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Chapter: 521

Episode 508 Battle of Spiritual Beast Daniels

Allen is guided by Abigail, the Guardian General, to the depths of the Psychic Barrier.

This time, we will also attach a "floating feather" to everyone and fly a few meters above the ground.

As he moved, Allen realized that there was something.

(Speaking of which, this forest is quite large. How do you know where he is?)

I saw the whole area with my eyes, but the forest was hundreds of square kilometers deep.

It would take a month to walk across.

To some extent, a strong spirit beast doesn't move through the puddle?

"No, I travel, but there's something like a place I'm often in."

The powerful spirit beasts say that there are a number of given fixed positions, and they are moving around that location one after the other.

I think the target of the subdivine level spirit beast is a place with a good chance.

It must be an accumulation of experience that has protected people from blown spirit beasts for many years.

Allen uses his Miles Eyes to hold back the location of the spirit beasts that are blowing all over the area.

(Soon there will be a lot of constraints. I don't think we can find the target with my eyes alone.)

Allen's appraisal and tracking eyes do not trigger unless the quattro is within 100 meters of the subject.

Even though I could see through the forest with my eyes, there were too many distinctive spirit beasts, and I had too little knowledge of spirit beasts.

I only need Abigail and the others to tell me which spirit beast you're after.

I came less than a hundred meters.

In less than an hour, Allen and his team stop moving.

Since a sub-divine-grade spirit beast is just ahead, I won't go into battle like this.

"Macris, call the Royal Guard and the Royal Aura."

I'll leave it to you ~

[Fish S Summon Monster Macris' Royal Guard Effect]

Increases health and endurance by 3000

Increases physical strength and endurance by 10%

Reduce all damage by 30%

-Replaces health for 200 seconds

[Fish S Summon Beast Makris's Royal Aura Effect]

Increases health and magic power by 10%

Attack and Intel increased by 5000

Increases all attack damage by 30%

Cool time decreased by 50%

A rain of light pours down, and Allen and the others boil down.

The effects of the Royal Guard and Royal Aura Awakening abilities overlap.

I instructed Keel and Rosalina to put buffs on it and activate the auxiliary magic.

As Allen and his team strengthen their stats with buffs, they hear Dungeon Master Digraguni in the sky above the blowing forest.

Oh! Merle, you're hunting a spirit beast!!

Yeah, can you help Digraguni too?

Of course, it's definitely decided. Do I have to be a god now? I'm glad I helped you guys. I'm grateful to myself. "

I don't think Allen can hear the honest voice of a dungeon master over his own desires.

Well then, let's go. Digragnioooooooooooooooooooon!!

Quattro's Miles Eye captures Merle's Tam Tam merging with Digraguni.

A magic circle flies above Tam Tam, and a shimmering black Diglagni appears.

The parts of your body split apart and cover your Tam Tam's body.

The pitch-black body and the crimson Tam Tam's body can be seen in a glance, and both the design and the shade are full of a strong sense of power.


Admiral Galala, who was flying with us, was incessant.

Admiral Galala, who is beyond the reach of common sense, is more than just a golem.

Merle, one of the Allenites who had reached the Divine Realm, couldn't conceal her surprise that even Diglagni had become one of them.

Admiral Galala's people felt the same way.

(Even so, Digraguni is a subdivine. Can the Sub-God put Merle in Extra Mode? There will be one more negotiation with Diglagni.)

There were currently three Extra Mode players: Dogora, Klenna, and Shea.

It seems that if you don't improve your status as a god, you won't be able to put people in extra mode.

I think that if Digraguni becomes a sub-divine god or god in the spirit beast hunt, one of my companions can become an extra mode.

I can't stop thinking about how I'm going to talk to Merle about the Extra Mode negotiations.

As Allen's thoughts progressed, Tam Tam's stats gained Digraguni's reinforced exoskeleton with over 100,000 stats.

Digraguni's Tam Tam combines with his Buffs and starts to attack further.


Behind the blowing pile, you can hear a peculiar sound.

My eyes confirmed that my lower body looked like a scorpion.

Like Centaurs, they have the upper body and the scorpion's claws on both hands.

Your whole body is wrapped in a pale flame, and you're exhaling deeply, or you're leaking a pale flame from your mouth.

It seems to be from the face of the scorpion in the lower body part.

(It's strong. It's been a long time, but it hasn't been hunted for a long time.)

Allen activates the Appraisal Eye to appraise the status of the spirit beast.

Even though it was subdivine, it was stronger than any spirit beast so far.

