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Chapter: 77

The 19th Floor Baptism 2

Translator: Masakibluei  

Seriously, with the predicament that is approaching at the moment, I don’t have any extra time to joke around with the two of them. My role in the Arrivers, is to collect information about the enemies with my and relay it to the other members. If I don’t earnestly fulfill my role, I would end up becoming baggage for the party. Thus, I ignore their gazes and open my mouth with a loud voice.

Note: "That clouds are most likely a group of small fishes. There are about 10000 of them. While they are individually posing a small threat, but as a group, their power is at the same level as a boss. "

Erin: "Even Note is being mean to me too!?"

Rosalia:" Note-kun, are you a demon……?"

Erin stares at me like a pitiful kitten that has been abandoned, while Rosalia looks at me with dejected eyes.

Well, what can’t I do! I have to do my role after all!

Rosalia: "You see Erin-san, that clouds are the enemies. If it seems impossible for you, you can withdraw-!"

Erin: "That kind of lighthearted pity is the most irritating! I will keep going! I say I will keep going!!"

Rosalia: "I unusually being nice to you but you don’t feel grateful at all……"

I don’t know whether these two are on a good term or a bad term anymore………

"You two, stop messing around, quickly get ready for battle!"

"Who is messing around!"

"Do we look like messing around with each other?!"

After the two of them yells out their complaint, they reluctantly return to their original position. Erin adopts a stance with her staff and joins in the team battle formation.

Erin: "Then, I will start!"

Erin shouts and the tip of the staff at hand seems to be full of mana. She is ready to fire a spell.

Erin: "!"

She utters the name of a wide-spread annihilation spell and at the same time, the surrounding environment starts to squeak. The high-pitched explosive sound penetrates the eardrum and directly shakes my brain.

The light has already exploded and the view is enveloped in white color. The bright light of the thunder burns my eyes and I lose my eyesight temporarily. Thus, I can only rely on my to see my surrounding. Based on my , the presence of the flock of the fishes is still not completely disappear yet. Although their quantities have decreased, a lot of them survive the attack.

The number of fish has only decreased by 1 or 2 thousand, and they still continue to move forward. They come in a straight line towards our direction. After I gain this information, I relay it right away to the other members.

Note: "The Mid Boss is still doing well! They are coming!"

As I open my mouth, I realize that I cannot hear my own voice. Apparently, my ears are also affected by the thunder roaring sounds. I lose my hearing too.

Damn it.

If this is the case, the other members won’t be able to hear whatever I say.

"Stupid Erin, you should suppress your spell power a little bit……"

Anyhow, no one will be able to hear this complaint too. After I confirm Rosalia’s position with my , I approach her and hurriedly tap her shoulder. She seems to understand my signal. She cast spell and set up a barrier. The school of fishes is scrapping against the barrier as they pass over us. But if this keeps going on, the barrier won’t be able to hold them……

Although Rosalia’s is the best defensive spell, the opponent is the Mid BOSS of the 19th floor. Her spell won’t be able to hold against the Mid boss of the 19th floor frontal attack.

What to do. Use your brain, Note.

Both my sense of sight and hearing have not returned yet. I can only slightly recognize the surrounding physical world as long as I use . In this situation, the one who can move around is only me and Jin. While I speed up my brain to organize a plan, the first member who makes the first move is Force. Among his two katanas, Force seems to unsheathe Kouhaku. 

Precisely at that moment, the world is being cut by his strike. Despite my poor eyesight, I can still clearly see what he is doing. Both the light barrier and the school of fishes are being cut down by him. Suddenly all the signs of the enemies disappear without any trace. This incredible assault power must be some kind of art. Based on his action, Force must have a good comprehension of our current situation and surrounding. I’m sure that his eyesight is not affected by Erin’s spell.

Suddenly, the existence of his [[Mind Eye]] skill comes into my mind. By possessing that skill, he can see all of the enemies’ attacks, it even enables him to snatch his allies’ sensory ability to minimize the damage of Erin’s spell attack to himself. 

When I’m in the midst of analyzing Force’s movement, suddenly my sights and hearing have returned. All the information of the physical world starts to overflow into me. My body feels lighter and I start to feel itchy to move around. This peculiar feeling, I know this very well. This must be the effect of Neme’s recovery spell. After she gets over her shock due to losing her sight and hearing, she cast a recovery spell on all the members. Since the spell has healed me, I can see and hear very clearly now.

I have no idea that Neme’s recovery spell can return my lost sensory senses. At this moment, the usefulness of Neme’s recovery spell has stood out.

Force: "Let’s go!!"

Force screams while running ahead. By the time he screams, everyone has gained their hearing back. Jin and the others are running towards the path that Force has opened. I also follow them from behind while carrying Neme in one arm. Thanks to running in the opposite direction of the school of fishes, we are able to get away from the storm of monsters. However, the head of the school has already turned back in our direction.

It seems that they won’t turn a blind eye to us. They are coming after us. The second wave is coming. Thus, I turn to Erin. She holds her staff with both of her hands and scowls at the leader of the school fishes. She has transferred her mana into her staff. The only thing that she needs to do is to chant the spell and release it. Then I turn my gaze to Neme again, she is also ready to cast another recovery spell.

Once again, burst of lights with roaring sounds appears. Erin has cast another spell. Erin’s thunder scatters while mowing down the monsters along the way. The next development that is waiting after that is the same as the first Erin’s spell attack. Rosalia also cast her spell while Neme is casting her recovery spells. Perhaps because there is not enough mana added to her spell, compared to her first cast, this barrier is not as strong as the one before. The barrier has already been cracked by the sharp head of the fishes. On the other side, Jin activates and takes care of the fishes who are getting away from Erin’s attack.

As time goes by, our situation is gradually worsening. If this keeps going on, our manpower will be overwhelmed by the quantities of the enemy. Erin’s second spell only cut down the fishes by 500. If we go by the same development, Rosalia’s mana will be exhausted first.

500? It’s really only 500? With that powerful spelling? A suspicious feeling suddenly arises in my heart. There is not even any tiny difference amount of mana between Erin’s first and second spell, but the enemies that have been annihilated are too few. However, the first spell was cast at a closer distance. It was a direct hit to the school of fishes.

Then why……?

Suddenly I have a bad premonition.

After Force paves another path, we continue to move. But everyone is already feeling desperate. Both Jin and Force deal with the straying fishes while Neme continues to support the member with her buff spells. Rosalia casts again to the best of her abilities with her current condition. Then when Erin cast her third spell, my bad premonition turns into conviction.

Note: "………her spell does not work anymore?"

Compare to her second spell, the number of enemies that are annihilated is even less amount.

Jin: "As I thought. "

Since Jin also uses like me, he also gets to know the exact amount of enemies number. He must have realized it too. Therefore, he raises his voice and gives Erin some instructions.

Jin: "Erin, try to shoot different spells each time. Maybe these surviving fishes are resistant to thunder. "

It’s not that Erin’s spell is losing its power, but the surviving fishes might be resistant to thunder. This possibility is pretty high. Perhaps each individual fish poses various resistance. But those fishes gather and fight in a united formation. In addition, each individual fish also poses various levels of threat. That must be the evidence that each of the individual fishes is not the same. In order to completely annihilate them, we need to use various spells.

Fortunately, Erin is capable to cast various offense spells. Plus, with our party formation, we will be able to get through this.

It seems that our exploration on the 19th floor will not be an easy one.

However, Erin, the key person of this plan is utterly shocked by the instruction.

Erin: "Haa? You must be joking, right?"

Afterward, for the next two hours, she continues to casts various offensive spells.

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