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Chapter: 522

Chapter 509 Strengthening Policies

Hunting Spirit Beasts raised my level and allowed me to earn Transfer Points.

Allen's level-ups boost his stats.

In the sky, I could hear Digraguni screaming.

Klenna and Haku approached Allen, who had the Grimoire, to confirm the level-up.

"Ehehe, Allen, I'm getting pretty strong too!"


Klenna and Haku were glad that their level had risen ten at once.

Oh, but if you're going to level up, I'd like to take you down after I've raised your level with the Iron Golem.

After I raised the level with the Iron Golem, I was able to raise it from around level 90 to Kanst's 99 all at once.

Klenna and Haku only defeated the sub-divine beast and reached level 52, so Allen thought it was a waste.

Dogora and Shea were kung fu at level 99, so they didn't rise in the first place.

"Dogora, Shia, you saved my life."

"Oh, it's over."

I wonder if I could have been a little more active.

(It is the power of Dogora and Shia that has been strengthened. Shia was parrying the beast's attack.)

[First name] Dogora

[Age] 16

[Blessing] God of Fire (Greater Blessing), Fire Attack Absorption

[Occupation] Destruction King

[Level 99]

[Health] 8729 + 1000 (Protection) + 9600 (True Fighting Soul)

Magic 4007 +10000 +4800

[Attack] 8988 +10000 +9600

[Durability] 8235 + 1000 + 9600

[Quickness] 6213 + 1000 + 9600

[Intelligence] 3845 +10000 +4800

[Luck] 6028 + 1000 + 9600

Skill Destruction King < 8 >, True Heavenly Body < 8 >, True Bomb Breaking < 8 >, True Indiscriminate Slashing < 8 >, True Kill Strike < 8 >, Whole Body Spirit < 7 >, True Fighting Soul < 2 >, Battle Breaking Formation < 7 >, Asura Double Strike < 5 >, Axe Spell < 8 >, Double Axe Spell < 5 >, Shield Spell < 4 >, God Ability Activated

Divine Skill Explosive Flame Strike < 6 >

Skill level

[Destruction King] 8

[True body] 8

True Bomb Demolition 8

[True and indivisible slash] 8

[True Kill Strike] 8

[Full-body Spirit] 7

[Battle Breaking Formation] 7

[Shura Double Strike] 5

[Flame Strike] 6

• Equipment

Weapon ① Divine Artifact Kagutsuchi: Attack 200000

Weapon ② Oriharkon's Great Axe: 12000 Attack, 6000 Attack

Armor Oriharkon's Armor: Durability 12000, Durability 6000

[Ring ①] Attack 5000, Attack 5000

[Ring ②] Attack 5000, Attack 5000

[Necklace] Attack 3000, Attack 3000

[Earring (1)] Physical attack damage 7%, health 2000

[Earring ②] Physical Attack Damage 10%, Health 2000, Attack 2000

[First name] Shea

[Age] 16

[Guardian] Beast God (Guardian No)

[Profession] Kung Fu King

[Level 99]

[Health] 7851 + 9600

Magic Power 4273 + 4800

Attack 8280 +9600

[Durability] 7851 + 4800

[Speed] 6355 + 9600

[Intelligence] 3573 + 9600

[Luck] 5271 + 9600

[Skill] Fist King, True Strike, True Shield Kill Strike, True Hell Charge, True Shattered Strike Strike, True Explosive Fist, Counter Martial Dance, Fist Group, Fist Technique, Beast King

Skill level

[Fist King] 7

[True Strike] 7

[Shinobi Killing Strike] 7

[True Hell Charge] 7

[True Crushing Strike] 7

[Counterattack martial arts] 4

• Equipment

Weapon Oriharkon's Knuckle: 12000 Attack, 6000 Attack

Armor Oriharkon's Armor: Durability 10000, Durability 5000

[Ring ①] Attack 5000, Attack 5000

[Ring ②] Attack 5000, Attack 5000

[Bracelet ①] Cool time half, 20% evasion rate, 5000 health, 5000 quickness

[Necklace] Attack 3000, Attack 3000

[Earring ①] Physical attack damage 7%, magic power 2000

[Earring ②] Physical Attack Damage 10%, Health 2000, Attack 2000

Dogora's occupational level was raised to eight, and Shia was able to raise her occupational level to seven.

