leave him in a state of confusion"

"That……patiently persuaded"

"No, it might be better to stay away from Sharon and the man there. ……Difficult, but I’ll follow up"


As expected of the mentor figure of these siblings, he seemed to take care of every detail.


Once back at the Celesta mansion. The next difficult enemy is Sir Buster. ……Well, unlike Felios, I don’t think he will vomit blood down, but we should be very careful in dealing with him. It would be a shame if he is petrified or something.

"I think we should use Sharon’s reminder……to greet Sir Buster. In the meantime, I’d like to invite Laila to join us for a strategy meeting……"

"I’m here"


Laila appears out of nowhere as she walks down the entrance hall.

"Just in time. Laila, let’s talk it over……"

"We’ll talk about it later, Dianne. ……I’m going to need to borrow Owner for a minute"



Borrowing. ……Is she going to tell me something that Dianne shouldn’t be listening to? No, I don’t think there should be such a thing in the first place. Laila is not the type of person who would do something so devious and she must have a firm trust in Dianne. ……If that is the case, what does that mean?

"……I understand. Don’t take too long"

"Ho, even a cup of tea is enough while you sip"


Dianne pushes my back without saying anything. I step toward Laila without understanding why and notice that……Laila is looking strangely serious.

"Wh, What’s going on?"

"Ho. ……Hang out with me for a bit"


Laila closes her eyes a little, takes a breath, then her open eyes make a small run from side to side and she takes my hand and goes outside.

She brings me into the workshop in the garden.



I don’t think it’s sex here now, where it’s soundproofed. I encourage Laila to talk.

"Ho. ……Just now, I asked Tetes about it"


"……It would be quicker to look at. Calm yourself"


Laila poked her finger against my forehead. She seemed to be trying to show me her memories as they were by pouring them directly into my head with an illusion. I surrendered my mind to the illusion that Laila was creating.


"You, my Lord and Naris, seem to have been deceived"

"Yes? Deceive?"

"Stop that white-knuckle grin of yours. Who do you think you are? ……I tell you that I will not relent for the sake of my Lord. I did not let you live because I liked you and spoiled you. It was because I thought my Lord would want you to. If you plot against my Lord, my heart will not be hurt even if you are extinguished"

"……After all, a dragon is no mean feat"

"You have shown an interest in pleasure and my Lord has responded well. So far, so good. But Owner is not a skilled sex worker. You may have tasted pleasure by accident and thought that you could be fooled by the company of entranced elves and cat beasts in heat, but it is not so luscious that a woman of your rank and purpose can give it all up at once and fall into slavery. You are too quick to draw that conclusion. ……It is too natural. Do you have a rebuttal?"


"I don’t need any more misdirection. Well, if you want to conspire, that’s fine too. If you are confident that you can make a dragon that has been around for two hundred years talk. ……I have already told you, I am considering extinguishing you. Choose your next words with that kind of determination"

"……Is it true that I thought it was okay to be a slave? No, I still think about it. I am sure that 10-man captain Smithson will lofe me. I am sure that he will love me thoroughly as a mere woman, with total disregard for my swordsmanship and my birth, which is probably never possible over here. Then I can surrender myself to him. It’s a happiness that has never surfaced in my life"

"Go on. There must be more where that came from"

"……That’s right. And beyond that"


"10-man captain Smithson is kind to his people. I am sure that if one of his female slaves asks for him, he will always be the one who will fight for her, putting all his strength around her"


"……Al-chan, Knight Chief Sharon and Naris-chan aren’t really from Renfangas, are they?"

