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Chapter: 523

Episode 510 The Activity of the Spiritual Beast Nestirado

The spirit beast Nestirado, the boss of the psychic blowout, was coming towards Allen.

Allen begins to consider whether to fight or not.

(Well, if you're going to try it, we'll finish it before the Royal Aura disappears.)

I want to try Cool Time before the effects of the quattro's Awakening Skill "Royal Aura" disappear.

If I can defeat them, I'll pull them back, level up Klenna and Haku, and then use them as Allen's experience.



With the quattro stunt "Miles Eyes", he captures the figure of a spirit beast heading straight for Allen and the others.

There was still enough distance, but the trees began to tremble, and the sound of shock grew louder and louder.

(It's coming at me with a lot of momentum. For the time being, it looks like the boss)

Meruth, come here.

I called Merus, who was generating the grace of the heavens from the morning in the lowest layer of the S-class dungeon.

"... this is how it is after all."

It seems that Meruth felt like this would happen.

"Is there any basis for saying you can't defeat me?"

I decided to grasp the strength.

"Master Hermia told me not to hold my hand. It seems that he has killed many angels before."

In the God Realm, it seems that we shouldn't touch the spiritual beast Nestirado.

It seems that the angel who tried to subdue was almost dead.

"Meruth's power is several times greater than when he was the first angel." Still no enemies? "

I heard that Meruth, who was the first angel, was the strongest angel.

Now, I had more and more strength, and it was endlessly stronger.

... I don't know. No angel appeared while I was alive.

It seems that in 100,000 years, in Meruth, who lived as an angel, there was no spiritual beast Nestirad who wanted to reach out to him.


Allen-sama, what are you going to do?

Sophie called out anxiously as Allen thought about trying or holistically.

Digraguni, do you hear me?

Speak to Digraguni, who merged with Tam Tam over via Quattro.

Ahn, what the hell?

Can we put Merle in Extra Mode now?

I can't. I don't have enough divine power or faith. I didn't say to put it in extra mode. "

(I don't feel like you've given me any great tips)

When I looked at the spirit god, I saw a wrinkle between my eyebrows.

If you're the only one, you'll have a hard time with the subdivine level. I will hunt down the spirit beasts and make them gods. "

I tried to fight Digraguni a while ago, but I expected that defeating a subdivine spirit beast with Digraguni alone would break my bones.

Allen promises to work with you in the Divine Realm and make you a god.

Don't put Merle in Extra Mode!

"Oh, I did it!!"

I got to the point of speaking quickly.

Whatever he was talking about, Merle, who was listening to Quattro and Digraguni's conversation, was in the air with her fists in the cockpit.

(This is already settled, isn't it?)

Reinforcing our allies is the great purpose that has come to the Divine Realm.

Switch your consciousness from quattro to friends on the clouds.

"We need to strengthen ourselves, including me." But it wasn't the time to force it. In the meantime, let's find out how strong it is and get out of here. Sophie, put on the 'Blessing of the Spirit King'. "

I'll try to reach a conclusion with Allen, but don't push yourself.

If we are going to win, we will defeat them, but now is not the time to risk our lives.

"I got it." Spirit God Rosen, please give us the strength to fight. "

"... don't impose. Haha"

(Did you defeat the Sub-God without the Spirit King's protection?)

Sophie's Extra Skill "Great Spirit Reveal" is activated, and the spirit god Rosen, who is in the form of Momonga, exercises the "Spirit King's Blessing".

A glowing rain pours down on Allen, increasing the stats of allies by 30%, including Meruth.

Rosalina, call Keel back for assistance.

"Yes, I understand. Everyone, fight hard."

Rosalina, who had become the song king, swung her buff skills across the party.

Keel wields durable auxiliary magic.

Bestar, who became the Paladin King, also swings his durable Buff Skill across the entire party.

The unassisted golems are overhead, waiting for the battle.

(This wins!)

Allen checked the status of Meruth's auxiliary magic books.