[before name] Daniels

[Age] 8290

[Race] Soul Crusher

[Health] 98700

Magic Power 78900

[Spiritual Power] 64500

Attack 99700

[Durability] 96700

[Speed] 87800

[Intelligence] 59700

[Lucky] 0

[Attack Attribute] Curse, Poison

Durability Ice, Thunder, Poison, Physical Resistance

(Damn, there was a "spell" in the attack attribute. However, there is a chance of winning by status.)

"...... I knew it."

Abigail raised her eyebrows and spoke in a tone that conveyed a sense of nervousness.

Do you understand?

"This is not the place. The range of action is much wider."

The destination was a little further away.

We've come a long way, but it looks like we've come this far.

I think it has something to do with the fact that a spirit beast named Nestirado was active, I heard about it a while ago.

"The enemy will attack while taking a formation." Please take your positions. "

"Dogora, don't force us to strike directly." Let's go in a constantly retreating formation. "

There was a "spell" in the attack attribute.

When you receive a spell attribute, you are cursed and cannot fully heal your wounds.

"Holy water" is required to fully heal, and there is a powerful curse inside that has little effect even with holy water.

Doberg was under a strong curse, and his one eye was not healed, and he still had his eye patch on.

So far, I don't see any way to completely heal Doberg's eyes.

In order to avoid being forcibly attacked, the front guards, center guards, and rear guards take a plan to maintain only the shape of the formation without being locked in place.

Let's focus on ranged attacks!!

Allen raises the battle order using the Bird F summoning beast's special skill "Transfer."


As he got closer, the spirit beast Daniels noticed Allen and pushed his claws in.

"Sophia, please stand down!" Mmm!! "

Shoots a bow and arrow at the spirit beast Daniels, who is thrusting in with incredible force.

This bow is called the "Demonic Bow", and it is the highest ranked bow obtained during the test gate.

You don't need an arrow to fire, you consume 1000 magic power and release an arrow of magic power.

In a world where magic power consumption is heavily dependent on the power of a skill, the amount of magic power added to a regular skill is 1000.

It used a lot of magic power, but it exerted a lot of power. In the S-class dungeon, it also dealt a lot of damage to the durable Iron Golem opponent.

Spirit Beast Daniel's arrow glowing like it was sucked near the human heart.


Formal's glowing arrows disappeared like shattering when it hit the chest of spirit beast Daniels.

It didn't seem to do any damage.

[before name] Formal

[Age] 70

[Profession] Bow King

[Level] 60

[Physical Strength] 3736 + 2400

Magic Power 1949

Attack 3965 + 2400

[Durability] 2960 + 2400

[Quickness] 3428 + 2400

[Intelligence] 1566

[Luck] 1972 + 2400

[Skill] Bow King, Distant Eye, Fire Dragon Strike, Strong Archer, Goku [6], Raise [2], Archery [6]

[Extra] Arrow of Light

Weapon Made by Oriharkon: Attack 2000, Accuracy 50%

Armor Spirit Dress: Durability 6000, Magic Resistance Increase, Breath Resistance Increase

[Ring ①] Attack 5000, Attack 5000

[Ring ②] Attack 5000, Attack 5000

[Necklace] Attack 3000, Attack 3000

[Earring (1)] Physical attack damage 7%, health 2000

[Earring (1)] Physical attack damage 7%, health 2000

(There shouldn't be a status difference that makes the attack impossible.)

Formal's stats were greatly enhanced by the Magic Tool Enhancement from the Magic Tool Master's Scorpion Sesame.

I thought it was very important that I got the magic tool god technique while trying to conquer the test gate.

The result was an overwhelming strengthening of the entire party.

Even after receiving a powerful Buff from Makris and the others, I was not able to deal any damage to the Sub-God Spirit Beast.

"Hey, leave it to me!" Mega Fire!! "

Cecil activates his Divine Ability against the Ranged Spirit Beast Daniels and starts attacking.

Cecil's Fire Magic Level 3, which activates a Divine move and boosts his Intelligence and Magic Power by 10,000, blows Daniel's body into the flames.

Unlike the quattro, which just became a summoning beast, the rear guard's Holy Beads are enough for Makris to generate once every 10 days.

Cecil's Magic Power, Intel Improvement, and Cool Time Reduction effects are huge.

Calculates cool time and pushes the gun backwards while alternating between the magic of multiple attributes.

Both Sophie and Merle must be killed by the ranged attack.

I see, Allen-sama, Spirit of the Wind Gale-sama, please slash your enemies with a tough blade of wind!!

Sophie reveals the Spirit of the Wind Gale and envelops the spirit beast in the Windblade that cuts through everything.

Hey, give me the faith value!!

There was a scream of Digraguni's desire overhead.

"Yeah!! Tam Tam is coming too!!"

"Yes, Merle, I will perish."

Tamtam surrounded by Digraguni's reinforced exoskeleton fires ultra-long range attacks.


