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Chapter: 342

Night. The dormitory is ready, so from today onwards, anyone other than Dianne and the others can stay here. However, it would be a bit awkward to spend time in a room with freshly painted walls (they say that if you dry the walls too fast, they will fall apart), so we cannot stay in a plastered room, considering the possibility of inadvertent accidents. In anticipation of this, Dianne had prepared a room with planks without painted walls.

"Wooden walls in this kind of accommodation would easily catch fire and the drafts would easily pass through, so it lacks simple sturdiness. It’s just a stopgap measure"

"Is there any magic to overcome that?"

"The maximum effect of magic is limited to a few months, no matter how hard you try, so you can’t use it as a prerequisite for operating the facility"

"If it’s an engraved crest……isn’t it a little impossible to apply an engraved crest to the entire wall……"

"That’s what I mean. The particular technology is also a hindrance when it comes to maintenance. In the long run, magic and engraved crests are only temporary"

"……That’s right"

Even if you build a wall with a special effect by engraving a crest, if a part of the crest is damaged by physical destruction or fire, the effect will disappear. It is not enough to repair it if it requires special knowledge and sense……the technician will have to take care of it all the time. Military facilities in particular are used roughly. There is nothing better than anyone being able to repair them if they want to. Even if it takes a little time and effort, it is better to use common sense.

"It’s a little cramped for everyone to sleep in"

"We’ll have to use the horse-drawn carriage and the warehouse"

"Well, we have a roof over our heads and no snow, so we are in heaven compared to those who are building forts in tents in other places"

Since there was only one room that had been boarded up in advance in the dormitory, the men, who could not even ask the girls to let them sleep with them, slunk out of the room. The room was quite small for sleeping, since there were more than ten girls alone.

"Today on the table. Hehe, it’s a bit misbehaving, but it’s okay♪"

"……I don’t mind, but Naris, unlike a bunk, there is no frame, so you’ll fall out"

"I’m fine, I’m not a bluffing gauntlet!"

"I guess I’ll be under the table then"

Tetes and Naris were in a bunk bed situation using a table that was just the right size. They seemed to be having a good time.

"Almeida, where are you going?"

"Knight Chief. No, it’s a little cramped, so I thought I’d sleep in the hallway……"

"You’re a woman, you can’t be so defenseless, can you?"

"I couldn’t say that as a soldier"

"You are a female slave now, and you mustn’t make a mess"

"……Y, Yes"

Sharon catches Almeida. Since Naris was taken by Tetes, she probably wants someone to talk to. Almeida is her subordinate and an elf, so she seems easy to talk to. The gauntlet group is hurriedly going to bed, but on the other hand, the Celesta group is starting some kind of work together. The Celesta group, or rather, the old female slave group.

"Maia and Luna, gather leaves. ……I’m sure you could get straw anywhere in town"

"I know, it’s a blind spot. There is no livestock here and we don’t even think about being prepared for straw. But we really need it for firewood and such, so shouldn’t we go and get a heap of it?"

"I agree. The most important thing to remember is that it is not something that comes naturally"

Dianne and Hilda had begun sewing together a large piece of cloth. They were not converted into clothing, but brought in as daily necessities.

"What are you doing?"

"Making a bed"

"We can’t sleep in a hard place for a long time from now, can we? However, we can’t hope to find a cotton-filled futon, so for now we’ll have to collect dead leaves and cover them with cloth"

So it’s an emergency plan.

"I mean, everyone’s happy with blankets, but shouldn’t we all be doing this?"

"Everyone is probably tired by now. It’s a lot of work and we can’t get it all at once. For now, I’m going to make enough for you to sleep on"

"If you let someone who is too lazy to do the sewing, it will be a waste of cloth. In that respect, sewing and cutting are Hilda-sensei’s specialties"

"Don’t talk like you’re the only one who is good at sewing, older sister. I’m as good as older sister"

"Ahaha, of course, Dianne-chan was in the same business☆"

……Ah, because she’s also a doctor. Certainly Dianne had her legs firmly attached.

"Actually, I’m also good at sewing"

The skill is essential as part of making small items.

"This kind of thing is a woman’s job"

"It’s a wife’s job☆"

"I’m not sure if it’s a wife’s job or not"

"Why are you so shy about it, Dianne-chan? Why are you questioning your position as Andy-kun’s wife now?"

"I’m not saying that, but……I, I’m a bit confused when suddenly shaken"

It’s fun to see a little rare scene where Dianne is flustered, but I don’t think mat craftsmen are in the women’s industry.

"Shall I help?"

Anzeros approaches, but Dianne shakes her head.

"More than that, you guys should go take a bath. You must be dirty"

"Y, Yes, that’s true, but……a hot bath?"

"The water should be in the bathing area over there from the water supply we just made. Laila is heating it up"

"Eh, that’s already happened"

"You should go there. But there’s still a chance Becker, Lantz and the others will see you"


I patted Anzeros on the head, who stiffened a little.

"Then we’ll go together"

"Ah, Andy"

"I’ll help you wash your hair"

The other day, I said the same thing to Neia. Anzeros looked a little embarrassed, but waved her ears happily and nodded.

The water supply, made of gutter, snaked its way gently through the fort and Aurora and Apple were washing dishes at the halfway point while taking water from a tub.

"Andy-san. Also Anzeros-san""Can I help you?"

They washed the dishes without stopping.

"I’d like to take a bath with you. I mean, I heard that Laila is making hot water at the end of this tap"

"Ah, that sounds great……♪"

"One moment, please"

The two quickly clean up the rest of the wash.