"Apparently so, but I’m not particularly interested"

"It’s just me. A genuine Renfangasian. ……It would have to be me then. To get this much power around 10-man captain Smithson to Renfangas’s side, it is most certain that I will be that man’s people. It is worth it. ……It is not expensive if I can give my life as his female slave from onward and equip this country with the power of a god of war, several knights, and two dragons"

"Tsk. That’s a clever little account"

"I like 10-man captain Smithson for what he is. I don’t think it’s so bad that he likes to be surrounded by naked girls. I’ve agreed to a contract that will allow me to be raped and have as many children as I want for the rest of my life. You can’t do this kind of thing by just taking it in stride. It’s not that I don’t want to do it for the sake of it. It’s just that……"


"It’s not uncommon for people to offer themselves to a powerful person as a sacrifice, even though they know it will be called a political marriage and they will be comforted, is it? I……would be happy to surrender myself to that. I can be of service to Renfangas. This would allow my brother to forgive me. It’s just killing two birds with one stone: sex and mission. You know, I’m not trying to fool 10-man captain Smithson, right? Just calculating a little further, you know?"

"……I wonder if owner would you……think so?"

"Ahaha. It’s something no one cares about as long as you keep quiet. I’m good for the country in the future and 10-man captain Smithson can actually fuck and impregnate me as much as he wants, so……nobody, nobody cares"



Waking up from the illusion.

"……This is the exchange that took place in your absence. You were concerned about being bugged by magic, but you didn’t seem to be concerned about my memories"

"You can fake any number of illusions. It’s not proof……"


Only with trust can I trust that this is an actual event. And.

"What do you think, Owner?"

"……I don’t like one bit"

"Ho. I thought you’d say that"


Tetes did not just join the ranks of the female slaves for pleasure and affection, but she intended to sacrifice herself to promise her support to Renfangas. That is, she was offering herself to snow the stain of failure. Even if there was some positive emotion there, it was bitter to me. But I can’t blame her directly. In fact, Tetes was right, if I hadn’t even seen this vision, I would have naturally offered my support to Renfangas anytime she was in a pinch. Tetes’ calculation is not wrong. The only difference is whether I was aware of it or not. Still. Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t just report it to Sir Buster and take Tetes under my wing.



"I’m taking Tetes with me. I’ll make Dianne and Maia wait. We’ll go to Sir Buster"

"What are you going to do?"

"Well, if I’m about to die, you follow me"

"……What are you thinking?"


I didn’t answer her, but just struggled to calm my palpitating heart and left the workshop.


"100-man commander Dianne, told me you were on a private mission"


Sir Buster accepted our visit readily, as if Dianne had left him a note to revisit. The castle, which had been on the verge of collapse, had been repaired, but it was still not completely restored to its original state and the castle was a maze of dead ends. In the midst of all this, Sir Buster let us in one of the reception rooms.

"Is Tetes there, too? ……So, what can I do for you?"

"Ah, Sir Buster"


I hugged Tetes next to me and gave her a tug on her collar.


"Tetes, I made her my female slave"


"Tetes will now be my flesh and blood for the rest of my life. In exchange, I will protect Renfangas with the power of the dragons. Not a bad deal, so I got to work on it right away"


"1, 10-man captain Smithson……?"


Tetes looks up at me with a surprised look on her face. I grinned at her as I stroked her ass for all to see.

"Her asshole and pussy hole were brand new, but they’re both nice enough to have learned the taste of my cock completely. I guess when you’re in as much dire need as Renfangas, you’re looking for help, even offering the pussy of such a young and talented girl and making her beg for it. I’m glad I got the good feeling out of it, though""…………"


Sir Buster fell silent and took a deep breath.

"I’ll be cumming in you for a long time to come……"

"Shut up"


He said in a low voice, closed the distance of a few steps in an instant, grabbed me by the chest and made me move away to brush Tetes off.

"M, Marquis Buster! Umm, stop it……"


Tetes panicked. I looked down at Sir Buster as he grabbed me by the chest and lifted me up, grinning even more emphatically.

"You don’t mind, do you? You tried to cut Tetes off, didn’t you, Tetes? And now she’s spreading her legs for the dragons and she’s cumming so much she’s already had more than one load. You’re going to let her go to waste?"

"Renfangas……don’t underestimate!"


I was thrown straight down. Laila catches me just before I hit the wall.

