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Chapter: 520

Episode 507 Spirit Beast Graham

In front of Allen and the others, the Fear Emperor appeared, and the Knight's dead spirit beast appeared.

I tried to take the weak spirit beast Graham into the sacred beast stone and make him the summoning beast of Spirit S, but it didn't work because there was a "beast".

"In the meantime, we need to make a plan." Let's take a little distance. "

I took my distance from the weak spirit beast Graham and said I would find a way to become a summoning beast.

Abigail, the Guardian Commander, and Bongora, the Inspector in Charge, looked puzzled.

After guiding those who crossed the judgment gate to pick up the spirit crystal stone, I began to press some transparent crystal ball against the spirit beast.

Abigail and Bongora travel together.

At a distance, Admirals Merle and Galala solve the descent of the Golem and fly into the sky under Allen with the effect of a levitation feather.

"What are we going to do now? It's fine to make Graham a summoning beast."

I asked Allen what Cecil would do on my behalf.

That's right. We talked about it during the battle, but that spirit beast, Graham, could be my new summoning beast.

"Makris, do you mean after the quattro? You're not a sacred beast, are you?"

The two beasts so far were sacred beasts.

I wonder if the spirit beast Graham will become one of us.

It seems that the spirit beast can become a summoning beast as well.

(In the first place, it's my idea that you can't do without a sacred beast.)

After I got the Holy Beast Stone, I caught the "Holy Beast" and it was bursting.

"Graham. You must be the SS that killed the Fear Emperor." Why are you acting like a spirit beast in this place? "

That's what bothers me.

But you're probably good at it, aren't you?

Dogora also participates in the conversation with Cecil.

Dogora, who had been struck by Graham, said that there was no way.

"Does Helmios know anything?" I want to know about the end of Graham's life. "

(Give me a hint to be your companion)

I thought there was not enough information at the moment.

Allen asks Helmios, who graduated from school.

I wanted to find out if there was any information that would make Graham a summoning beast.

In the school cities of each country created by the Covenant of the Five Continents Alliance, you learn about the history of the demon king, but in one year you learn about the history of each country since the founding of the nation.

Allen and the others learned about the Fear Emperor in school, but they didn't learn the name of the SS who killed the Fear Emperor.

I remember being killed by someone close to me or something like that.

Just as Allen learned the Kingdom History of the Kingdom of Ratash, so Helmios must have learned the Imperial History of the Giamut Empire.

The man who killed the Fear Emperor who was the only one to unify the central continent.

It should have been touched on quite a bit in class.

"Well, I defeated the Fear Emperor and became a hero, but then I was punished as a traitor..."

Helmios replied, looking away as he squeezed out.

(That's right. Heroes aren't really the type to listen to classes with Klenna. Even so, you're a traitor.)

Allen downgraded Hermias the Brave by one.

Hermios' people sighed lightly, hoping they had no choice.

"Helmios didn't hear much about the class." I'm not familiar with Graham either... "If you're a Vester, don't you know more about it?"

Helmios is a fellow sword king, Sylvia, who was an alumni at school.

"Hmm? Well, that's right." I'm not that familiar with it either... "Graham is definitely the man who stopped the Terror Emperor's outrage."

The Holy Knight King Bester, a fellow Helmios, will answer.

With such a triumphant tone, Bester was a woman, a few years younger than Helmios.

The blonde, blue-eyed ponytail is in good shape, and Allen and I have been friends since we were in the S-Class Dungeon.

I do tank jobs at parties, but I have a pretty strong personality because of the durability.

Graham was one of the SS who served the Fear Emperor.

Fear Emperor was also a talented person, and if he had the strength, he would be employed in a heavy duty. Although he was originally a civilian, he climbed the SS for a long time, Vester said.

"I wonder why such a man killed the Fear Emperor." After conquering the central continent, he was killed when he attacked other continents. "

It reminds me of when the Fear Emperor died.

The Fear Emperor was the first Emperor of the Giamut Empire to conquer the central continent.

