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Chapter: 880


Chapter 880 Uncle

A while ago…

Iryz's heartbeat was racing fast and pounding loudly in her ears as Zeres led her into a huge and tastefully decorated mansion.

She was nervous. No, she was more than nervous. Because goodness gracious! She was about to meet with immortals and vampires and even the witch queen as Zeres had told her!

She could not help but wonder if this was truly okay. For a human like her to even be there. Would her presence only sully the whole atmosphere that were only attended by these superior beings? She was suddenly feeling a little inferior and she could not help it.

"You okay?" Zeres paused and looked at her. He had felt the sudden change in her a few seconds ago. Her small hands were twisting together in nervousness and her whole posture felt stiff. As he turned to look at Iryz, the man looked breathtaking in his dark blue suit. He really looked like a prince that had literally walked out of a modern fairy tale.

"Uh… yes. Don't worry about me." She did her best to respond enthusiastically even as her heartbeat had yet to stop galloping like horses gone wild in a stampede.

"Don't be nervous. They are… really a nice and good bunch of people, Iryz." He comforted her, offering her his hand. "I'm sure you will like them."

"R-really?" she drew in a shaky deep breath when he gave her a reassuring smile.

"Mmhmm… so just relax." He squeezed her small hand in his larger one and gave a gentle tug to get her moving. Then they started walking again.

To her relief, she was effectively distracted by the beauty of the mansion. The antiques that were tastefully placed at specific spots had her eyes twinkling as she always was a lover of antiques and ancient things. She could happily wander around and get lost in this place and yet, would not have a word of complaint about it.

Her eyes sparkled and roamed the place as they walked further in until she had not realized she was no longer tense and nervous.

Soon, they arrived at a double door that she just knew would lead them to a courtyard or a spacious backyard.

A beautifully lit up pathway welcomed them. Flowers were planted on either sides of the aisle that led them to a certain tree in the middle of the yard. Under the tree there were arranged a few tables with chairs and a small stage.

She immediately realized that it was really a very small party reserved only for the couple's inner circle of close friends. And her nervousness kicked into high gear again as she saw the people who were already gathered there.

"Relax. They're not going to bite." Zeres joked in an attempt to make her smile.

"I know." Iryz responded, laughing nervously. It seemed that nothing could take away her nervousness. But the good thing was that she did not plan to run away and leave. She would just grit her teeth and endure – as long as Zeres was right there beside her. Also, she would not miss this chance of being introduced to immortals, vampires and the witch queen herself!

Everyone, except of course for Alex, stilled and became silent for a few moments as they watched the approaching duo.

They had been expecting Zeres to arrive. But they had not expected him to be with such a young and beautiful lady who appeared to be… human?! Now that was one big surprise for all of them.

Lucas, Kyle and Lilith especially, had a hard time believing their eyes as their gazes were literally zoomed in to focus on their entwined hands. Zeres was clasping her hand almost protectively, as if he did not want her to get lost in the crowd. The trio had the exact same thoughts in their heads. 'Who exactly is that girl? Does this mean… Zeres is now over Alicia?'

Deep within them, the trio genuinely hoped so. They had seen how miserable and desperate Zeres was since Alicia started to weaken and lose her powers. And when Alicia died, he had changed so much, so drastically that they could not help but worry about him endlessly. But Zeres would not allow them to bother about him too much as that was his style – a loner.

Now here he was, looking somehow better than the last time they had seen him. Much better, in fact. And it was such a big relief to them. Zeres was a close and beloved friend, and they did not want to see him suffering and hurting so much.

"Yo, Zeres!" Alex exclaimed as he approached the duo, grinning at Zeres before enveloping him in a bear hug and patting his back with hard thumps. "You're finally acting like the uncle that you are supposed to be!" He added cheekily, roaring out in laughter.

And Zeres was about to speak when Alex quickly shifted his attention to Iryz who was standing silently beside him.

"Hi there, Eris." He smiled at her almost in a way of a brother smiling at his little sister.

The duo had their eyes widen comically at the name that Alex used to call Iryz. Iryz started and looked at Zeres in slight panic.

"Alexander…" Zeres looked speechless.

"Oh… I should be calling you Iryz right?" Alex grinned unrepentantly and he was about to turn to lead her towards the others when Iryz suddenly spoke.

"Uhm… you… you know Eris?" she asked bravely even as she could not help but stammer through her question. Even though this man did not look nor feel like a bad guy, she could feel an abnormal and massive aura that she knew she had never felt before towards even the most powerful human.

"Yes. I've meet her before in the forest long time ago and I accidentally saw your face –" Alex started to explain but got cut off.

"Wait… wait a moment!! When did you see her face?" Zeres butted in forcefully.

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