"Ho. You’ve got some nerve. You’re trying to provoke me, bald-head"


Laila also had a nice ferocious smile on her face. Sir Buster reveals his anger, holding his hand out to me as he throws me.

"I don’t need your help. We have always defended this country with human power. Don’t get carried away. That is not what I asked of you. Who asked you to go to such lengths to protect us?"

"Wait, Marquis Buster, I’ve taken it upon myself……"



Sir Buster also grabbed Tetes by the chest.

"You have dishonored the pride of the Gauntlet Knights"


"We……Renfangas certainly can’t lose. We certainly suffer. But, Tetes. We’re……no, I’m not going to be so weak as to sell out my family and want that kind of power. You were almost banished because you were wrong. I did what I did to turn you in because I should have been judged. ……We didn’t sell you out. You sold out your body to corral the dragons and their friends? Who asked you to do that? Don’t be silly, our gauntlet is a pledge to fight with those two arms. Shame on you for acting like a whore for the sake of your country!"



Tetes was teary-eyed and pale-faced.

"Andy Smithson. We don’t need the power of dragons. And give Neia back. We put our pride first. One day, we will conquer the demon territory without the Dianne special force and send Neia back to her home. Go back to the elf territory!"



"What’s funny!"


Sir Buster yells. But Laila and I couldn’t stop laughing at each other. Ah. I knew, as I thought……this old man is strong.

"After all, Tetes"

"Hi……a, ah……"


Tetes grunts as Sir Buster grabs her by the chest and flaps her legs. Sir Buster gave her a strange look and let go of Tetes, who slumped down and then began to blubber and cry.

"U, Ugh……S, Sor, I’m sorry, I’m sorry……!!"


"I’m sorry, o, old, older brother……!!!"

"U, oh……ah, yes…….yes?"


Sir Buster, unable to swallow the situation, makes a strange face.

"……All right, owner?"

"Well, yeah"


I was prepared for a moment when he threw me against the stone wall with stupid force.

"……I see. Tetes is planning to do something like that"


Sir Buster heard the whole thing and furrowed his brow as he stroked his beard around his mouth.

"I’m sorry……"


Tetes is devastated. She is not able to keep her nerve when Sir Buster declares that her once-in-a-lifetime, life-saving mission to regain her honor is unnecessary and even more shameful. I’m not sure how much she can take of this. ……I think it’s a big deal, but she’s still a girl after all.

"I’m sorry. I made a scene"


Sir Buster apologizes. Now that I think about it……I wonder if he was trying to get a handle on male-female relationships. Or even before that. I was a little too pushy, wasn’t I?

"No, I didn’t even notice this one until now, I was a little bit too much of a wooer for a pretty girl like Tetes, and I was getting carried away……"

"Ho. Well, even without Tetes, he has more than enough women"

"Don’t say unnecessary things"


It gets complicated.

"I’m going to strip Tetes of her knighthood. I’m going to give her a chance to cool off. It may be too early to knight such a child"


Sir Buster snarls. ……The rank of Tetes is dropping lower and lower.

‘W, Wait, older brother……brother?’

"……You are free to call me whatever you like, but could you please not use the question mark?"

"Then, brother. Well, um……I can stop being a knight, but I can’t stop doing my duty!"

"……What’s that?"

"Emm……specifically, that……I was wondering if I could keep the female slave……"


"I, I’m not going to think about it anymore…….but I had a lot of sex with 10-man captain Smithson and if it had gone badly, I would have lost out on getting fucked and it felt really good and I’m not lying when I say I’m willing to be held forever…….I also made a slave contract with the elven chief, so I’ll just have to reiterate that"


Sir Buster, reaches over and grabs her bangs this time.

"Hey. Where is all this theatrics coming from?"

"O, Ouch ouch"

"Eh? Answer me"

"……What we did is pretty much exactly what we did"


Tetes concurred.

"I, I swore a meat urinal oath to……"

"Ho. You’re a female slave"

"Isn’t there a big difference?"

"Hey. Can I hit you as hard as I can? No magic enhancements, please"


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