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Chapter: 2589

I didn't expect to meet such a bad luck!

Mu nianan gritted his teeth and said, "I'll entangle them. Go back and call someone!"

"How did you get entangled?" Mu Yiyan asked, "they will..."

He couldn't say the following words.

Mu nianan is the person he has taken care of and taken care of carefully for so many years. How can he let these people spoil them casually?

"I am also afraid that you will get hurt..." Mu nianan murmured, "in fact, when you are trying to protect me, I am trying my best to protect you."

The corners of his mouth curled and smiled.

Her words are enough.

"Good night."


"I'll count to three. When I count to three, I'll rush up and you'll run. The faster, the better. Don't delay. Go find someone right away. Do you hear me?"

"OK." Mu nianan promised, "I will use my fastest speed to save you... Mu Yiyan, you must hold on and protect yourself!"

"Don't worry. I learned Taekwondo. Have you forgotten?"

Mu nianan certainly remembers.

My parents are very concerned about their education. They have studied not only their studies, but also their artistic and physical skills.

Mu Yiyan has some skills.

But one man can deal with so many people, and the people opposite have weapons in their hands

A little hanging.

Gnashing her teeth, mu nianan knows that time is life, so she can only do it!

"One, two, three -"

When Mu Yiyan shouted out the number, he quickly stepped forward and kicked the front man on the chest!

Mu nianan, as he had just discussed, turned around and ran away.

There was only a whistling wind in her ears, and a fight behind her!

This is not the first time mu nianan has taken this road. He used to take a walk. When he had nothing to do, he took a walk.

But today... How did she feel that the road was so long, so long.

Mu nianan has only one belief in his mind at the moment, that is to run, run desperately, and run fast.

She wants to save Mu Yiyan!

The fighting sound is getting farther and farther away, and the scream sounds from time to time. Mu nianan is afraid to think that it is mu Yiyan's voice, or those bad guys

Just before turning into another road, mu nianan couldn't help turning back.

She wants to have a look.

Otherwise, how can she feel at ease.

Her conscience doesn't allow her not to look back!

When mu nianan saw the scene behind her, her pupils shrank suddenly

"Speak with admiration!"

The shrill cry is so clear in the night sky!

He had fallen to the ground and was still holding the iron rod he had taken from the other side, but the other side was numerous and powerful, and he was still at a disadvantage.

"Run!" Mu Yiyan heard her voice and shouted with all his strength, "run!"

Why did she turn around!

At this moment, tears filled mu nianan's eyes.

In her world, Mu Yiyan is always so lofty and arrogant. It seems that there is nothing in the world that can knock him down and make him feel embarrassed.

He is the pride of his parents and the successor of Mu family.

But now, Mu Yiyan is in danger to save her because she came out for a walk late at night and provoked a group of drunken people

The group of people ran after mu nianan.

"Don't let her run away! She has gone to fetch help!"

Mu nianan had no time to wipe his tears and continued to run forward.

At this moment, there is no such thing as tired, panting, and unable to run!

All she knows is that she wants to save Mu Yiyan!

"Help, help!"

Mu nianan's voice was hoarse. Finally, when she was close to the villa, she saw threeorfive security guards running in a hurry.

"Miss Mu!"

"What's the matter with you?"

"Is something wrong?"

Mu nianan stopped, but his legs suddenly softened and he knelt straight on the ground.

"Hurry... Hurry to save Mu Yiyan..." she cried, "he is very dangerous now. He is surrounded by people... Go to save him..."

The security guard rushed to help immediately!

Mu nianan's lips were bitten and bled by herself, but she didn't feel any pain.

Tears flow down, into the mouth, and mixed with the blood, salty and fishy.

She wiped the corners of her eyes, stood up on the ground, and turned to run.

Mu Yiyan, I called the security guard and I came to save you

You must hold on, you can't do anything!

Mu nianan cried and ran all the way.

The people who chased her saw that she had called someone. They immediately dared not chase her again. They turned around and ran away. They scattered birds and animals. After a while, they disappeared.

In the distance, mu nianan only saw a man lying beside the sports car.

Fall to the ground.

The white shirt was covered with blood.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, and she breathed in a moment: "I admire you!"

"Master Mu!"

"Come on, call an ambulance!"


"You can't let go of those who just ran!"

Mu nianan doesn't know how she ran back to Mu Yiyan.

She saw so much blood on him for the first time.

It was bright red and dyed through his shirt.

Mu nianan knelt beside him: "Yiyan... Mu Yiyan, wake up!"

She kept shaking his body, trying to stop the bleeding, but she couldn't find the wound!

Tears blurred her vision. She tried to blink her eyes to make her see more clearly, but the tears fell more and more!

Until, a hand trembled and lifted, wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

"Don't cry..." Mu Yiyan's weak voice sounded, "as soon as you cry, I don't know what to do..."

"Speak with admiration..."

Mu nianan looked at him and cried out: "didn't you say that you would deal with them? How could this happen... You were so badly injured! You shed so much blood!"

"Yes, I'm... nothing... Nothing." Mu Yiyan's lips turned pale, but he shook his head and said, "look, I'm still... Talking to you..."

"You have to hold on, you have to insist, and you can't know anything!"

Mu nianan said with half threat and half warning, but the strong cry in his voice had no deterrent at all.

The blood was still dripping, and she saw that the blood stains on his shirt were getting bigger and bigger.

"I remember when you were a child... You loved to cry..." Mu Yiyan looked at her and slowly recalled the corners of his lips, "you are always crying. The whole family is crying, and dad is bothering you..."

"But my mother and I like you very much, coaxing you. Slowly, you don't cry much, grow up day by day, and become quiet... There is nothing like the... Excitement of childhood."

"Instead... It's summer... Becoming more and more... Naughty..." Mu nianan bent down, stooped down and picked him up with difficulty: "stop talking. Mu Yiyan, stop talking! Keep your strength and hold on. The ambulance is coming. Do you hear me!"

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