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Chapter: 328

Chapter 328: Knight girl quartet 1 [Tetes Sharon Naris Almeida]

The meeting with Lord Buster finally confirmed (with Laila’s testimony and Tetes herself as evidence) the fact that 「There was a keen persuasion of sexual instruction from Tetes and a desire for female slaves, which developed into affection apart from political intentions」and was approved, although with a very bitter look on his face.

"You’re still making a sixteen year old girl into a sex slave, don’t you question yourself as a person a little bit……"

"Eh, Master has a female slave who’s just a little younger than I am"

"It’s even more irredeemable!"


Tetes should either want to follow up or finish off.

"And older brother is not that different from me, you’ve been intimate with Her Majesty the Queen, so I don’t think I can speak for anyone else"

"Don’t say intimate. It’s simply that Her Majesty is naive. I have no intention of touching her"

"Eh. It was talked about in the guardroom that the outer moat has been filled in. I mean, she looks just like her predecessor when she was young, so everyone says it’s just a matter of time"

"Who? Who’s everyone?"

"Mostly Knight Chief Levinia and Knight Chief Kragger"


"They’re the entourage of the predecessor, aren’t they? You can’t just hit them and shut them up, no matter how much you want to"

"What do you want me to do, damn it……"


Gauntlet Knights. The merit-based Knights of heroism seemed far from monolithic.


"……That’s why. It was indeed chilling when that bald man became angry"


I returned to the mansion and reported to everyone. When I say everyone, I mean only those who were involved in the matter, since it was about female slaves. I didn’t include Neia and the men.

"What are you thinking, Andy? You could have been killed!"


Anzeros stares at me. But Dianne laughs.

"But I can’t help but feel that Tetes is using you"


Being used is, well, no matter. I am still being used between Polka and the Elf Territory. That in itself is fine.

"It’s not like being used without telling you"



Tetes become sullen when the subject is brought up there. It must have been very hard for her to take Sir Buster’s anger at her, calling her a disgrace.

"But even so, you didn’t have to go out of your way to set it off like that, did you?"


Almeida also looks unhappy. She doesn’t like the fact that I took a life in a strange way without her knowledge.

"Yaa. But well, I guess I don’t know how 10-man captain Smithson feels"

"What do you mean, Naris?"

"I’m sure Tetes-chan would have been slack-jawed for a long time if he didn’t. If it’s a political marriage, it’s not fair if you don’t make clear what you want in a political marriage. The first thing that comes to mind is that the two are not only friends, but they are also friends. ……And 10-man captain Smithson´s female slaves have a relationship based on love, or something like that……that kind of excuse doesn’t really benefit anyone and I don’t know how to describe it. Regardless of the outcome, both Grand Knight Buster and Tetes-chan will have nothing but regrets……"

"Naris is right. Whether it was in the name of a female slave relationship or not, Smithson-san was going to trust you for the rest of his life, remember? If you do anything that betrays your purpose, even if only in your heart, it will surely poison and eat away at Tetes’s heart over the long haul. ……I hate to say this after such a swearing-in ceremony, but I think you should calm down a bit and think ahead, Tetes. Including, as Sir Buster said, starting all over again"



Tetes bites her lips when Sharon admonishes her. Tetes’ demotion was ultimately postponed due to her continuing duties. The four Renfangas on loan to our special forces are all Gauntlets, so they are flexible. If she was stripped of her knighthood, she would change her affiliation to the Royal Army as a single officer. However, Sharon said that we should consider that as well.

"I think I agree with her on this one. ……It’s not a bad thing to use your brains, but it depends"


Naris nodded. Almeida is silent, but that is as much a compliment to Sharon as anything else. All three of them are elves who have lived far longer than they look and because they value their relationship with me, there seemed to be a hint of animosity toward Tetes’ approach.

"How do you do, Andy-san? ……It’s one thing to take away the collar"

"Calm down, Aurora. Besides, you guys aren’t very mature"


I admonished the four elves who added Aurora to the gauntlet.


"I think Tetes is a little too young to be so wise"

"It’s kind of……dirty, isn’t it?"


