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Chapter: 881


Chapter 881 Entrance

This chapter is dedicated to @MonsterUnderTheBed! Thank you so much for the supergift!

Alex raised a brow at Zeres' sudden interruption. "Back when the two of us and Abi were still together. I've seen Eris following you around for a couple of times and then one night I accidentally bumped into her. It was then that I saw her face. I've long forgotten about it. But when I saw Iryz the other day, I then remembered that I've seen her before and guessed that her case must be like Abi –"

"Why didn't you tell me?! Why did you not say anything?" Zeres's tone held a tinge of accusation as he looked even more dumbfounded.

"What? I've told you and you said Eris was your comrade."

"No, no! I mean about the fact that you saw her face!" Zeres pinched the skin between his brows.

Alex lifted both his brows now, looking a bit lost. "And why in the world I should have informed you that I saw her face?"

"Because I never saw her face at all… the entire time, I only saw the mask that she wore…" Zeres mumbled out, feeling that it was so unfair that Alex got to see Eris' face even when he did not.

It was as if the god of silence passed by for a moment until Alex spoke again in disbelief. "Don't tell me you didn't even know that she was a girl? The entire time?"

When Zeres just pressed his lips tightly together, not saying anything, Alex covered his mouth with his hand while his other hand rested on his hip. It was obvious that he was holding back and trying so very hard not to laugh out loud. This Zeres…!! He was just so hilarious!!

Alex had to clear his throat a couple of times before he turned his gaze towards Iryz. He bent a little bit closer to her and said in a stage whisper. "This guy… do you want me to slap him up the head for being so stupid?"

Iryz could not help but smile amusedly as she watched Alexander pressed his temple like a problematic old man.

"You were pretty stupid too, back then, Alexander." Zeres retorted when Abi's voice echoed out suddenly.

"Zeres!" came the call from a bright and cheerful voice.

Abi was beaming so brightly as she approached them, her hands already opened wide, asking for a hug.

"Abigail," Zeres's eyes softened at the sight of Abi, stepping forward to embrace her gently. Abigail wrapped her arms around Zeres' middle and gave a gentle squeeze as she welcomed him wordlessly for a moment. Only a gentle smile lingered on her lips.

"It's been a while. How have you been?" Abi was a bit emotional and took a few seconds before she could speak. As she pulled away and looked at Zeres from head to toe, she started questioning about how he was doing. She was so heartbroken for him the last time when she had seen him during Alicia's funeral. He was behaving as though he was dead himself, as though he was no different from Alicia who had truly died.

"I'm doing great, Abi." Zeres said, quite honest with his statement, feeling a little guilty because of all the times he had downright ignored Alex's request to come over for even a quick visit. He had known that Alex's invites were actually Abi wanting to see him, but he could not bring himself to come visit yet at that point in time.

"I'm so glad you are able to come. Hello, there!" Abi then moved her attention towards Iryz.

Zeres held Iryz's hand again and pulled her a bit closer to him. "Abigail, this is Iryz. Iryz, this is Abigail."

Iryz could not explain but she instantly felt so welcome and warm towards Abi. She was such a beautiful woman. Unlike Alexander, she did not engender any sort of nervous feeling at all, even though she could see that this woman also possessed an unspeakable aura as well. And in fact, her aura did not pale the least when compared to her husband's, Alex's either.

"Alright. Come on over you two." Abi then excitedly held both of their hands and led them to where the twins were.

Iryz felt Zeres' hand tightened a little as they approached the babies.

"Zeres." The young lady sitting there, cradling one of the babies beamed at Zeres while Iryz stared at her in awe. This must be the witch queen Zeres had mentioned about and she was so young and so ethereal looking. Just like Zeres! Iryz could not stop staring at her.

"Do you want to hold one of them?" Abi asked but Zeres just shook his head.

"L-later, Abigail." He said as he squatted down before Kyle and lifted his hand to gently touch the baby's hand. His fingers shook a little.

"This is Alexis." Kyle said then looked over to Lilith's lap. "And this is Alice."

Emotion flooded Zeres' eyes as he looked at the two peaceful angels who were still sleeping on contentedly despite all the chattering from the adults around them. It was amazing what such little babes could do to someone's emotions and heart. He could not even imagine what Alexander must have felt when the twins were born, if even he could feel like this right now.

"Are you sure you don't want to hold him?" Kyle asked Zeres.

"No. Not now." Zeres still declined as he shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't hold them the right way, right now."

"It's fine." Abi said, giggling. "Alex was shaking too when he first held them in his arms."

Alex cleared his throat.

"That wasn't a nervous shake. They were shaking due to happiness." Alex coughed as he gave his excuse. Everyone else just laughed out or snickered at his obvious lie. But no one called him out.

Time passed and Kelly finally started the event.

The twins were finally awake, so Abi and Alex held them as Kelly started the event's first agenda on the itinerary.

And then just as they were about to start with the first game that Kelly prepared, something dark started swirling just next to the stage, causing everyone, except Alex, to look at the spot with a start.

Instincts had everyone about to move to protect the twins, but then they only saw Alexander grinning. He was too relaxed for it to be something dangerous. Then some of them realized and recognised the familiar power, and that caused them to relax and sit back on their chairs again.

"There he is." Alex tsked playfully. "Being so dramatic as usual, huh. You would think that today's gathering and party was to recognise him as the main event with the way he is sooo unfashionably late and that overboard entrance." Alex complained rather loudly and rolled his eyes before standing up to welcome the latest newcomers.


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