You don't have to fight in close quarters to be directly hit by every kind of cursed attack.

Admiral Galala's golems also launch an attack.

Make the tablet the mainstay for ranged attacks, such as Vulcan guns, and continue to deliver high accuracy ranged attacks.

Before I left, I felt like Abigail had told me that these blown trees were important, but with the sound of explosion, I turned them into a burning field where grass and trees could not survive.

(All right, let's just cut off our strength!!)

The health of Spirit Beast Daniels by the appraisal eye continues to be sharpened by the overwhelming violence of the number of attacks.

Due to the large difference in status, it cannot be defeated all at once, but it is not necessary if the distance is not packed.

Allen also uses Makris' freeze cannon stunt to cut down Gun Gun Health.

That's when I thought I could defeat you.


The spiritual beast Daniels crowed loudly, bending the body of the scorpion part and lowering the center of gravity.

Allen can easily imagine what to do next from this action.

I can only think of one thing to do when enemies who are mainly good at melee lowering their health.

As expected, I pushed my scissors forward and pushed them all at once.

"Mirror, it's all reflective." Turn back!! "

Allen summoned the Stone B Summon Beast, which had reached Growth Level 9.



Even if I went up to Growth Level 9, I didn't reach the status of Spirit Beast Daniels.

Even so, with a durability of about 80,000, Daniels's body is captured by a large circular shield.

Then, I doubled the power and reflected it back at Daniele.

It appears to have been quite a fatal injury.

Daniel's white flame gushed out like blood from his body.

Even the quattro stunt "Appraisal Eye" had less than one-third health.

Even so, she tried to stand up while staggering with the feet of several broken scorpions.

The two guards defended the situation in order to defend against the ranged attack.

Dogora and Shia in the Extra Mode group.

"Shia, I'll stop you. Stir me up."

Oh, okay, Dogora. Beast Mode!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Shia activates the skill "Beast Mode" based on Dogora's words.

Shea, who was transformed into a beast, pushed the Dogora a little distance away.


He tries to strike with a giant needle at the tip of the scorpion's tail, matching the shea that runs violently.

Beast King Crushing Fist!!

Avoiding the tip of a giant needle, Shea activates her Attack Ability to match the attack of the needle.

Oriharkon's fist scattered the needle.

(Oops! Shea's doing well too. Beast Mode (also called Excellent)

Shea, who had entered Extra Mode with Beast God Gulm before the referee's gate, was helping her level up and improve her skills in the S-Class Dungeon.

As a result of these three months of special training and the level of the Demon King's army's base raid operation, even a sub-grade spirit beast did not struggle that much.

Having reached Extra Mode, Shia's skill "Beast Mode" was growing.

[Beast Mode Effect]

Activation time is 1 hour

Magic power consumption is 10,000 (less than 10,000 is all magic power, but the effect decreases)

Target's Attack 5000, Speed 5000, Physical Damage +10%

Attack 3000, Speed 3000, Physical Damage +5%, Effect 1 hour against Beastmen with a radius of 50 meters around the target

Each skill level you increase increases your Attack by 5000, Speed by 5000, and Physical Damage by 10%.

Each skill level you increase your Beastman's Attack by 3000, their Speed by 3000, and their Physical Damage by 5%.

Each time the skill level increases, the target area around which the Beastman can be strengthened expands by 100 meters.

With Dogora holding the artifact Kagutsuchi in the upper stage and concentrating all her magic power, Shia was endlessly destroying the huge claws on both arms of the human upper body of Spirit Beast Daniels.

Dogora, I'm ready!!

As Shia, who was transformed into a beast, shouted out loud, Dogora stormed in.

To make it easier for Dogora to strike, Shia destroys the scorpion legs of spirit beast Daniels in one or two pieces, stealing their mobility.

It's full of spirits!!


Dogora's skill, "Whole Body Spirit", slashed in two from the head of Spirit Beast Daniels to the scorpion part of his lower body.

(If Dogora and Sheacombi were to go to the subdivine level, could they? I was in a state of sharpening my health. What is Experience?)

There was a log in the grimoire that showed that Allen's level had risen.

We have defeated one spirit beast. I got a billion faith values. I have acquired 100 million spiritual powers. I've acquired 100 million gods. You have earned 5 transfer points. The level is now 140. Your health has increased by 5,000. Magic power has increased by 8000. Attack increased by 2800. Durability increased by 2800. Speed increased by 5200. Intel has increased by 8,000. Luck has risen to 5200. "

"Shit!? Level up 10"

When I defeated the sub-divine spirit beast Daniels, Allen's level rose ten at once.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I've become a god! Ohhhh!!

While Allen was amazed, Digragni's scream spread over the sky.

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