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Chapter: 329

Chapter 329: Knight girl quartet 2 [Tetes Sharon Naris Almeida]

"Th, That’s right……in a case like this, even if we disregard the punishment for Tetes-chan, shouldn’t we start with Knight Chief Sharon first?"

"You say that after you’ve pushed all the way in……"


Naris complains with a bit of a frown on her face and Tetes looks surprised next to her.

"Is it possible to give up now?"

"Naris’s mentality is amazing……"


Almeida and Sharon, who took everything off and put their hands on the table, also look impressed.

"No, it’s funny how you can get stuck when you’re plugged in, even if it’s after the excitement!?"


Naris boldly plunges in on both sides. I shook her and interfered with her. I tease her by poking and prodding her cervix, feeling the warmth of her exposed buttocks against my hips.

"Ya, s, so are you listening!?"

"You may be good, but I’m not. I’ve stuck my dick in your nice pussy, so let me enjoy it as much as I want"

"Y, You’re so pushy……ku, huuu……♪"


Naris did not particularly try to escape, even as she said it. I was rubbing Almeida’s and Tetes’ asses on either side of her as I wiggled my hips in response to Naris.

"Hu, aa……haaa……♪"

"E, Expectation, how to touch……♪"


Enjoy the bottom half of all three Red Arm girls at once. The asses of all three are really sensational to the touch and very conquering.

"F, Finger……don’t you want to put it in ……?"

"Which hole?"

"I don’t care which one you use……♪ Tightly, I’ll suck you……either pussy or ass……♪

"You’ve been so nasty to that Tetes……you’re a trainer after all……"

"……Haha, I was supposed to specialize in elves"


I mutter to myself as I rub Almeida’s buttocks in a tight grip. I don’t really specialize in anything. I don’t even remember training her.

"You’re very thorough, Almeida. I told you to take your ass out, but you took it all off"

"I, I told you I didn’t care either way……it, it’s the same either way. If you don’t have to get dressed in a hurry, it’s easier to clean up if you take them off and it excites you too……"

"I wonder what your buddies would think if they heard 『Dancing Spear』poses erotically with her pussy and tits all exposed as soon as she was told to do it"

"D, Don’t say that……"


Almeida wriggles with shame. As I teased the two, Sharon, who was further away from Almeida and was exposing her most gorgeous naked body, giggled.

"It’s okay, Almeida. Even if my fellow knights call me a flirtatious bitch……we’re all Smithson-san’s meat urinals together, so I´m not lonely"

"I, It’s not a question of being lonely or not……. Besides, I’m not going to……be ashamed if I am……it’s what everyone does"

"To be a female slave?"

"To expose your skin for a particular man and invite him to whore around! Oh, if you are a woman……you should never be special. It’s just that my man is extraordinarily adroit and is liked by an extraordinarily large number of women"

"Huhu. Right"


I would say that is self-delusion on my part.

"I, I hope you didn’t forget about the person you’re putting your dick in!?"

"N, No, I haven’t forgotten"


Naris was pissed at me. Maybe I was a little lazy with my hips. As an apology (with both hands still sucking on Tetes’ asshole and Almeida’s vagina), I speeded up the movement of my hips slamming into Naris’s ass.

"K, Ku, hua, a, aaa……♪"

"Waa, Naris-chan feels so good"

"U, Umm……you’re enjoying it a lot"


While Tetes and Almeida are giving me short shrift, Naris joins her hips with mine, breathing together and making charming noises.

"Naris……I, I’m about to let it out, do you want it outside or inside?"

"Th, Therefore……I’m sure you’d like it inside……♪"

"I, Is that so?"

"That’s the best……most natural way……to keep it inside……♪"

"G, Good……it’s time to go, Naris……ku, huaa……!!"


Naris aligns her hips firmly with mine and she slams her hips vigorously to catch me at the deepest point and then squeezes her vagina when the cervix and bell mouth are attached. At that moment, semen gushes out deep inside Naris.

"Nyuhaa……aa, aaa……a, gaa……♪"


Naris stiffens and tenses up as she enjoys the sensation of the cum that is spurting in and out of her.


