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Chapter: 2594

Mu nianan was stunned. He suddenly jumped up and rushed at him, holding him tightly!

Mu Yiyan snorted stiffly, but his hand fell on her waist.

Their embrace.

Open and aboveboard, two-way embrace!

"Ah..." Mu nianan exclaimed, "my brain is still hurt when I forget you!"

If she just pounced on him, she would hurt him!

He didn't cry out for pain!

Mu nianan hurriedly tried to leave, but mu Yiyan's hand closed and held her tighter: "it doesn't matter."

He liked the feeling.

He wanted to give her a hug.

Pain... Just bear it.

Mu nianan didn't dare to move. For fear that he might accidentally touch his wound, he could only lie quietly in his arms.

She could hear his heartbeat.

Again and again.

Dong Dong Dong.

So strong.

"It's good, it's good..." Mu nianan closed her eyes. "You're still there. You're all right. Your heartbeat is so real."

He asked, "let me worry you."

"My parents are worried, too."

Mu Yiyan raised his eyebrows: "it's so easy to call. I'll call it like this in the future. I won't change it."

"I..." Mu nianan was about to answer, but suddenly realized that his words were a pun.

She is an adopted daughter of the family, and it is natural for her to call her parents.

If she is Mu's daughter-in-law, it is more reasonable to call her parents!

Mu nianan looked up at him.

"Got it?" Mu Yiyan asked, "huh?"

"I understand."

"OK." Mu Yiyan nodded, "that's what I'll call it after that. I won't change it all my life."

Facing this sentence, mu nianan opened her mouth, and some did not know how to answer.

She is shy.

Mu Yiyan thought she was unwilling, and her eyes sank: "Nian an?"

"I am."

"You said that as long as I woke up, you would be with me, regardless of everything." Mu Yiyan said, "now that I have done it, do you want to go back?"

Mu nianan shook his head.

There was a touch of crimson on her cheek: "you were in a coma at that time. I'd better say it. Now..."

Now she can't say it.

Those fiery, strong love can no longer be expressed in words.

Mu nianan could only raise his hands and gently put them on his back.

Respond to him with actions.

Mu Yiyan sighed and held her tighter.

His nian'an

Finally, it's his.

"Stay." Mu Yiyan said, "just beside me, all my life, OK?"


He smiled.

She smiled, too.

The sky is white with fish maw, which gradually turns into sky light from a little light.

It's busy outside.

The world has become vibrant again.


Two months later.

Today is the day Mu Yiyan leaves the hospital.

Although he always wanted to leave the hospital early and take over relevant work in the company, mu nianan disagreed.

Mu chiyao also let him continue to recuperate.

Anyway... The announcement of Mu's group has been issued. The most important thing is to have a rest and get well.

So mu Yiyan basically stayed in the hospital in the past two months.

Only at the company's board of directors did he appear.

Otherwise, all the gossip and gossip will become more and more ridiculous.

What is vegetable, what is controlled, and so on. People follow suit. Listening to the wind is rain.

"This is a freshly pressed suit." Mu nianan came over with a coat hanger. "How about wearing this suit to get out of the hospital and lift up your spirits?"


She handed it to him and said, "Mom and dad and summer, they will come later to welcome you out of the hospital."

"This is not a glorious thing. Why should we mobilize the masses?"

"It's a good thing." Mu nianan said, "you have passed the most difficult and dangerous level!"

Mu Yiyan raised his hand. Mu nianan thought he was going to get the suit, but he pulled her into his arms.

The palm of his hand was clasped on her waist.

"Nian'an," Mu Yiyan said, "after leaving the hospital, let's move to a new house."

She was shy, but nodded, "OK."

Saying this, mu nianan pulled his hand again: "don't... it's embarrassing to see someone later."

"Who will come in?"

"In case of a nurse or a doctor..."

"See, see." Mu Yiyan replied, "what is this?"

Mu nianan is embarrassed. In such public occasions, she is always restrained and reserved.

This kind of love affair... She is not used to it.

So mu Yiyan had a bad time in the hospital.

Although mu nianan promised to stay and would not go with him, this... Is only limited to holding hands?

He is a serious man!

Not a monk!

"Oh, it's not good anyway," Mu nianan blushed and came out of his arms. "I'll ask my parents where they are."

She wanted to get her cell phone, but she would not let it go.

"What's the matter?" She asked, "what's wrong? Does the wound hurt?"

Mu nianan still remembers that when the doctor removed the gauze on Mu Yiyan's forehead and exposed the wound

That scene will be engraved in her mind for a lifetime.

At that time, the doctor shaved off Mu Yiyan's hair. Mu Yiyan was so ugly that he said he would just shave it off.

In this way, he became bald.

But his hair grew very fast. In two months, it had reached the level of building.

"No." Mu Yiyan said, "another place hurts."

Mu nianan immediately became nervous: "ah? What? Where?"


Mu Yiyan grabbed her hand and poked it in his heart.

Mu nianan was stunned: "does the heart... Hurt?"


"Why?" She asked, "the doctor didn't say..."

"I was rejected by you again and again. It hurt." Mu Yiyan said, "the pain is almost numb."


This man, why didn't she notice that he was so clingy before?

Can you still say unfashionable love words like this?

It was so far from her imagination.

However, only mu nianan can see this kind of Mu Yiyan!

Mu nianan immediately replied, "I didn't refuse you. I've been there all the time. I'll accompany you as long as you stay in the hospital."

"Really? Now, you kiss me."

Mu nianan did not move.

"This is the ward..."

"No one will come in."

"But..." Mu nianan hesitated.

Mu Yiyan sighed: "you see, you refused again."

"Ah? That counts?"

"Of course." Mu Yiyan said, "you haven't kissed me once during this period of time."


Do you want to kiss?

It's so different from mu nianan's image!

She gave a snort and laughed: "OK, don't make any noise..."

"Nian'an," Mu Yiyan suddenly smiled, "let's do something." "What is it?"

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