Merus status with auxiliary

[Physical Strength] 1999

Magic Power 162500

[Attack] 1999

[Durability] 1999

[Quickness] 162500

[Intelligence] 1999

[Luck] 158600

[Auxiliary skills, magic, etc., applied to Merus]

Keel durability 1.2 times

1.18x Vester Health and 1.18x Durability

• 1.3x Rosalina's Attack, 1.3x Intel, 1.3x Dodge, 1.3x Critical Rate

Sophie's Spirit Health 3000, Magic Power 3000, Durability 3000, Speed 3000

Sophie's Extra Skill "Blessing of the Spirit King" has a total status of 1.3x

Allen's skill "Upgrade" raises all stats by 2000

Makris's stunts "Royal Guard" and "Royal Aura" awakening skills

Allen wonders if this is what preparation is all about.

When Meruth becomes King, all stats go up to 100,000.

Furthermore, when the growth level reached 9, the total status reached 120,000.

I applied auxiliary magic and auxiliary skills to it and gained overwhelming power.

There was a limitation to the status at the status of 1999.

I heard that Allen had no growth limits, but the Summoner had a cap on his stats.

Health, Attack, Durability, and Intel were all kinked.

Form a formation with Meruth at the forefront.

A spiritual beast called the spirit beast Nestirado has come within sight of Allen's naked eye.



I see, you're active. That's a big heart.

A spiritual beast called Nestirad came as far as Allen's eyes could see.

Although the size of the limbs was uneven, the spirit beast, which was wrapped in a pale flame in a human form, turned to Allen and the others.

It is a mass of flame with no eyes or mouth, like the other white flaming beasts, but it is known that they are looking at Allen.

Trolls and augers are quite large and nearly 10 meters long.

The chest had a greatly inflated heart outside, which repeatedly contracted and dilated enough to emit shock waves.

In the memory of my previous life, I feel like there was this kind of boss character in the world overflowing with zombies infected with the virus.

(Hmm, I can't make an appraisal. What is the basis for the name?)

Even if you use the quattro stunt "Appraisal Eye", you can't appraise it at all.

[First name]?



[Physical Strength]?

[Magic Power]?

Spiritual Power ?

Attack ?





Attack Attribute ?

[Durability Attribute]?

It seemed like a target that could not be evaluated.

All the results, including the names, were "?".

Then I don't know why it's named "Nestirado".

(Is the condition unsuitable? Is S not powerful enough? Mm, it's coming.)

"... you took it away from me." I'll get it back!!

With unprecedented speed, I instantly pulled my distance under Allen.

I felt that Allen's consciousness became a slow motion like a running lantern.

I clearly feel the hunch of death.

My people can't react to Nestilad, who is closing in on us all at once.

In a world where everything was slowed down, Allen, who was targeted by Nestirado, gathered his attention.

Lord Allen!!

Meruth instantly enters between Allen and the spirit beast Nestirado.

Merus puts his fists together with Nestirado's.

I'm out of your way!!

What is it!?

Fully defeated by Nestirado's fist, he was struck on the ground by the clouds.

"Nah!? Meruth!!"

Allen was stunned by the blow.

Nestirado easily stepped on the buried Merus on the soles of Merus' tall, giant feet.

Merus puts all his strength into his body and resists, but his strength is too different to resist.

Every time I step on it, the earth above the clouds transmits shock waves like ripples around Nestirado's feet.

"Meruth is going to die! Everyone, cover us!! Flamelance!!"

At last, our people's consciousness shifts to attacking.

Cecil raises his voice and unleashes attack magic.

Our allies have begun a concerted assault.

Potato-faced Dogora, who was next to Merus, had his Cool Time cancelled with the blessing of the Spirit King, striking Nestilad with all his magic power.

It's full of spirits!!


There was a high-pitched sound that was unlikely to be a mass of pale flame.

The spirit beast Nestirado didn't even want to see Dogora's attack.

This time, I looked back at the guards who were attacking with magic and so on.

You're the ones who took it!!

Thinking of something, the spirit beast Nestirad changed his expression into a vicious one and kicked up the fallen Meruth in front of the rear guards.

Heal Keel!!

"Oh, I've been doing it for a long time. All heels!!"

The blown Meruth never reached the rear of Allen's house.


