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Chapter: 76

The 19th Floor Baptism

Translator: Masakibluei  

A view that looks like a picture that comes from the book that I had read a long time ago. This quote is perfect to describe the scenery of the 19th floor. Countless large and small fishes are swimming across the clear blue sky. On the ground, masses of membranous plants that are hard to see from the top grow between the rocks. The cliff on the right side is covered by colorful star-shaped animals, and on the bottom of the valley, there are some snakes like fishes squirming from the holes. The scenery is like the scenery at the bottom of the sea or lake.

However, all of us are able to breathe properly here. There are proper air and oxygen to breathe. The only thing that is out of place is the fish that swim in the air. It’s like we are in a miniature garden of water creatures that have been forced to adapt to living on the ground.

That’s right, we are inside the dungeon now.

Other than beautiful, I can sense that they are dangerous. Those are monsters. It’s not the time to leisurely gaze at the beautiful scenery.


Erin is grasping her breath. Sweats are flowing from her forehead and her hair beside her ear has already been drenched in sweats.

"Too many……when will they stop coming……"

While grumbling, she points her staff to launch another attack. A large flash of lightning is coming from her staff, making the fishes burn and fall to the ground. 

We are currently being attacked by monsters. How many times already? The number of large monster fishes that Erin has shot down cannot be counted with two hands anymore.

The main feature of the monster on this floor is that they can swim freely in the air. Because of this, it’s really difficult to get close to the monster. Both Force and Jin are specialized in close-range combat, so they are unable to attack the monster. In the present, we are relying on Erin and her spells to fight them off.

Note: "They are also coming from behind. Rosalia, please protect our back."

While keep looking at Erin who is fighting against the enemies at the front, I give instruction to Rosalia. Besides Erin, Rosalia is pretty good at long-distance combat. Although her long-range assault power is inferior to Erin, it is enough to handle a group of small monsters.

Rosalia: "Are you alright, Erin-san?"

When Erin sees Rosalia smiles sarcastically at her, she spits back at her.

Erin: "Shut up! It’s nothing at all!"

Rosalia: "But you look like having a hard time."

Erin: "I’m not having a hard time at all! I’m completely fine! It’s within my scope! It’s because I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday."

Rosalia’s reaction is reasonable. Anyone who looks at Erin can tell that she looks tired from casting too many spells continuously. I suddenly become worried about her condition, so I ask Neme who I carry on my back.

Note: "Erin has [Extreme Increased Mana] right? Then why she looks so tired?"

Based on her skill, she should have an unlimited supply of mana. If that is the case, in theory, she should be able to cast spells limitlessly. But looking at her condition now, it does not seem like that.

Neme: "Casting spells is tiring too! Can’t be helped! For stupid Note, this Neme will explain in an easy way for you to understand! "

Although Neme-san proudly gives an explanation, her explanation is too difficult to understand. Inside my head, I sort out the information that is given by Neme. Apparently, when a sorcerer casts a spell, there are 3 stages to go through.

The first stage is elaborating mana. The sorcerer pulls out the mana that resides in her body as much as she needs. The next step is accumulating mana. At this stage, the sorcerer storages the mana that she pulls out inside a catalyst such as an orb or staff. The last step is converting the accumulation of mana inside the catalyst and releasing it with a spell.

The spell will be activated after going through all three stages. In addition, the three stages can be varied for each person, depending on their battle style. Sorcerers transform the mana into spells, while priests and paladin use a part of God’s power and transform it into spells.

According to Neme, the principles are fundamentally different. Sorcerers use the mana that resides in their own bodies, while priests and paladin bring out a part of God’s power and transform it into magical power. As a result, they can cast healing spells, increase abilities spells and offensive spells. 

As a person who is unable to cast spells, it’s very difficult for me to comprehend the differences. But for people who use spells as battle style, they will sense the differences.

Note: "To sum it up, regardless of the amount of mana that you have inside your body, you still have to pull those mana, accumulate it, and convert it into spells. That’s why Erin is exhausted? "

Neme: "That’s right! That’s what I said!"

Even if you have an unlimited amount of mana inside your body, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to cast spells unlimitedly…

As I come to understand the principle and 1 nod my head, a disturbing sign suddenly arises from the front direction.

Note: "What……is that……?"

Neme who sits on top of my shoulder, immediately asks a question as soon as she sees bewilderment written on my face.

Neme: "What is going on?"

Note: "Can you see that?"

I point my finger at something that is coming from ahead.

Neme: "That thing which looks like black clouds?"

Note: "Yes. That thing might be the Mid-Boss of this floor."

Using my art, that’s the level that I can sense from the approaching enemy.

"That’s the Mid-Boss?!" Erin reacts immediately after she hears the word.

Erin: "Impossible! It’s impossible! Right now, I’m already at my limit!"

Rosalia: "Huh? Already at your limit? Didn’t you say that this much is nothing for you?"

Erin: "NG!? Note…Rosalia is being mean……"

Rosalia: "Stop asking help from Note-kun. Are you making me into the bad guy? "

Then the both of them throw their sight sharply at me.

Can you please not bring me into your quarrel……?

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