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Chapter: 878


Chapter 878 Nervous

The moon was out, and the stars were twinkling merrily in the dark night sky. It was as if the entire universe was at peace and having a truce with everyone.

The party was no longer held at the ballroom anymore. This time, the event had been moved and was going to be held right out there in the back yard. The very same spot where Abi and Alex had been wedded. This party was not only for their baby shower, but also as an acknowledgement of their advancement into the next phase of their lives together as husband and wife.

There were only a few tables that were arranged around the stage, indicating that this party was strictly exclusive and only reserved for a few selected and very important individuals. Obviously, just those who belong to Abigail's and Alexander's inner circle of friends.

Kai and Kelly were the very first to arrive at the venue. The couple immediately rushed over to the cribs that were placed to one side of the stage and they each held one baby in their arms as they merrily chatted on with Abi and Alex while waiting for the others to arrive. The twins were docile and contentedly slept on as Kai and Kelly carried them, perfectly happy and willing to be pampered by others, other than their own parents.

"I've seen your magazine interview," Alex commented casually, smiling smugly at Kai as the duo sat like old men at the table that was reserved for Kai and Kelly while Abi and Kelly were busy preparing something on the stage. "You looked and sounded extremely mature in there –"

"Don't even begin to try teasing me about that, Alex. It won't work." Kai shot back, returning Alex's smug smile back at him. "So? How's the life of a father of two?"

"Terrific!" Alex did not even hesitate for a moment before answering, causing Kai to raise a brow.

"Oh well, it's only been several days. I heard that it's relatively easy at the beginning since newborns are generally very docile and they sleep a lot." Kai commented knowledgably before he returned his gaze to little Alexis who was still peacefully sleeping in his arms.

Alex was about to respond when he sensed two other people approaching. Quickly looking towards the direction of the presences, he saw that it was Kyle and Lucas.

The young man stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw Kai sitting there with Alex.

Kai, his brother, was still very much the same. The man did not even look much different from when he saw him last. Kai was still a vampire then, and now, save for his skin tone that now looked a little bit more tanned, there was nothing else that seemed to have changed with his brother – at least on the surface. In fact, he actually looked much more matured with his new skin tone.

But still, Kyle felt a lingering stinging feel in his chest at the thought that Kai would eventually grow old and die in the course of time.

"Hey, little bro!" Kai was smiling wide and nodded at Kyle as he stood in a very careful manner, in order to not wake the baby boy in his arms. He even controlled his tone of voice as he called Kyle over to join them, knowing that their vampire hearing would be able to pick up whatever that he said. "Come on over and don't act like strangers. Don't just stand there, you two."

The duo then approached slowly.

Kyle's gaze naturally moved to look at the baby boy that was cradled in Kai's arms, then to the other baby that had been taken from Kelly and was now sleeping in Alex's arms. This was the first time he was looking at the twins personally.

"This is… Alice?" Kyle asked, his expression turned really soft as he looked at cute bundle of joy in his brother's arm.

"No. This is Alexis." Kai corrected. "The father is being super stingy and overprotective over the princess that he was reluctant to entrust her to any men. Not even us, as her uncles." Kai teased.

"Look here. You are not used at handling babies, Kai. I can't possibly let any novice men hold my princess to avoid any accidents." Alex spouted his excuse righteously, causing Kai to roll his eyes.

"And yet you let anyone hold Alexis?"

"Well, he's my tough boy. He can handle it, no problem." Said Alex proudly.

The men could only look at Alex, speechless at his nonsensical boasting. "I think you really need to keep in mind that Alexis is as fragile as Alice right now, Alex. Also, it's not good to be so biased." Kai scolded Alex like he had turned into an old man.

"Who said I am being biased?"

"You obviously are, man."

"No. No. There is no biasness going on here. I am sure Alexis will not mind me being more protective of his little sister. Mark my words Kai, when Alexis grows up, he would tell me to dote on his sister instead. Just you wait." Alex grinned as he announced it as though it was a fact that was already set in stone.

"Fine, fine." Kai could only surrender. And the men laughed.

"Can I hold him?" Kyle asked, looking at the adorable Alexis. His grey eyes that seemed to have lost their innocent spark since Kai saw him, somehow started twinkling again, now that he was looking at the babies.

"Of course. You take a seat first." Kai said and Kyle obediently sat down, almost stiffly as both Alex and Kai instructed and taught him what to do with his arms, and how to position them in order to hold the baby safely and comfortably.

Lucas who was watching these three royalties talk and get excited over babies, could not help but quickly fish his phone out from his pocket and took a few pictures of the three.

"Yes. Yes, just like that. Now relax your shoulders and elbows. Don't be so stiff. The baby can feel it if you're nervous." Kai and Alex keep talking, their advice overlapping over one another, causing Kyle to feel a little overwhelmed.

"I don't know why, but I'm a little nervous." Kyle said as Kai finally took his hands off the baby in Kyle's arm when he decided that Alexis would be safe enough in Kyle's hold.

"Don't be. There is nothing to be nervous about." Kai smiled encouragingly.

"He's… so small." Kyle whispered as he wondered at the miracle of a baby.

Kai smiled as he remained squatting on the ground. "You were this small too, back then. I've seen you when you were still a newborn. I didn't have the chance to hold you like this, though." Kai reminisced and just as Kyle looked at him to respond, another duo arrived.

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