I can see that the spikes hidden in the words of my three colleagues are stinging and hurting Tetes. Even if they are not saying anything wrong. It’s for my sake. But I still pat Tetes on the head.

"It’s okay to have only one horse like this. I did a dangerous thing in order to ride it. I’ve blocked its escape route"

"10-man captain Smithson……"


Tetes looks up at me. I smirked at her.

"Unfortunately, I’m not big enough to give a woman I once made my own female slave to someone else. So I just have to remind her that she is now a slave whose job it is to beg for my cock anytime she wants it. That I’m not in a good enough position to look the other way"

"Ho. ……That’s good. That’s what makes you a dragon rider"



For some reason, the two dragons look strangely happy. ……I wonder if they were reacting to the part about being able to ride. No, maybe they found qualities in the direction of 「Taking responsibility instead of abandoning」 that is also common to dragon riders.

"Tetes. Once you’ve made the vow, don’t even think about running away, okay? I’m already looking at you on the premise that I can fuck all I want. ……That’s your punishment for thinking weird things. Get your ass out, my female slave"

"E……i, are you……now?"

"Of course. ……Come on Sharon. I’ll reward you for being such a good girl by putting my dick in you"


I invite Sharon to join me and she immediately starts unbuttoning her buttons, although she is a little red.

"I, I’m……?"

"Tetes just waits with her ass sticking out. I’m going to give you a spanking, but first you’re going to watch Sharon being a female slave"

"……Y, Yes……"


With a slightly complicated look on her face, Tetes loosens her belt. She is probably glad that she was not abandoned, but she is not happy to just watch Sharon being held next to her with her ass on the floor.

"Sm, Smithson-san……that, I’m going to……take off my underwear"

"Turn your ass over so I can take it off"


Sharon takes off her clothes and leaves the last piece, her panties, in my hands. I slip the panties down over her round buttocks.



Sharon lets out a sexy sigh. Underneath the panties was a wonderfully sculpted ass and asshole, with hairless labia underneath. In terms of the volume of her nude body and the magnificence of her modeling, she was no less than Laila, Dianne or Apple. The nudity, which can only be described as feminine and sensational in every way, was presented to me in full view of everyone.


"Nice ass. ……Tetes get your ass out there too"

"W, Wait a minute, the top is……"

"You don’t have to take off your top. Just give me your ass"


I kneel down and rub my cheek against Sharon’s buttocks, while I slyly pull down Tetes’s hot pants and shorts, which she is trying to take off.



Tetes blushes a little, perhaps because she has exposed her buttocks in a different way than she intended. I slide my finger mercilessly into her ass and press my finger against her asshole.


"You’ll be punished. I’m going to tease you"


I said as I spit on my fingers and Tetes looked puzzled.

"E, Emm, that’s not a punishment only for me……?"


She spoke out of her ass-hole slavery in a very pleasing and honest manner.

"I’m going to finger-fuck anyone who says such slutty things until they’re white in the face!"

"Hyaa!? I, auu♪"


Tetes put her hands on the table and writhed at the feel of suddenly invading fingers.

"Sm, Smithson-san, I’ve got one too……♪"

"You go this way"


I firmer Sharon’s ass with my remaining hand, getting more and more excited. My cock is already on the warpath, but Sharon is a little less wet than she had been halfway through the fight. With both hands, I get into position to unwind both Tetes’ asshole and Sharon’s vagina. ……When it comes to it, it’s all about getting a little greedy.

"Almeida, Naris. You guys join us. Or rather, suck my cock until their holes are ready"

"……I, I don’t mind"That, you do remember that I’m not a female slave, right? I’m not so sure about your arrogant commanding tone. I’ll do it"


Almeida and Naris blushed, looked at each other a little and then approached me with a shy smile.

"Ho. You have just returned to Renfangas and now you are confirming the conquest of a knight of the region"

"If you want to suck it up, I’d do it any day……"

"Give it to them, Apple. That one’s making nice with that one"


Naris, who gets between Sharon and Tetes with her ass in full view while listening to the voices in the open air and unclips my belt as I stand up and Almeida, who loosens her throat and clears her throat with a cough.