"Huu……haa, haaa, haaa……"

"……You have such a strong desire for a vaginal cum shot, don’t you?"

"Th, That’s just……that one feels better, or more penetrating……"

"Do you really want to get pregnant or something?"

"I, I can’t get pregnant until I pay off my debts on my own!"


Naris insists with a red face, while slightly wiggling her hips with my cock in her lower mouth as if enjoying the afterglow.

"I wonder if you’d even want to get pregnant if it weren’t for the debt. I would be happy to become pregnant with Naris and Almeida"

"N, No, anyway I cant convince myself that I need to be tight with my current debts anyway……but if it’s just sex, I don’t have to be celibate……"


Sharon almost intrigued her, but Naris stepped aside. Then, Hilda, who was watching from the side (and even drinking the liquor that Laila had brought out from somewhere), called out to her smilingly.

"By the way, Naris-chan. I didn’t tell you"

"Wh, What is it……?"

"Naris-chan’s birth control is now off, so you might be impregnated☆"



Naris freezes. She still has my dick in her pussy.

"Oh. ……Finally pregnant Naris"


"……U, Unfair"


While Tetes, Sharon and Almeida each mutter in a muffled whisper, Naris moves her head to look back at her vagina with a giggle.

"Q, Quite……I’ve put out a lot, right"

"That felt good……"


I nodded.

"Ah, you know, there’s a magic that will make these things go away now"

"I’m not saying there aren’t, but I wouldn’t want to use it. It would mean killing Andy-kun’s baby"


Hilda rejects it while sipping from her glass of wine.

"Do you want to have the baby?"

"Eh, ah, emm……?"

"If it’s a child, if you leave it to Polka, I will raise it with a lot of moms☆"

"E, Eh……?"


Naris only looks pathetic without pulling my dick out. ……There.

"You know, lie"


"Birth control. It’s on"


Hilda broke the story. ……I calmly thought that was about it. Because if such a mistake is allowed, Hilda-san will be the first to 『Get pregnant by mistake』. I knew that, but there was no way I would have overlooked such a blunder by Naris.

"……Did you imagine that for a minute? About yourself getting pregnant"

"I, I can imagine that! Don’t surprise me!"


Naris takes a bite out of it. I lean in behind her and whisper in her ear.

"Was it so bad that you were pregnant with my child?"

"……That, you know"


Naris let out a sigh of exasperation and annoyance.

"……I hate myself for not feeling so bad about"

"Hey, hey……."


Although I chuckle at the subtle answer.

"Naris-chan is so cute♪"

"Well, it’s a refracted way of thinking that only children don’t like it when you allow yourself to be so openly physical……"

"Right. Naris, you can forget about the debt"

"So please don’t say anything that will drag us down from the depths of the ant lion’s den!"


I finally pull my cock out of the fussy Naris. Juice flooded out.

"Nn……I’m so glad it came out"

"It felt good, your pussy""Please don’t give me joyful compliments"


I stroke Naris’s head. ……With the hand covered in Almeida’s love juices.

"Uwa, it’s kind of slimy!"

"Your face was covered in cum to begin with, Naris"

"That’s not the point!"


I stroked Naris’ ass laboriously as she and Almeida bickered and I moved my hips to Almeida.

"I, I’m next……huaa"

"I’ve teased you plenty, so I don’t think you need any more caresses"

"Of course……f, fuck me all you want……uaaaa♪"


I push the glans deep into the labia. As a reward for Almeida’s nudity, I hug her tightly. The hot and sticky vagina and the burning skin are pleasant to the touch.

"Haaa……haaa…… me too, plenty……you will love……?"

"As much as Naris"

"……That’s good……enough, just, move it……hiaaa!?"


When I sucked her ear, Almeida made a cute and charming sound that lacked any trace of dignity.

"Don’t be in such a hurry. I want to taste the inside of your vagina as well"

"I, I……I can’t wait to get my hands on……some of Andy’s hot sex……♪"

"Good grief"


I chuckle and thrust my hips up wide, gouging Almeida’s vagina deeply. Almeida wriggled flexibly and writhed in agony.