Too much damage was taken, and Meruth, who was exhausted, disappeared into a glowing bubble.

Sophie, it looks like they're coming in from the rear.


Rosen, the spirit god, advances the retreat and changes from the figure of Momonga to the figure of the bear.

Spirit God uses his whole body and hides Sophie behind it.

Divine power overflows from the Spirit God's entire body.

The trees surrounding the spiritual beast Nestirado twisted their shapes, blocking their movement.

What's wrong with that?!!

Nestirado gets caught up in the trees, but he puts his eyes on the spirit god and hits the sky with an uneven fist.


The trees covering Nestirado are crushed instantly, and shockwaves strike the spirit gods with their power.

It splashes like a bubble of fresh blood from the Spirit God's whole body.

Lady Rosen!!

Sophie screamed, but Nestilado's attack was over.

Where did you go?

The spiritual beast Nestirad, who smashed the tree, loses sight of the target enemy.

Allen used Bird A's Awakening Skill, Return Instinct, to move everyone overhead, including Admirals Merle and Galala, to the Judgement Gate, where the Nest was located.

Rosen-sama, are you okay?

"It's okay..." I'm a little tired. I'll rest a little. Haha. '

Rosen, in the form of a giant bear, turns into Momonga, overflowing with glowing bubbles.

I fell asleep on Sophie's chest, hugging her, as if she was using too much force.

Looks like it'll take some time to recover.

(Meruth is dead. Can you bring it back to life?)

Allen hurriedly used the Grimoire to revive Meruth.

I used 49 A-rank magic stones. Generated Angel A's Summon Beast. "

(It was plentiful since the demon god Lycaolon.)

That's more power than I've ever heard. That's more than divine. Why did Allen try to fight...? "

Meruth says it wasn't very good, but it wasn't the enemy.

Meruth could be revived many times if the Summoner didn't die.

(Even if Makris and Quattro die, even the Holy Pearl will come back to life again and again. No, that's why we need to unseal the Summon Beast before we can resurrect it.)

I needed a lot of Holy Beads to summon the S-rank Summon Beast, so it was difficult to verify.

To repeat the synthesis and summon Makris and Quattro, I had to be able to summon the sealed Summon Beast.

Even so, do you think you have the power of a superior god level or higher?

Ask Merus who fought the spiritual beast Nestirado about the true meaning of the word "divine grade and above" earlier.

I think you have a power comparable to that of the higher gods. I asked Hermia-sama, but I didn't know she was so strong...... "

Meruth said that if I hadn't become a summoning beast, I wouldn't have been able to challenge it.

Rumor has it that I've always wondered what Nestorado is like.

(Is it that strong? There's a lot of stuff like this, isn't there? It's the Rock Divine Realm)

I feel like I have somehow figured out why the Divine Realm responds to the demon king's existence in the same way as other personnel.

Some gods are as powerful as Nestirado as angels and gods.

The Demon King might not be that special.

Oh no, I can't defeat you right now.

That's what I'm talking about. You have to give up.

For the time being.

Meruth will advise us.

It looks like you've stretched yourselves to say these words.

With these words, Formal changed his bloodline and became angry.

Huh! You still want me to fight that!

"That's right. If I can win..."

Think about how to defeat them.

(No, it's pretty tough. A spirit beast is coming to the God Realm, and it is unlikely to win sooner rather than later. The wild bosses in the Divine Realm are strong, right?)

Strong enemies in the normal field were referred to as "wild bosses" in previous generations.

"No, it's not. Why, Master Sophie was dying!!"

"Huh? Yeah, I'm sorry."

It looks like Allen couldn't bear to go further.

Formal, who was always silent, was in danger of becoming Sophie, the princess of the Elves to be escorted.

I was furious that the spirit god Rosen had been injured at Allen's discretion.

Allen apologized for all the sacrifices that had made him worried.

"Come on, Formal!" Allen is looking for the best way to fight the Demon King!! "

Sophie reveals her anger at Formal's behavior.

"I'm sorry, too..."

Formal was shocked by Sophie's words and shut her mouth.

Thus, the adventure of Allen's spiritual obstacles ended by escaping from the spiritual beast Nestirad.

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