Dogora acquired a new skill, Shura Double Strike.

Shia gained a new skill, Counterattack Martial Arts.

Dogora's skill, Shura Double Strike, attacks with four powerful axes in a row.

Magic power consumption is also moderately high, and the power of single attacks is high.

It's easy to use even with a short cool time.

Allen's party may fight a myriad of enemies, but the myriad of enemies go hand in hand with Allen's Summon Monsters, so all they want is a single piece of firepower.

[Dogora's Skill "Shura Double Attack" Effect]

Four strokes in a row

Physical Attack Damage is increased by 1% for each trigger (+4% for 4 hits in a row)

Attack attributes are unattributed, and cool time is 10 minutes

Magic power consumption is 1000 per strike, 4000 in a series of 4 strikes

Each skill level you increase your magic power by 1000 per hit

Only activates enough magic power times

[The effect of Shia's skill "Counterattack Martial Dance"]

Increases quickness by 3000 and evasiveness by 5 percent

-Each increase in level increases speed by 3000 and evasion rate by 5 percent.

Occasionally parry an enemy's physical attack

· Occasionally bounces back at the enemy's physical attacks

Magic power consumption is 1000, activation time is 1 hour, no cool time

The quickness increases by 3000 and the evasion rate increases by 5 percent with each increase in level.

Parry and bounce probability increases with each level increase

Magic power consumption increases by 1000 as the level rises

Shea destroys enemies' tail needles and scissors with increased Speed and Attack, and thinks it was a good combo attack with a Dogora with a Special Attack.

It also seems to grant you transfer points.

Helmios is coming and Merle and Admiral Galala are coming down.

"Oh, I've also awarded you two transfer points."

"I also got three points." That's ten points. Do you want to change jobs? "

(Hmm, does the Admiral change jobs before Merle?)

If you defeat a subdivine spirit beast, you will receive 10 transfer points.

With this transfer point, you can create a star of talent.

[Talents and Transfer Points]

1 transfer point is required to make it a 3-star

To get four stars, you need three transfer points

· 10 transfer points are required to get a 5-star rating

(I see, the transfer points were allocated at the third party)

"Oh, congratulations, you've accumulated ten points. Let me help you change your career dungeons later."

[Two Dungeons Involved in Changing Jobs in School Cities]

Transfer dungeon can transfer up to 4 stars

Transfer dungeon changes can consume transfer points and transfer up to 5 stars

"Oh, that would be great."

Transfer points are awarded to party leaders.

It seems that Admiral Galala has achieved 10 points in the Spirit Beast Crusade this time, and is thinking of changing his career to a five-star occupation.

With regard to the change of job dungeon that began in April of this year, the strategy method has already been recorded, so you can change jobs immediately.

For the future, I would like to cooperate with Admiral Helmios and Admiral Galala's party.

Allen says he'll help Admiral Galala change jobs.

"Nevertheless, Allen, you've accumulated transfer points." If you don't use your points, it's a waste. "

Allen should use the transfer points that Cecil accumulated up to 28 points.

"Well, that's true, hmm." I can get this many points. I think I'll change the policy. "

Allen hasn't used more than 20 transfer points.

Friends mostly have four stars.

If you use transfer points, you can transfer to five star occupations.

Like the leader of the Larrappa, I also want to raise the talent star needed to develop magic tools.

Allen made one decision this time, knowing that he would receive transfer points from the spirit beast.

"First, I'll have the head of the Lalapa regiment change jobs."

(It seems that there are a lot of blowouts in this God Realm.)

The blowing pile that came this time was only one of many, and it seemed that the sub-divine level spirit beasts were nearby.

Change to a policy where you can earn a lot of transfer points.

What? You want me to transfer the Commander of the Larrappa first?

"Oh, the power of Commander Larrappa is indispensable to make the army stronger." When it's over, it's going to be three stars Luke and four stars Normal. "

It was said that it would analyze and utilize the various magic tools it had seized from the Demon King's army base.

Well, yes. Then I'll change jobs afterwards.

Cecil wanted to change his career to five stars, but it seemed to show his understanding of Allen's decision.

Dogora and Shia prioritize skill leveling.

In the meantime, I want to know what happens when I reach skill level 9.

Meanwhile, we can move forward with the transition of our friends who are stuck.

In the current practice of dealing with young spirits, he says that the only star in the party will be three stars and four Lukes.