I led the three of them to the end of the waterway, where Laila was taking a half-bath in a shallow stone pond. Of course, no one would blame her, so she was proudly bareheaded. The moonlit night made her white naked body stand out.

"Ho. You’ve finally arrived"

"Is it warm already?"

"Just about right. Feel free to come in"

Laila smiles a charming smile over her back. I don’t think that …… is the source of heat that warms this large bathhouse to the point where it smokes with hot water.

"I, I’d like to at least have a shed to take off……"

"I agree……"

"Either way, you’re exposing your naked body in a place like this with no enclosure. You should take the plunge"

Even though it was inside the thick stone wall of the fort, Anzeros and Apple were a little hesitant to take their clothes off outdoors, but they were blasted by Aurora and took off their clothes. Hang on a rock (a piece of building material).

"You won’t come in, too?""Well, I’m sorry to bother you"

I never thought that I would be able to take a mixed outdoor bath on the Renfangas’ side, but I wasn’t prepared for it either. I hesitated a little. The first thing to do is to take off my clothes and go into the bathing area while looking at the backs of Apple and the others who are exposing their naked bodies first (not to mention the girls, it’s not too embarrassing to see 100-man commander Becker or Masturbation Brothers). ……A little hot. But that’s what makes a 「Bath」 so comfortable. I haven’t had a chance to soak in hot water recently because Laila was at the construction site over here.

"Hoho. How about a drink?""But first, let me enjoy my first bath in a while"

I felt like soaking my whole body in the hot water. Alcohol is good and Laila’s boobs are good, but the pleasure of soaking in hot water has now won.

"Hot, ……ah, but it feels good"

"Do you want to use the tub? They say that your body gets used to the hot water if you pour it over yourself"

"Please lend me the tub"

Anzeros and the others also surrendered themselves to the hot water one after another. This bliss, that you can see the beautiful girls who are not inferior in the bath happily in the near future. Happiness that you can enjoy hot water while looking up at the moon and see boobs on the stupid side in a demon territory that should not be really peaceful.

"Ah, happiness"

"Hoho. You look so happy"

"Laila, can I touch your tits?"

"I don’t have to say no"

Laila, who was enjoying a small cup of wine in a ceramic sake jar floating in hot water, I reached around Laila’s arm and squeezed her tits. Laila accepts it with a warm, childlike look.

"Laila’s tits are still worth rubbing"

"Are you going to give me a little lovin’ once in a while?""I’m afraid someone might be spying on us"

"Ho. I know that. But I don’t care"

"……You’re right, aren’t you?"


Laila laughed and poured more wine. Then Anzeros and the others came by, cutting through the water.

"Ah, Andy. By the way"


"……We didn’t do that thing today"

"That thing?"

Anzeros stood up with a thud, hugged herself and hesitated for a moment. Aurora also rises and coughs, her wet body glistening in the moonlight.

"D, Duty of a female slave""……Duty?"

After I said it, it occurred to me.

"……Is it to put my cock in your cervix once a day?"

"That’s it"

"That’s right"

Anzeros and Aurora nodded at the same time. When Laila heard it, she made a happy expression.

"I see you’ve started something interesting while I was gone"

Laila didn’t know about this, did she?

"……I, It makes me feel like we’re female slaves, and……if I get a chance to put your cock in me properly once a day……I think it might light a fire under Andy-san"

Apple explained and Laila nodded.

"Then you can consider me obligated to do so as well, right?"

"Y, Yes"

"I see. Then, owner. I hope you’ll poke me in the womb before the day is over"

Laila stood up in front of me with a smile on her face.

"I’m sure there’s someone peeking in right now, by the way. I don’t mind, but are you willing to let others see you being penetrated?"



Anzeros and Aurora froze. Apple is also having trouble holding and loosening the hand she was about to put on Laila. I giggle and Laila pulls my hand away and sits on the edge, straddling me.

"Of course, you can enjoy it as it is until you pour out your seed. ……Or you can show me how it’s done♪"

"You pervert"

"Ho. The man who caught a black dragon in the world because he wanted to put a cock in says so"

"……Th, That’s right, but"

"You should be ashamed of yourself. I’ve done nothing of the sort♪"

Laila squints as she sits down and trembles with the feel of my penis.

"……Well then, bend……kuku, I’ll be your partner as many times as you want"

Laila, who had her hips pressed tightly together, was fiercely protested by the girls behind her.

"Laila, don’t get carried away! We’re here too!"

"Th, That’s right! ……Le, Let’s just take it as it comes"


"I’m also a slave who wants to be the best female slave. I’ve been seen, but it’s only a confirmation of a well-known fact"

"Ho. You’ve got some nerve. If you insist, I’ll take your place"

Laila smiles and sits up. Aurora takes her place, squatting down and placing my cock in her own hole.

"H, Hey, Aurora……don’t be so stubborn""It’s a good opportunity……see your determination as a female slave……♪"

The steamy elf beauty finally welcomed the cock into herself, although she was aware of the public eye.


She is intoxicated by this fact.

"……Oh, Aurora"


"By the way, can I get a vaginal cum shot……?"

"……Huhu, I´ll be with you anywhere♪"

Instinctively, I’m dying to get her dirty, and I start shaking my hips.


"……A,Amazing……they´re proudly doing it"

"Is this your first time even with 100-man special duty commander Becker? We’ve only seen Laila-san"

"Y, You’re good, 10-man captain Smithson……is this what they call training?"

"Th, That, wai……that was my bed……hyaaa, wh, what are you rubbing……!?"


‘Be quiet, Neia-san. ……This is just our life’s work. Don’t mind us"

"……Uh, I should have slept with all of them honestly……"

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