Allen knows when the Fear Emperor was killed.

"... I don't know that. Some say it was an accident. But I can tell you how he was executed. Records show that after the death of the Fear Emperor, civil unrest broke out in all of the central continent."

It is said that the killing of the Fear Emperor was an accidental incident of Graham who questioned the actions of the Fear Emperor.


Allen understood what the Gearmut Empire would be like when the Fear Emperor was gone, in the words of Vester.

Bester talks about what happened before and after the death of the Fear Emperor.

Invading dozens of countries on the central continent, the Giamut Empire united the central continent.

We have enslaved invading nations with power and stripped people of their dignity.

Even a nobleman who showed loyalty, if the tax payment was delayed, it was normal enough to expose and execute him.

Whether I gave in to Hell or resisted, the Fear Emperor who had wielded the might of Hell was gone.

The people of the slave nation, who had been invaded and tormented all over the central continent, turned the flag against them.

I missed the moment and took the weapon as if I didn't have a chance to become independent.

Originally a nobleman of the Giamut Empire, the nation that will build the kingdom independently begins to emerge.

The Ratash kingdom of Ratash is also a nobleman of the Giamut Empire.

The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Ratash was a nobleman entrusted with the southern part of the Giamut Empire.

It seems that the Kingdom of Ratash was founded in 1000 years after the death of the Terror Emperor.

There are so many countries that were founded a thousand years ago.

Important areas of the southern part of the Giamut Empire became independent, and the lands south of the Ratash kingdom moved to independence at once.

Thanks to this, the Gearmut Empire still had a tough run against the Ratash Kingdom.

In the midst of civil strife and independence, there were races that could not miss this opportunity.

"It didn't end just within the Central Continent. The Beast Kingdom has begun to move."

The most oppressed by the Fear Emperor were the Beasts.

Fleeing from the oppressed central continent, the beasts of Galicia know the chaos of the deadly fears of the central continent.

The newly founded Albahar Beast Kingdom called out to other beast kingdoms and began to recruit hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

"There's no mistake in that history."

Shia also says that Vester's story is correct.

There seems to be no mistake in comparing it with the story of history told by the Beast Royal Family.

Graham's actions seemed to have shifted the world a lot.

With the Empire in great chaos and shaking, the information that the Revenge of the Beastlings were going to call in all of a sudden came into the ears of the new Emperor of the Giamut Empire.

"The next Emperor of the Giamut Empire needed to show his power." We have decided to execute the rebels who attacked our ancestors. "

There is no doubt that Graham was treated as a hero at first.

The Graham SS stopped the Terror Emperor's outrage from spreading throughout the Central Continent.

Graham and the others were enveloped with joy and cheer.

The next Emperor of the Geermut Empire was even trying to use it.

However, in order to stop the chaos and riots and make the empire one, the next emperor decided that it was necessary to show strength.

The next emperor acted on the need to concentrate power on himself.

When I heard that, Allen knew what had happened.

"Graham stood in the way of the Emperor's unification of the Giamut Empire."

It was impossible to think of anyone with whom the emperor could be defeated.

Well, I tried to execute not only Graham, but all the SS that did it.

The SS wanted to stop by and kill the Fear Emperor.

"Maybe that's what he was talking about, 'I thought of everything'?"

Dogora, who continued to be attacked by Graham, learns the meaning of the words "I thought of everything" that she uttered like a rumor.

"Yes, Graham tried to bear all his sins.... yes, I tried to carry it on my back."

"Hmm? Ah, maybe..."

(Didn't I get one of my own orders?)

"Graham's family and his servants were all executed in a brutal way." To make the Empire one at a time... "It's a famous slime sentence."

The other SS escaped execution, but said they killed all of Graham's wives and children.

The Giamut Empire is famous for its many brutal executions, such as the "Goblin Punishment", in which hands and feet are tied and the Goblin abuses and kills them.

Many of the executions took place in the era of the Fear Emperor.

