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Chapter: 80

Note Athlon, The Arrivers' Scout Role 3

 Jin: "Combine with to reduce his attacks to Rosalia. It will make it easier!"

Note: "But-"

Jin: "It’s fine! You can do it, Note-kun! Because you have the ability to evade his first surprise attack. "

It’s true that I evaded the blue fishman’s attack. But that happens by chance. However------.

I look up at Rosalia and Force’s opponent. Then I begin to think that it might be possible to do it if the opponent is the red fishman. Although he is very strong in power, but he is not as keen as the blue fishman.  Therefore I have a higher chance to avoid his attack.

Compare to the 20th floor mid boss, this one is not much of a comparison. The scene of that fight starts to flash clearly in my head. I realize that my brain was rotating at high speed. My blood became hot and I wanted to fight. That was a genuine impulse and not due to my wish to become helpful to the party or due to following Jin’s instructions. I want to feel that ephemeral sense that I felt when I fought the armored warrior again. My life was in danger and the opponent was way overwhelming.

It was an unexpected situation, and I didn’t expect that I could become so excited in a life-threatening situation. I was surprised since I had never expected that I could have a different mental state.

Adventurers who challenge the dungeon, are looking for a quick death.

Because the monsters in the dungeon are way stronger than the ones roaming on the ground, the general public often ridicules the dungeon adventurer like that. However, that notation is not necessarily wrong. I’m definitely rushing to my death now. I’m taking the risk not because I have any intention to end my life.

As a matter of fact, I do want to live.

However, the desire to fight is getting stronger.

At last, I can fight as a member of the Arrivers.  If I get struck by those fishmen attacks, I will be torn apart like scrap papers and die. But I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t matter if I get hit. It’s useless to think about the worst possibility. When it happens, it happens.

I step forward and yell, "Force-san, switch places with me!!"

Force: "Ou! Leave it to you!"

I move forward and brush past Force. For some unknown reason, the corner of his lips raises a little bit. I head toward the red fishman and release . However, since Rosalia’s power is way stronger than my , the red fishman does not shift his attention to me.

Jin’s advice suddenly flashes through my mind.

Jin: "If your is insufficient, profoundly activate and then switch again. When you switch the sign from weak to strong immediately, you will easily get the monster’s attention."

Even though I am about to fight one on one with the enemy, I still have the time to have some flashbacks?

 No matter what, it’s quite an amazing skill.

Just like what Jin said, I make a swift switch from to .  Consequently, the red fishman turns his attention toward me, and he begins to attack me.

It will be fine. I can avoid his attacks easily with . I do not need to use that will put a burden on my body in this fight. Since Neme is unable to cast recovery spell, both I and Force are unable to pull out our power 100%. But this won’t continue to be a problem anymore.

Rosalia: "Note-kun, thank you."

While she says her thanks, Rosalia stabs the red fishman’s shoulder with the holy sword. Because I shift the red fishman’s attention away, Rosalia is able to give a direct blow. When Rosalia and Force combined their forces together, Rosalia couldn’t make any attack because Force does not possess any arts that will take the red fishman’s attention. In contrast, I work better with Rosalia since I possess arts that will shift his attention away. Thus, Rosalia can easily give critical attacks.

Rosalia happily says, "It’s the first time we fight together like this."

Somehow it seems that she moves her swords with more excitement.

Note: "Just like you said, this is really the first time we fight together. Usually, I only watched the fight from behind."

This is the first time I participate in the battle with everyone since I joined the Arrivers. Now I can finally accomplish the desire that I had when I first joined the party. The moment I think about it, I spontaneously grin like a fool despite being in the middle of life-or-death situation. No matter what, I can’t help myself from being jubilant. I grin like a fool because I am so happy.

I raise the gear of my body one more level up. My body barely left the ground and avoid the red fishman sword. I use another avoidance art, .

Rosalia: "Don’t overdo it Note-kun! I’ll take charge of the attack for a little bit more! My heart goes crazy because I’m worry about Note-kun! Although I am naturally also happy that we got to fight together!"

It seems that Rosalia thinks that I’m putting myself in danger. Personally, I feel like I can keep going on, but I still want to listen to others' objective opinions. Moreover, I do feel that I get slightly too excited.

Note: "Alright. I let you take charge for a while."

As I land down, I activate and erase my presence. Right afterward, the red fishman turns his attention to Rosalia who is in the middle of casting . 

I take a breath and prepare myself to release next. In the first place, its not necessary for me to take down the red fishman. Even if Rosalia is unable to beat him down, it is enough to just stall some time until the blue fishman is beaten down. At the moment, the greatest strength of this party, Jin and Force are over there fighting the blue fishman.

I take a peek at their fight. Force blows a direct hit to the blue fishman’s calf.

It will be fine. That fight will be settled in a few minutes. I can't be impatient, I have to be calm and stall the time as long as possible. We will win just by that.

I take a deep breath to calm myself and then activate .

It does not take that much time for Jin and Force to defeat the blue fishman. After I finish my role to stall time, I step down to the back. Jin steps in to substitute me right away, and together with Force and Rosalia, the three of them start their assaults on the red fishman.

The power is more than justice. With three against one, the battle reaches a conclusion in a few minutes. The red fishman is utterly defeated. Although we are able to break through this floor without any problem, it becomes pretty clear that the deeper we go into the dungeon, the more difficult it will be. The dungeon becomes even more dangerous as we go deeper.

The obstacles of this 19th floor can be considered quite challenging. The mid boss can only be beaten by diverse varieties of magic spells, while the main boss is actively targeting magic spell casters. Unless the party has a very good balance in power between rear and vanguard, it won’t be able to advance.

The next that awaits us is the 20th floor.

It’s the magical labyrinth where Erin and I were nearly trapped for 2 months. However unexpectedly I don’t feel nervous. Perhaps that’s because I have gained new self-confidence. I have a battle role in the Arrivers now.  My role is a decoy that attracts the monster’s attack on me.

Certainly, I don’t have any attacking arts. But I can do evasive art and attention-stealing art. If the other members can defeat 10 monsters while I can only defeat one monster at the same period of time, then I should let them do the fight against the monsters. It’s good enough for me to support them. Maybe the issue that I have been worrying is surprisingly very simple to solve. We are a party group of 6 members. Each member respectively has their own strength and weaknesses points. Therefore, we complement each other and fight together as a group.

At last, I finally truly enjoy the fun of being an adventurer. 

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