"I, I suck first. You’re not good at that"

"No, that doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but……you’re good at it, Almeida-san?"

"……Well, not really……"

"I know, right? We only know this cock, don’t we?"


You guys need to stop having weird, everyday conversations with my dick in front of you.

"Do you want me to give you some hands-on instruction?"

『No, thank you』

"Oh, that’s too bad☆"


Naris and Almeida refuse Hilda’s suggestion and stare at each other with my erect cock between them.

"Then, I’ll go first"

"Go ahead"


Almeida sucks on my cock. Sharon and Tetes raise their high pitched voices as they feel the tension of my fingers.

"Nku, n, nn……iit tastes weird, but……n, huu……nchu, nkuu……"


Almeida sucks my cock with a strange passion. I feel a little pity for Naris watching her at close range, so I pull my cock out once and stick it in her mouth.

"Hey, Naris taste it too"

"Taste. Nchuu……i, it doesn’t taste that strange anymore, Almeida-san licked it carefully……"

"Then you can suck me till I cum"

"Wa, Wait a minute, I’m no longer of any use to you……n, nguu"

"D, Don’t pull my hips all of a sudden"


Back to Almeida. Pull back her hips to Naris. I take turns thrusting and sucking on each other’s lips. Sharon and Tetes writhing on either side of them, offering their respective holes.

"……KKu, it’s time to get out……first shot, which one of you drinks!?"

"Nbuaa……a, are you sure you want me to drink it!?"

"……Get it out of me, you´re a troubled man……♪ N, huguu……♪"

"Haa, haaa……m, mou, you can just shove it in me and take it out……♪"

"M, My butt, it’s already loosened up, so I’ll take it……♪"



Eventually, Almeida was sucking on it, but on the verge, I got naughty and pulled out of her mouth and ejaculated, making my cock dance in the space between Naris and Almeida.

"Ua, aa……what a waste!"

"Nu, i, it’s in my eyes!"


A generous amount of semen poured down on both of their faces. Sighs are let out from the other women who were watching. The fingers of my hands were blubbering and I was on my knees, intoxicated with the pleasure of ejaculation.

"……Good, you two, get your asses out of here. I don’t mind taking it all off"

"After all, you want us to join in, too……peruu"

"E, Emm……it’s not going to be a punishment at all after all……♪"

"N, haaa……no objection, Naris, Almeida……Master’s orders♪"

"I’m not a female slave. ……Or rather, 10-man captain Smithson. I’m not, but if you knew how popular this group of people are within the Knight Order, you’d die……?"


Tetes chuckles as Naris says this while wriggling out of her panties.

"Naris-chan is secretly popular too and if she gets married, she’d be a good wife……well, we all ended up sticking out for 10-man captain Smithson´s cock♪"

"I, I’m……already prepared……"

"I just reported it to my older brother. Please enjoy it to the fullest……♪"


Sharon and Almeida completely naked, Tetes and Naris with only their butts showing. All four of them had their asses lined up in front of me.

"All of you are my toys and heroic knights. I’m going to spawn you all equally and in abundance to boost the economy in the future"


"Naris-chan, are you going to argue with me now?"

"I, I’ve already struck this pose and it’s starting to feel like anything I say is going to be empty……you can do whatever you want with it"

"I’ll make Naris the only one going out to distinguish herself"

"I, I’m on birth control and I’m being strangely ostracized!"


Naris is in her usual form while standing in line with her ass in full view. I was relieved to see her back to her usual self.

"Then, let’s start with Naris first"

"Eh, the first to prepare is Knight Chief Sharon and Tetes-chan……hunyaaa!?"


I plunged in. The fact that it was surprisingly easy to get to the back shows the level of anticipation Naris has for it.

"Oh, it went in"

"Naris is so naughty"


"You guys have a strangely blurry comment……n, ku, a, wa, wait a little, suddenly shaking my hips……a, huaa♪"

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