Graham's clan party is said to have been tied up and thrown down alive in a pond filled with tons of slimes.

And as the multitude watched, they that were pushed down into the pond cried out, and melted their flesh slowly, and were slain.

(I'm the only one who did it. Was it even the words of this time?)

Graham's chest hurts no matter how much he thinks he's been sentenced.

"Oh, no... that's too much..."

Sophie sheds tears when she's speechless.

This is the end of what happened to Graham, who killed the Fear Emperor, Bester concluded.

Allen once confirmed the contents of the log flowing to the grimoire.

The spiritual beast has not been purified, so I can't put it in the Holy Beast Stone.

"... I see."


Cecil raises his voice as Allen steps under Graham.

"Hey, wait here." I'll try to convince you. "

Once, Allen walked up to Graham, the spiritual beast under the big tree.

Graham, with his health restored, suddenly fills the distance and comes under Allen.

The Sword Saint Graham did it alone!!

Then, I swung my sword with my hand to Allen's head.

Allen grabbed Graham's sword with one hand.

Allen's stats are overwhelmingly enduring, but blood bleeds from his gripped hands.

(Well, you wanted to protect everything.)

Nowhere in Graham's words does he speak of himself as a "hero".

"... the Fear Emperor Zeldias is alive as the Demon King." Will you join me? "

The Fear Emperor was reincarnated as the Demon King and still kills many people.

I'm St. Graham the Sword. I won't run or hide!!

Try to persuade, but the conversation doesn't engage.

Graham's pale, flaming skeleton eyes didn't seem to be looking at Allen.

(The spirit beast became a person who had no cultivation before his life.)

Thinking that Graham's sight was the last of his family, I thought there was only one thing left to do.

"If you have a problem, we'll purify you." I need you to wait there a little longer. "

Allen tells us powerfully that he will keep his distance and head down to his people.

What's up, Allen? You're hurt.

Keel notices Allen's hand injuries and applies healing magic.

"I can't. The conversation doesn't work."\ "Tantrum.\" There must have been something holy in this world.\ "

Holy water is the market for healing tears.

You must be one of us after all.

"That's right, Keel. Graham is a man who knew the Demon King before he died."... that's worth it. "

Allen wanted to add Graham as a Summon Monster.

"In the name of Keel, I'm going to move Hermèa Church a little bit." I want the best holy water. "

Keel holds the position of "Pope Apprentice" at the top of the Hermère Church.

"Yeah, I don't mind."

Talk to the Cardinal to get the best holy water in the church of Hermèa and cleanse Graham of his tears.

(After deciding what to do....)

"Now, we have to find other spiritual crystal stones." Mr. Abigail, the next spirit beast, please. It's best to be as strong as possible. "

Allen says we're back to where we started.

"I don't care..." There was a sub-divine spirit beast ahead. It would be a little detour, but there would be an angelic spirit beast ahead. "

It was already beyond Abigail's comprehension.

But the fact that you saved the fort while it wasn't falling doesn't change.

It seemed like they would continue to guide me through the accumulation of mental disorders.


"What? What?"

No, why are you taking a detour?

"I'm sorry, I didn't explain enough." There was an overwhelmingly powerful subdivine spirit beast ahead, and it was dangerous. we have to make a detour..... "

I'm going to hunt a subdivine level spirit beast.


Abigail swallowed her words.

And when I looked at Allen's people, I thought, "I don't have to stop," and I was picking dried meat and fruit from a magic bag before I left.

There was no fear in any of them.

It's alright, just show them around and we'll take care of the battle.

"Okay, I got it."

Chief Guardian!? You can't be a sub-God!!

"... no problem. They're strong. Besides, I couldn't offer the Spirit Crystal Stone to His Majesty the King of the Skies. What are you going to do about it?"

Bongora became pale, but Abigail also had a mission as a guardian general.

If it was such a masterpiece, it might even be an enemy to a subdivine spirit beast.

Thus Allen met the spirit beast Graham, and went to hunt for the subdivine spirit beast.

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