"... I see."

(Huh? Is it because of your mind?)

I felt like Formal with the bow had said something.

For a moment, I've had some thoughts about what went wrong with the attack.

However, Formal, who had less emotional ups and downs among his peers, had nothing more to say.

"Those who have crossed the gate of judgment are very strong when they defeat Daniels."

"No, thank you for the guidance from Mr. Abigail." It was thanks to everyone's cooperation. Now, let's retrieve the Spirit Crystal Stone.

Allen tries to retrieve the spirit stone from the fallen spirit beast Daniels.

Using her sword, Allen took out a large, rough, crystal-like mass from her chest.

It was several times bigger than the spirit stone.

It houses one spiritual crystal stone.

I stored it in the Grimoire just in case, but it was definitely a Spirit Crystal Stone.


When I took out the spirit crystal stone, the body of the spirit beast Daniels wrapped in a blue and white flame became a glowing bubble and scattered.

Now, by the way, are there any other sub-divine-grade spirit beasts here?

"What!? Are you still hunting?" You've already hunted a subdivine-grade spirit beast!! "

Abigail, the Guardian General, cried out unbelievably.

We're going to hunt, but we're going to hunt in a few days.

(No, I didn't say I was going to hunt right now. We need to level up Klenna and the others first.)

The effective distance of the appraisal eye is 100 meters.

If the quattro does not approach within 100 meters, we will not know the strength of the target.

Without Abigail and the others, we don't know which one is the strongest spirit beast.

This time, Allen and the others were thinking of handing over the Spirit Crystal Stone to the King of the Chandarh Sky Kingdom and acquiring a ship to the Garden of Spirits.

Allen thought that the quest would only be enough to fulfill the requirements, but after hunting the sub-divine spirit beast, the story changed.

I wanted to raise Klenna and Haku to nearly 90 in the S-class dungeon for a few days before hunting down a sub-divine spirit beast.

You can hunt more and more. Next is God!!

I agree with Allen through the magic cube that Digragni didn't call here floating in front of Merle.

"... I see. If you hunt down the subdivine level, we'll be saved too"

I was surprised, but I couldn't stop Abigail, the Guardian Commander.

By hunting a sub-divine-grade spirit beast, it seemed that there were many dragons who could help the guardian.

So how many more Spirit Beasts are there in the Archangel and Sub-God classes?

"In this blowout, there are ten archangels." If it's subdivine, it's three. "

(The archangel class is as strong as Graham, who hasn't hunted yet.)

"Well then, the next sub-divine level spirit beast hunt will be in three days." I took the Archangel. Klenna, Haku, and the S-Class Dungeon, please hurry and raise your level. "

The Archangel might have a fixed level up too.

Got it!!


Allen assembles his plans for the future.

At the same time, I had to prepare holy water for Spirit Beast Graham.

(The Admiral and the Commander of the Lalapa Regiment will have to complete the transfer.)

I thought I'd finish all the details while I raised Klenna's level.

Well then, let's just get out of the forest for a while.

"That's right, Cecil. Send Klenna and the others to the King. I prepared a" nest "in front of the judgment gate."

I could not transfer from the divine world to the human world as it was.

It seems that we have to go through the gate of judgment.

That's why we have set up a "nest" in front of the gate of the referee, one on the Divine Realm side and one on the Dragon King's temple side, to serve as a transfer site for the Summon Beast of Bird A.

I was trying to send Klenna and the others to the S-Class Dungeon.



I felt like I could hear something in the distance.

Dragon Man Abigail and Bongora's face turned pale at once.

I heard something.

Klenna noticed it too.


The sounds you hear get louder.

"No, no!! I can hear Nestirad's movements. It's getting bigger. It's coming this way! We have to get away!!"

The scout Bongora shouts with a change of blood.



It's true that the beating heart is getting bigger and bigger.

Close to the sound of impact, the tree begins to shake, and my people understand that this is an unusual situation.

"Nestirado is the boss of this blowout, isn't he?" Are you strong? "

The spirit beast Nestirado seems to be a divine spirit beast that exceeds the sub divine level.

"Oh!? No way!!"

"No, I just want to know how strong it is." Can I have a look? "

(If you level up by 10 in the sub-spirit level, how many levels will you increase in the divine level?)

It was Allen who was interested in the divine spirit beast Nestirad.

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