"Here we go again"

"A, Auaaaaa!!"


Pull slowly out and thrust in all at once. I enjoy a lot of vaginal billowing behind the glans and then I shoot it all the way out of the vaginal opening. I repeat such a self-centered blow many times inside the moist and flabby vagina.

"There, there……Almeida, do you feel that?"

"Haaa, na, auuuu……kku, ka, feel……feel so good, u, a, aaa……♪"


She seemed to like the strokes a lot.

"Sm, Smithson-san, my body, too, with your hand……"


I had my hands on both sides when I was removing myself, but Sharon was not happy about not being able to mix it up after Naris left, so she leaned in closer and appealed to me.

And Naris, who had been heaving as she was being fucked, began to mosey out of her clothes as she caught her breath, then stripped naked and thrust her hands back onto the table.

"Naris-chan, you’re taking off your clothes"

"……I, It’s 10-man captain Smithson’s anyway, so there’s no way it’s going to be over in one round. I just feel like I should take off my clothes now"


Naris is apparently guessing the next order of business. ……I’ll probably do it, though.

"Almeida. I’m going to take my hand away"

"Y, Yes……a, kuaa……"

"Don’t run away. Take it firmly. It feels better that way"

I warn Almeida, who unconsciously tries to escape her body to avoid the extreme blow.

"B, But then, I won’t be able to hold my head……until you put it out……♪"


She seems to have felt it a lot.

"I can’t help it. Sharon, Naris. Support her"

"Mou, Almeida, you’re so strong, but you’re so squishy when you’re embraced"

"I don’t know. I just think that 10-man captain Smithson´s dick is just too messed up"


Naked, beautiful elven knights, each from a completely different background, support each other, sticking their asses out to me and offering their wombs to me. The candles in various parts of the room cast a fantastical reflection of their white nude bodies, which were somehow unrealistically beautiful. I start to finish off Almeida, who is exhausted in the center of the room, but continues to wait for my cock.

"Hua, a, aaa……feeling, feeling good……please, chyuuu……♪"

"It’s time to get serious……!"

"Hue……a, ahyaaaa!?"


The last spurt, with Almeida’s body pinned to the two on either side. As expected, with only the arm strength of the Gauntlet Knights, Almeida is unable to escape and takes my cock thrusting around her womb in small increments in the deepest part of her body. Soon, I too climax while being squeezed by her well-trained lower abdomen and I ejaculate while letting my vision pop.




So of course Almeida was cumming a few moments earlier than I was. Inside her spasming vagina, I exploded my third ejaculation of the day.

"A, Aaa……huaa……♪"

"Oh, I’m getting fuzzy"

"I know she’s a little wobbly……but is this the way she’s going to be able to do it?"

"I don’t think that’s something you need to worry about, Naris-chan"

"Eh, no, if 10-man captain Smithson were to fuck her and she went down easily, I or Tetes would be next!?"

"I, I don’t mind being connected to Master for half a day or so, okay? ……Probably. Don’t worry about it, okay?"

"……I think that’s being too greedy too"

"Yes, Tetes"


Tetes bitter laugh. You two elves there, let’s not switch logic on ourselves.

Almeida has rolled on the floor and become a personal disaster, so the three of them once again stick their hands on the table and stick their butts out as if to cover them up. Sharon comes in the middle.

"Now then, your reward. We’ve been looking forward to this, haven’t we?"

"I’ll take care of it"


While touching Tetes and Naris’ asses as a matter of course, I place the back of my cock against the crack of Sharon’s white ass and rub it as if enjoying her buttocks.


"Master, I’m rather at the end of my patience, so……please go deeper and harder with your fingers, even if it’s just to get by Knight Chief Sharon……♪"

"I, I wonder if I can say that while letting him put two fingers in my ass……"


Naris is looking at Tetes’ ass in a bit of a cold sweat, but she also has my middle finger in her vagina. Sharon and Tetes. This is where the real work begins.

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